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8th > November > 2016 Archive

Handling tech baggage: How American Airlines, US Airways merged IT

To bring the two airlines together, trust came before technology

Is that you, HAL? AI can now see secrets through lipreading – kinda

LipNet's got potential but also a loooong way to go

LeEco – the Chinese biz that said it'll topple US tech giants – has already hit the rocks

Top boss cuts salary to 15 cents a year amid mega-wobble

nbn™ aces the easiest construction target it will have for two years

More than half of the NBN will be built in the next 21 months

SETI scan saves 'scope used for first Moon landing comms

'The Dish' in Australia's Parkes gets much-needed cash injection from alien-hunters

Android's Hover feature is a data HOOVER

Mouse-over-on-mobile feature intentionally allows data-stealing overlay attacks

Turn off remote admin, SOHOpeless D-Link owners

HNAP stack overflow revealed

Microsoft prises open Azure containers, pours in a little Kubernetes

Azure Container Engine is now open source

Was IoT DDoS attack just a dry run for election day hijinks?

CommentInternet of things influencing important things

Netflix flattens bug that allowed account p0wnage via voicemail

Password-protect your voicemail, if you can

Facebook 'fesses up to WhatsApp privacy blunder in UK

Chat app ponders procuring proper permissions from punters, Info Comish ponders punishment for non-compliance

'Extra-supermoon' to appear next week

Stay up Monday night because Luna's not going to be readier for a close-up for 18 years

Google to patch Chrome mobile hole after bank trojan hits 318k users

Flaw allowing ads to offer dodgy apps won't be fixed for about three weeks

Add it to the tab: ICO fines another spammer as unpaid bills mount

Churn and burn marketing firms leave ICO fine factory £2.26 million in the red.

'Trust it': Results of Signal's first formal crypto analysis are in

Crypto connoisseurs finds favourite chat app protocol up to scratch

Tesla to charge for road trip 'leccy, promises it will cost less than petrol

Future Elon-mobiles to ship with 400 kWh of free 'leccy credits, to fund more Superchargers

European F-35 avionics to be overhauled at Sealand, says

That's the former RAF airfield in Wales, not the offshore principality

Open-source Sesame! Alibaba promises super-size magic for Java

Commerce giant joins JCP steering group candidates lineup

Vodafone UK hails results of Massive MIMO trial with TD-LTE

Network leads the pack in preparing for 5G

Unstoppable Huawei draws level with Apple

Discovers marketing, grows 70 per cent

Weka.IO – a stealthy startup swimming against the tide

AnalysisIsraeli firm wants to kick serious file system ass

Karhoo who? Uber challenger shuts down after burning through $250m

Taxi for the taxi app, please

Brexflation: Lenovo, HPE and Walkers crisps all set for double-digit hike

Tech vendors line up the Christmas cheer on 1 December. Lineker's lot get in earlier

Definitely not another Stuxnet, researchers claim as they demo industrial control rootkit

Black Hat EUUndetectable ghost in the controller

HP Elite x3 phablet: The three-in-one business has been waiting for?

ReviewWe gave it a spin, and it could be the last phone you ever want

Laziness and hate drove me to invent my storage engine concept, says MariaDB's CTO

InterviewMonty Widenius chats with El Reg at the Big Data London conference

Synopsys buys Cigital in secure DevOps push

Purchase will add "complementary products"

Celeb-backed music TV phallus Electric Jukebox finally ready for launch

But how will it stand up to the market leaders?

SpamTorte botnet gets turbo-charged

Revamped version speeds junk mail attacks

McDonald's sues Italian city for $20m after being burger-blocked

Mayor says Big Mac with fries is not traditional Tuscany fare

Amazon pitches 'safe and responsible' AWS at suits

We have database engines, too

XtremIO 'outages bork US hospital patient records system'

UpdateEpic failures compromise safety at Minnesota facility

Retiring IETF veteran warns: Stop adding so many damn protocols

Ross Callon provides departing KISS (keep it simple, stupid)

The big day is here and it's time to decide: Patch Flash, Windows, Office or Android first?

Plus: 'Dirty COW' remains unfixed in Google OS

IPv4 is OVER. Really. So quit relying on it in new protocols, sheesh

Internet Architecture Board grabs stake, eyes coffin: 'Still not dead? Let's fix that'

Facebook opens up, shares blueprints for its 100Gbit network switch

New Backpack gear shifts tons of data for VR future

Judge throws out Trump lawyer's demand for poll worker info – because it'll feed Twitter trolls

Don't worry, just a few more hours until it's over (for now)

Australia again ponders making attorney-general netadmin-in-chief

Ministerial oversight of telecoms networks and the kit they buy is back on the agenda

Looking to hire IT staff in St Louis? The talent pool just got a lot bigger

Lord & Taylor axes scores people from corporate tech HQ

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