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5th > October > 2016 Archive

Australia's e-Senate vote count: a good start but needs improvement

Boffins offer audit ideas to improve accuracy and transparency

Google says it would have a two-word answer for Feds seeking Yahoo!-style email backdoor

Chocolate Factory, Facebook slam Purple Palace's sellout

Russia mulls pirate penalties

Linus Torvalds admits 'buggy crap' made it into Linux 4.8

Devs have 'NO F*CKING EXCUSE to knowingly kill the kernel', says Linux lord

Wasted: Kaspersky makes jokers of upstart ransomware VXers

MarsJoke ransomware tarred and feathered.

Docker emits InfraKit to wrangle containers on competing clouds

LinuxConCustomization and abstraction in container king's future

Google melts 78 Android security holes, two of which were critical

Chinese hackers thanked for help finding flaws

Intel-backed boffins demo long-lived silicon qubit

0.4 milliseconds? An eternity in quantum dog-years

Google may just have silently snuffed the tablet computer

Alphabet sub's lounge-room assault omitted fondleslab, amid falling sales

Catching Cubesat chatter? There's an app for that!

Open source software is here to help sat-watching hams

Simpsons creator Matt Groening once drew Mac heaven for Apple

Conference CoutureWe have the T-shirt. Plus Digital's 64-bit Alpha-powered pen

CloudFlare shows Tor users the way out of CAPTCHA hell

Bling signature scheme might just improve privacy, too

These diabetes pumps obey unencrypted radio commands – which is, frankly, f*%king stupid

Risk of malicious injections 'extremely low' allegedly

Drop, no, wait, deploy Anchore: Security code plunges into containers

Vulnerability scans miss most of the iceberg, startup insists

Will 5G give Samsung a chance at global Radio Access Network glory?

AnalysisLTE it be, prays vendor

Parliamentary watchdog: Bank IT concerns not yet addressed

UK banks report 75 cyber-attacks to FCA in one year

Mastercard rolls out pay-by-selfie across Europe

AnalysisWell, you look like you're good for it. Have some products

Can Facebook influence an election result?

AnalysisWill people vote the same way they'll claim to have voted on social media? LOL

It's time for Microsoft to revisit dated defaults

Sysadmin blogAmong other things, Active Directory needs an overhaul

Edinburgh University to flog its supercomputer for £0.0369 per core hour

That's not including VAT ransom cluelessness

Zeta Systems: NVMe over Fabrics speed is real... and here's why

AnalysisNVMe over fabrics vs direct NVMe drive = little difference

Level3 switch config blunder blamed for US-wide VoIP blackout

UpdatedNetwork dropped calls because it was told to

London best for 4G - who'd have thunk?

Crap for average download speeds, though

‘You can’t opt out of IoT’: Our future is the Rise of the Sensor Machines

IPExpoImagine a boot transmitting data about human faces forever, says Comms365

Micron scrambling up wall of revenues pit

It's still not making profit, but at least it's losing less

TalkTalk gets record £400k slap-slap from Brit watchdog

Details of carelessness disclosed with in-depth investigation of breach

Amazon to hire 20,000 seasonal workers in UK

Christmas tat-pickers wanted

Moldovan Dridex millionaires to spend 12 years in jail

Cheeky pair cuffed after National Crime Agency and Met Police team-up

BlackBerry: You can't just roll up and make one

InterviewNew light on licensing plans

Prime Minister May hints at shaking up Blighty's 'dysfunctional' rural broadband

'Yes, but what does that actually mean?' ask alt-nets

Infinidat's big iron array gets data scrunching, no-footprint iSCSI

Performance analytics make this fast array go even faster

Psst. Need some spy-on-employees tech? Ask Oriium

IPExpoFor when you really fancy poring through that 'hidden' folder

Twitter to take buyer bids

What's not to love about IoT – you can spy on customers as they arrive

IPExpoAnother set of terrifyingly Orwellian use cases

Roku opens up

Yahoo! tries!, fails! to! shoot! down! email! backdoor! claim!

UpdatedPurple Palace twists words to wriggle out of its surveillance hell

Feds collar chap who allegedly sneaked home US hacking blueprints

Bloke, 51, worked at Snowden's old haunt Booz Allen

Google's home tat falls flat as a soufflé – but look out Android makers

CommentPixel emerges as the One True 'Droid

'My REPLACEMENT Samsung Galaxy Note 7 blew up on plane'

Flammable Sammy could bring about another recall

My Nest smoke alarm was great … right up to the point it went nuts

Hands-onWhen smart things go wrong

NBN is essential, says Essential poll, but not Turnbull's NBN

Finally, something that crosses the political divide

Eight Kerbal devs jump ship

OK Google, Alexa, why can't I choose my own safe, er, wake word?

AnalysisHey Cortana: It's all about the syllables

Is Apple's software getting worse or what?

CommentCupertino's stingy communications strategy stops anyone from being sure

Amazon supremo Bezos' Blue Origin blows its top over Texas desert

Vid + picSuccessful escape capsule test and dual landing

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