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11th > May > 2016 Archive

Qemu flaw flattened

Cisco suggests network administration is fun and games

'GEEK FACTOR' trademark application mentions 'game software for mobile phones'

Marc Benioff apologizes as Salesforce NA14 instance goes TITSUP

Downtime approaches 12 hours and irate customers stop selling online and start satirising online

Google blocks Pirate Bay

Facebook debuts WhatsApp desktop apps as Slack adds SSO

If you'd spent $16 billion, you'd be tired of people Slacking off, too

South Korea fingers North for defence contractor hack

Navy builder popped.

'Dirty Page Logs' coming to future vSphere release

New Xeon bits make virtual machines more reliable, secure

Dell seeks cash to buy EMC

Archaeologists find oldest ever ground-edge stone axe

49,000-year-old blade pushes humanity's history of tooling around back 10,000 years

Linux 4.6 now a week away

That went well – NOT - Nokia's first post-Alcatel numbers dip

Sales of €5.6bn about €500m shy of last year's effort, so the sackings start

No, I'm not surfing smut. I'm trying to score a bug bounty from P0rnhub

World's biggest flesh site offering cash if you can expose its seamy underbelly

Google asks Unicode to look over 13 new emoji showing professional women

Doctors, scientists, software engineers and even rock stars

Popular UK mobile tech firm 51Degrees hacked

Private data said to be safe.

Facebook promises release of own 'modular routing platform'

Zuck Squad thinks it can do SDN for the entire internet with decentralised smarts

A UK-wide fibre broadband investment plan? Don't ask awkward questions

AnalysisMostly we're stuck with 'former monopoly' BT

Huge embarrassment over fisting site data breach

Goatse hosty leak makes cheeks toasty

Dragon capsule bids adios to ISS

Departs orbiting outpost today bearing return cargo

Label your cables: A cautionary tale from the server room

This damn warA SCSI-brained 'friend' in need is a pain indeed

Ireland's international tech sector bumps up against language barrier

A taxing problem for US and European firms relocating

EU blocks O2/Three merger

Imation's losses deepen 500%. CEO says things are 'successful'

+CommentBelieve it or not, this is what the owners want

EU vetoes O2 and Three merger: Hutchison mulls legal challenge

Ofcom whispers 'non' into EU's ear, regulator over the water sleepily agrees

Brexit campaign group fined £50k for sending half a million spam texts

Political junk mail OK when it's pro-EU and from gov.UK

Italians rattle little tin for smartmobe mini lenses

Your phone becomes a microscope down at Kickstarter

Speaking in Tech: Uber and Lyft tell Austin: Hell no, we won't give you the finger

PodcastSpent over $8m trying to defeat ballot

Malware on Google Play

Windows 10 build 14342: No more friendly Wi-Fi sharing

Edgier and Linuxier, too

Blocking ads? Smaller digital publishers are smacked the hardest

More mobile operators to incorporate the software

GitHub pricing change

Flashy startup E8 set to launch after cash injection

VC funding clears way for product, sales and marketing build-out

GCHQ plugs DevOps

The Quantum of Solace: You've still got tape. Don't forget that

Weakening enterprise storage hits profits

ImageMagick hexed again

IBM's Internet of Things brainbox foresees 'clean clothes as a service'

Same chap also built an IoT mousetrap. No, really

Free tool aims to make it easier to find vulns in open source code

DevOps biz SourceClear says its shiny thing is better than everyone else's

Ireland handed another $100m by Silicon Valley for startups' handout

Bankers take a shine to the Emerald Isle

Salesforce parks its planned IoT cloud on... shocker! AWS

CRM floater breaks with precedent, jumps aboard bandwagon

Google kneecaps payday loan ads

Leave the AdWords. Take the cannoli.

Laser-zapping scientists will save the Earth from meteorite destruction

Armageddon outta here

Google open sources Thread in bid to win IoT standards war

Battle lines drawn and redrawn

More time for IoT policy

Apple, AT&T, Verizon named in $7bn VoIP patent claim

Patent-holding firm alleges two violations

Dragon splashes down

Microsoft kills Sunrise

Xen 4.7 ship date slips

Walmart sues Visa for being too lax with protecting chip cards

The only thing lower than our prices is your security!

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