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16th > May > 2016 Archive

Apple bans benign iOS spyware detection, security info app

Cupertino says 'potentially false data' could come from tool reporting on running processes

Google reveals the Chromium OS it uses to run its own containers

Dumps Debian as preferred OS for running Docker and Kubernetes

Hacker sells Pornhub shell

YouTube skiddie busted for hacking Country Liberal Party

Bought jewellery for his significant other with members' credit cards

Linus Torvalds releases Linux 4.6

Dirty drivers delayed release by a very useful week

Exercise apps track you after you stop exercising

Runkeeper just doesn't know when to quit says Norwegian consumer advocates

ZFS comes to Debian, thanks to licensing workaround

Debian will put source code, not binaries, in contrib archive of contentious code

Work begins on Russian rival to Android

Sailfish derivative targeted at Russian users and regulators

Sysadmin paid a month's salary for one day of nothing

On-CallChap did no work, took the cash, then partied like it was 1999. Because it was

Smut apps infecting Androids with long-gestation nasties

Is that a KitKat in your pocket or are you just trying to p0wn me?

Flash zero day phished phoolish Microsoft Office users

If you 'must' run Flash, run EMET, hacker begs.

Cloud security 101: Get a little more intimate with your provider

Getting up-close and on-premises with your data, email, logs...

Inside Electric Mountain: Britain's biggest rechargeable battery

Swallow massive lake, regurgitate, repeat

EU mulls €3bn fine for Google

And it could just be the start

'Knucklehead' Kansas bloke shoots self in foot

'Uncomfortable' gun in sock also pops cap in bystander

Comms providers call on Ofcom to get tough on Openreach

Fibre customers claim it will always favour BT plc

GCHQ (openly) joins Twitter

Lloyds online banking goes TITSUP*

UpdatedBank 'aware' of issue, sorting it out 'ASAP'

Nuisance caller fined a quarter of a million pounds by the ICO

Blackburn-based business bashed after 248 complaints

Dell opens Oracle exit route for SAP data shops

2025 is coming. Get used to it

Radiohead vid prompts Trumpton rumpus

'Paganism and sacrificial murder' in idyllic village

Time to talk about stupid and preventable failures

StudyCapacity management temperature check

DataON gets Microsoft's OK

Warren Buffett picks Apple

GCHQ's Twitter move: Wants to be 'accessible', people to 'understand'

Joins your mom in social media efforts

Sick of storage vendors? Me too. Let's build the darn stuff ourselves

StorageBodDo a good job, you won't need to buy it. Do a great job, you've got a startup

Verizon gets activated IO to its cloud

Actifio acting as a cloud storage gateway

Inter-bank system SWIFT on security? User manual needs 'revamp’

UpdatedCall for, er, tailored action

NASA flashes cash at advanced aerospace concepts

Tensegrity, magnetoshells and plasmonic propulsion

UK needs comp sci grads, so why isn't it hiring them?

Report blames unis for crappy coursework

PHP pioneer and Zend co-founder enlists for AWS big-data mission

Gutmans: Real-time response for apps and services

HSBC swinging axe on UK IT department, 840 heads to roll

Come on have a heart, the bank only made $4.3bn in Q1. The answer? Offshoring

Salesforce cutting ties to Larry Ellison's database?

CRM-cloud floating free with Project Sayonara

Uncle Sam tells Verizon and worker unions to settle spat

Department of Labor steps in to speed up strike resolution

NSA newsletters published

Spied upon by GCHQ? You'll need proof before a court will hear you...

Privacy International campaign cases threatened with being dismissed for, er... frivolity

AT&T buys OTT partner

Verisign settles .security XYZ lawsuit

But its other lawsuit against upstart drags on

Apple posts patches

Google tries social again

Art heist 'pranksters' sent down for six months

Judge fails to see the funny side of YouTube stunts

China's new rules may break the internet warns US government

Not happy with registration requirements

Six weeks later, Verizon customers still bemoaning Frontier flubs

Frustration grows over lingering connection issues

When the reach-around goes wrong. Or is that right?

Silicon Valley episode 4: leopard or gazelle?

Help! We're being crushed, cry billionaire cable giants

Monstrous FCC blasted for floating notion of 'competition'

Google hits Uber, Lyft

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