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Apple to kill off Mac OS X?

By Andrew Orlowski, 9 Jun 2016

More hints that Apple will retire its “Mac OS X” brand have surfaced ahead of its annual developer conference.

Support documents published by 9to5Mac indicated the platform will be rebranded macOS, the name of the Mac’s original OS when it launched in 1984, one of four Apple platforms. The others are watchOS, tvOS and iOS.

9to5Mac later updated its story to say Apple had changed its pages back to read "Mac OS X".

The workstation NeXTSTEP 1.0 was originally unveiled in 1988, before going cross platform.

Apple acquired NeXT in a reverse takeover that brought Steve Jobs back to the company he founded, and the platform was revamped extensively before launching as Mac OS X in 2001. Presumably, Apple now reckons it's so long (15 years) since the last release of the original "MacOS", no confusion will be created.

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