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8th > June > 2017 Archive

Vxers exploit Intel's Active Management for malware-over-LAN

Platinum attack spotted in Asia, needs admin credentials

Busted Russian casino hackers had an appetite for drugs and chocolate

Boris and the Chocolate Factory, with murder, extortion, bootlegging, bribery on the side

White-box security webcam scatters vulnerabilities through multiple OEMs

Hands up anyone who tests what they stick their labels on. Anyone? We thought not

Russian hackers and Britney Spears in one story. Are you OK, Reg?

We're fine. You might not be as Turla espionage-ware uses Britney's Instagram for evil

HPE ignored SAN failure warnings at Australian Taxation Office, had no recovery plan

'Stressed fibre optical cabling' crashed 3PAR box, then wide-striped disks went kaput

Feeling old? Well, we're older than that: Newly found Homo sapiens jaw dates back 350k years

PicsThat's 100,000 years older than the last fossil find

The harsh reality of Apple's augmented reality toolset ARKit: It's an incredible battery hog

Have you seen Arkit? Is someone channeling Oasis?

Cloud VMs without sane firewalls is nutty, right? Digital Ocean agrees

Build the wall! Build the wall! Build the wall! Build the wall!

Forcing digital forensics to obey 'one size fits all' crime lab standard is 'stupid and expensive'

AnalysisProf hits out at looming regulations

US spook-sat buzzed the International Space Station

Amateur spy-watcher plots path to USA 276's fly-by

Infosec guru Schneier: Govts will intervene to regulate Internet of Sh!t

Crappy software everywhere means we face a world of pain

Tech can do a lot, Prime Minister, but it can't save the NHS

And it's not just a question of money, either

HPE to staff: 'We are permanently clipping your costs'

'Tightened' travel, meals, catering policies the new norm

Most vulnerabilities first blabbed about online or on the dark web

Official bug notice? Sure, but not before I get cred and LOLs

Paxo trashes privacy, social media and fake news at Infosec 2017

Just don't ask him to explain cryptography...

Ex-SpaceX avionics tech loses safety certificate-forging wrongful dismissal lawsuit

Majority verdict swats aside 'paranoid' man's sueball

Nuns chastise Google and Eric names Larry greatest human alive

Shareholders complaints fall on deaf ears, probably

Spy commissioners: Did we audit our bulk data sharing with industry? Err... not exactly

Legality of mass comms data under court's scrutiny again

Live blog: Fired FBI boss spills the beans to US Senate committee

Grab the popcorn

Amazon pulls snouts from all-you-can-eat cloud storage buffet

Waaaaaaa... I need to join Prime for 'unlimited storage'? Oh. Just photos

Ericsson leads 5G connected car gang towards pot of EU gold

€8m bung for V2X efforts

Hadoop-flinger MapR: Yes to IPO, profits 'soon after'

Call of Cloudera and Hortonworks?

Oh no, Silicon Valley! Failed startup CEO on fraud rap after allegedly bullsh*ting staff and refusing to pay them

Isn't that, like, 90% of tech upstarts' biz models?

Uh-Koh! Apple-Samsung judge to oversee buggy Intel modem chip fight

Class-action complaint against Arris Surfboard broadband boxes widens

Teen texted boyfriend to kill himself. It worked. Will the law change to deal with digital reality?

Situation does not look good for Michelle Carter

20 Apple China staff collared for allegedly flogging customers' info

$7.4m fraud ring traced back to iGiant's database

Ex-NSA bod sues US govt for 'illegally spying' on Americans: We drill into 'explosive' 'lawsuit'

AnalysisFriend, do we have a bizarre legal battle for you

Human-free robo-cars on Washington streets after governor said the software is 'foolproof'

We must have missed the bit where code bugs were extinct

Donald Trumped: Comey says Prez is a liar – and admits he's a leaker

AnalysisTestimony paints lurid picture (and we’re not talking golden showers)

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