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9th > June > 2016 Archive

Lexus cars suffer Purple Screen of Death – code bug turns the air blue

Software glitch borks cars' infotainment system

Time Warner Cable, you've 'earned your miserable reputation' – NY Attorney General

Cable giant taken to task for crap service

Microsoft's BITS file transfer tool fooled into malware distribution

Tool running secret jobs and deleting the evidence as it goes

US Cellular joins Google Fi

Melbourne motorway to lose its $1k-per-call emergency phones

No need to phone in a prang because CCTV's got you covered

Robot lung probe wins licence from US authorities

'Bronchoscope' can slither down your throat and tickle your trachea all by itself

Modi hints at H-1B unease

India is one of the reasons America is praiseworthy

Chrome's PDF reader has arbitrary code execution flaw

Keep Chrome up to date, people, unless you want PDFs to get you asking WTF?

McDonald's says bigger fonts cooked up improved profits

Do you want better legibility with that? It sounds cheesy but bigger writing sells more fries

Microsoft has created its own FreeBSD image. Repeat. Microsoft has created its own FreeBSD image

Redmond will support it inside Azure and send code back to the FreeBSD Foundation

Bluetooth 5 debuts next week

Boffins shake up smartphone with motion-sensor as microphone

I'm picking up good vibrations, I'm listening to excitations

AWS blames 'latent bug' for prolonging Sydney EC2 outage

First the secondary generators failed, then the glitch slowed some service restoration

Google IMAP losing old security protocols this month

SSLv3? DEAD. RC4? DEAD. Still using them? Resign from the sysadmin society in shame

Reg photography special: Get a better snap of a BLACK HOLE

All you need is a camera radio telescope the size of EARTH and shutter speed of 'ages'

Sophos U-turns on lack of .bat file blocking after El Reg intervenes

Infosec bod reckons firm 'misunderstood' the issue

If The Register made reality music TV, this is what it would look like

CompetitionVote in our poll and win Awesome Reg Merchandise™!

Boffins slap quantum dots on diamonds to create mutant nanomaterials

Doping everything really quickly, dude

Apple to kill off Mac OS X?

Scality waggles finger, shows off sixth RING

De facto is as de facto does and de facto S3 API is the object API

Rust playground down: 502

Tinder bans under-18s: Moral panic averted

Because teenagers never hook up, right?

Pulsant swallows Onyx – just like we told you they would

Data centre and cloud biz weds data centre and cloud biz

Google Ventures-backed sync-'n'-share firm changes direction. Got your attention?

Tires of that syncing feeling, hatches new plan

Latest Windows 10 build loves up cloud, banishes 'strange grey bar'

A big look-in for Docker on the desktop

Nimbus Data CEO shoots from the hip at NetApp's SolidFire buy

Deadpan SolidFire boss ain't taking no crap, though

French B&Q equivalent 'hacked' to offer visitors vulgar DIY tools

I just wanted a screwdriver and some cheesy wallpaper

DevOps is for all, says DevOps pundit-in-chief. He doesn't have it in for the BOFH, honest

'So much of the narrative is around the unicorns'

Cold space gas? Sure, supermassive black holes can eat that. Nom, nom, nom

We've even seen it, says black-hole-diet-watching astroboffin

Hatches sealed on ISS pump-up space podule

Inflatable habitat in good shape

TalkTalk says 8-month app outage lasting 'bit longer than we hoped'

Leave? You'll miss out on 100% unavailability of Talk2Go...

Big Data upstart Iguaz unveils furiously complex exercise to remove complexity

Takes 'virtualized Big Data services' to new level of virtual

France POPs €800k fine on 'illegal taxi service' Uber's windshield

For the first time, execs were on trial too

Bill Gates cooks up poultry recipe for Africans' paltry existence

'If I were living in extreme poverty, I’d want to raise chickens'

Google snubs 'dark money' questions at AGM. Shareholder power? Yeah, right

Just to let you know who's in charge here, guys

One entire US spook base: Yours for $1m+

ECHELON's Sugar Grove Station goes under the hammer

Lenovo Phab2 to Tango

Not-so Secret Rulers of the World gather to talk cybersecurity, AI and, er, TalkTalk?

Annual Bilderberg jamboree kicks off in Germany

US govt OKs handover of internet's control panel to ICANN

NTIA says yes to plan to move IANA contract to private outfit

Twitter: Don't know where hackers got those logins but it wasn't from us

32 million account details up for grabs

Bin Apple's $500m patent judgment, US DoJ tells Supreme Court

Surprise brief in long-running Samsung saga

Sysadmin 'fesses up to wrecking his former employer's IT systems

Ex-Agilent staffer faces 10 years in the cooler

Hobbits really did exist – and endured erectus shrinkage, say boffins

Now that's what I'm Tolkien about

Texans sue Lyft and Uber

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