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20th > June > 2016 Archive

Medicare payments privatisation dumped, but IT refresh is imminent

That sound you can hear? Big integrators are rubbing their hands together

Filet-O-Phish: Insecure NFC tag relics hidden under Maccas tables

Now bad for your phone's health.

Apple's 'lappable' iPad Pro concept is far from laughable

Road testWe've taken the nine-inch iPad Pro and instant global broadband for a spin

Oz doctors develop surgical robot designed to operate on your wallet

The Terminator comes to your bank account

Open MPI gets closer to exascale-ready code

Next version release candidate drops, stable gets bug-fixes

New York decides not to tinker with vendor lock-down for now

'Fair Repair Act' returned in its original packaging

All aboard the PCIe bus for Nvidia's Tesla P100 supercomputer grunt

ISCNo NVLink CPU? No problem

Ransomware scum build weapon from JavaScript

Demands $250, steals passwords for good measure

Gravitational waves: A new type of astronomy

Gravitational waves provide key to some of the universe's greatest mysteries

T-Mobile Czech ad man steals, sells, 1.5 million customer records

Clients might get even more spam, MD says

Snoopers' Charter 'goes too far' says retired Met assistant commish

IPBillLib Dem peers plan serious opposition to bill in House of Lords

Brexit: More cash for mobile operators or consumers? Pick one

Roaming charges and the EU, or how to play a zero-sum game

Hey cloud lawyer: Can I take my client list with me?

It's not like my boss painstakingly nurtured the contacts, right?

Sirin Labs' Solarin isn't for pro-privacy bankers. It's for rich execs who want bling

'Advanced technology for those where cost is not an issue'

Grab a pick: Space mining's the next generation gold rush

Find out all about it in our Reg lecture

TalkTalk CEO Dido Harding pockets £2.8m

But gives bonus to charity

Home-cooked tech helps China topple US as top supercomputer user

ISCChucking money, engineering talent at HPC pays off

Telco bosses' salaries must take heat for cyber attacks, says MPs' TalkTalk enquiry

CEO Dido Harding did say infosec was her responsibility...

Breach-tastic Irish civil service payroll system facing audit

Data Protection Commissioner to the rescue

How's your driving, Elon? Musk tweets that Tesla Model S 'floats'

It definitely didn't crash into a lake or something, oh no

Dell close to selling software division for $2bn – reports

Execs scratching heads for ways to fund the EMC deal

Scale Computing makes play for Nutanix's entry level market

Three-node cluster setup has flash and disk tiers

Major Tim Peake comes home to a gastronaut's Sunday roast

Lovely portrait of man painted with meat, veg... and gravy

Strawberry moon tonight

Start massaging your wallet: DDN buffs up EXAScaler Lustre HPC storage rig

ISCES14K can be all flash or a disk-flash combo and has Intel SW inside

Meet the 1,000 core chip that can be powered by an AA battery

Big claims from UC Davis’ Kilocore caper

You've got petabytes of unused storage, says Formation. Er, do we?

Get to use virtual server storage you never knew you had

Twitter buys Magic Pony

S3 cloudo-filer created

Microsoft cancels Remain speech after death of Labour MP

ExclusiveCompany confirmed Cabinet Minister was set to give staff reasons to ignore Brexit

TeamViewer not View-ed

Israel and US forge human-free cyber info-sharing pact

Just secure your own networks, firms. Leave the big stuff to us

Baidu tech chief: AI smart enough to take our jobs, not our lives. Yet

ISC (RotM)Humanity about to swap tedium of work, for tedium of idleness

Docker taps unikernel brains to emit OS X, Windows public betas

DockerConPlus: Container orchestration tools coming this July in v1.12

Lycamobile offices 'raided over fraud allegations' – report

French authorities reportedly suspect money coming from shell companies

Astroboffins discover rapid 'electric winds' blowing on Venus

Venus' electric field explains why planet lacks moisture

Contain yourself – StorageOS is coming

DockerConAutomated enterprise-class storage provisioning and services for containers

Fujitsu picks 64-bit ARM for Japan's monster 1,000-PFLOPS super

ISCSparc dumped in high-RISC maneuver?

Sea of outrage after 'migrant-spotting app' turned out to be bogus

UpdateDeveloper admits vessel-watching iSea wasn't using live sat images

Confirmed: Dell software sell-off

Next up: Michael Dell's sock drawer to largest bidder

You lucky creatures! Mammals only JUUUST survived asteroid that killed dinosaurs

Among fastest group to recover from impact

Telia engineer error to blame for massive net outage

Lesson 1: Don't confuse Europe with Hong Kong

Chattanooga mayor credits muni broadband with aiding city's revival

Unemployment is down because of our 10Gb pipeline … and also the new auto factory

Apple ebook payouts start

Intel's Knights Landing lands

Netflix picks fight with internet exchange industry

Top exec criticizes high prices, marketing and partying

HP global battery recall

Microsoft joins battery-saving browser bandwagon with Edge claims

Windows 10 browser can save over 50% of battery, says Redmond

New York outlaws ticket-hoarding buybots

Big Apple puts the kibosh on scalper scripts

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