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Ex-NSA bod sues US govt for 'illegally spying' on Americans: We drill into 'explosive' 'lawsuit'

Friend, do we have a bizarre legal battle for you

By Kieren McCarthy, 8 Jun 2017

Analysis In an extraordinary and expansive lawsuit, former CIA and NSA contractor Dennis Montgomery has teamed up with the lawyer who brought down the NSA's mass surveillance operation – Larry Klayman – to sue all the US intelligence services and their former and current heads personally, as well as former president Barack Obama, for illegal surveillance.

The complaint [PDF], filed earlier this week in Washington, DC, makes a wide range of allegations including the fact that the intelligence services are carrying out illegal and unconstitutional surveillance of millions of Americans, including the chief justice of the Supreme Court, hundreds of judges and businessmen, Donald J. Trump – and the two litigants themselves.

It claims that Montgomery has solid evidence of the illegal spying operation but that the FBI stormed his house and tied him to a tree, causing or perhaps exacerbating a brain aneurysm, in an effort to find the evidence.

Montgomery claims he was then forced to hand over 47 hard drives containing 600 million classified US government files that were evidence of illegal spying – and that despite FBI head James Comey himself saying he would look into the case, it has been dropped by the FBI. Why? Because the FBI is itself part of the conspiracy.

Listed under facts in the lawsuit is the statement that "Defendants Comey [FBI], Rogers [NSA], Pompeo [CIA], Coats [DNI], Obama, Clapper [DNI] and Brennan [CIA] acted outside the scopes of their employment, in their personal capacities, to illegally and unconstitutionally spy on millions of Americans, including Plaintiffs, without probable cause or a warrant, and continue to do so through surrogates in the Obama Deep State."

Mention of the Deep State itself has been enough to get the right-wing fringe of America in a lather, and so the lawsuit has already been picking up notoriety and was featured this week on Fox News' Sean Hannity TV show in a case that is "way larger than Snowden."

The lawsuit wants a jury trial and is seeking $235m in punitive damages and compensation of $16m.

Now waaaaait a minute

So, we may have had James Comey testifying in Congress earlier today but the obvious question is: why haven't we heard more about this extraordinary case in which we have conclusive evidence of widespread illegal surveillance of American citizens?

And the answer is: because it is a liberal mainstream media conspiracy to keep the people uninformed and ignorant as their representatives continue to wipe their asses with the Constitution and spit on the graves of the Founders.

But really it's because of the two people bringing the case.

Dennis Montgomery has in fact been a contractor for the CIA and the NSA. But that was thanks to his claims that he could decode secret Al Qaeda messages hidden in Al Jazeera TV broadcasts. He also claimed to be able to identify potential terrorists from Predator drone videos.

As a result of these bold claims, Montgomery won millions of dollars in federal contracts. But it turned out the entire thing was a hoax and was extensively exposed in a Playboy article titled "The man who conned the Pentagon." We covered the saga.

It may be worth noting that Montgomery's own lawyer called him a "con artist" and a "habitual liar engaged in fraud."

On the other hand

But let's be honest here, there may be a degree of truth in this spying accusation. The intelligence services have been lying for years (and in fact just yesterday), often blatantly, about their spying programs. And, we'll be honest, the part of the lawsuit that details how lawyer Larry Klayman saw his phone update itself and then behave peculiarly sounds like exactly the sort of operation that the NSA undertakes.

Montgomery may have a shady past, but his lawyer Klayman – well, he was the guy who brought the NSA to task for its illegal hoovering up of everyone's telephone metadata. This guy, Klayman, wouldn't take on the case unless he was sure something was going on.

Somewhat unusually, Klayman has actually added himself as a plaintiff in the case – but let's ignore that for now and dig into Klayman's pedigree as a Washington, DC, truthseeker, a man unafraid to go where the facts lead him and let no one get in his way.


OK, so Larry does seem to have a pretty extensive history. Maybe not in the way you would hope, however.

He was perhaps most prolific during the Clinton administration, when he repeatedly sued the president on behalf on just about every woman who claimed Bill had paid them a little too much attention: Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Linda Tripp, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, and Dolly Kyle Browning.

He also helped create a couple of the "gates" during that time: Filegate, Chinagate – you must remember those gates, right? In fact, at one point, Bill Clinton, during a press conference about his mortgage (remember when presidential scandals were about posh mustard, the color of slacks and mortgage loans?) specifically named – and mocked – Larry Klayman for living in his own world. It's on YouTube.

Osama, huh

But all that came to an end when George W Bush got in and Klayman started suing... Osama Bin Laden, al-Qaida and the Taliban. And the government of Iraq. And Dick Cheney's energy task force. And Jacques Chirac. And his own mother (over her deceased mother's nursing bills).

OK, but if there was proof that Klayman is not in it for notoriety but for truth, justice and the American way, it must be when he started up a new company called Freedom Watch – after the fictional company name given to fictional character Larry Claypool in television series The West Wing.

Larry Claypool – not to be confused with Larry Klayman – was portrayed in the series as a partisan hack who constantly filed groundless lawsuits against the Bartlett administration in an effort to find damaging information. He was, on occasion, successful in dredging up embarrassing but ultimately irrelevant information.

In other words, this whole lawsuit claiming a mass conspiracy at the top levels of governments and mass illegal surveillance – including that of Donald Trump by then-President Obama, not forgetting the Deep State – it all looks totally legit. You should follow with interest. ®

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