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SpamTorte botnet gets turbo-charged

Revamped version speeds junk mail attacks

By John Leyden, 8 Nov 2016

A revamped version of the Torte botnet malware is turning insecure CMS servers into spam-spewing zombies.

SpamTorte 2.0 is a powerful, multi-layered Spambot that is capable of running large-scale spam campaigns while cleverly masking itself to avoid detection, security firm Verint warns.

The SpamTorte botnet relies on multiple command-and-control servers compromised due to vulnerable Joomla/WordPress extensions, alongside the use of thousands of spam mailers.

The original SpamTorte, so named because its structure resembled a multi-layered cake, has been around since 2014. Changes that have come with the latest version of the malware make it easier for spammers to manage multiple bots simultaneously to orchestrate junk mail attacks. ®

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