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SEC: Qualcomm hired relatives of Chinese officials to seal biz deals

Coughs up $7.5m to make this episode go away – and emits best corporate-speak of 2016

We survived a five-hour butt-numbing Congress hearing on FBI-Apple ... so you don't have to

AnalysisStrap in, we're going to loopy land!

Hitchhacker's Guide to RSA clones conference badge with a towel

RSA 2016Flannel rag again shown to be essential kit for freeloaders

Microsoft gets into the advanced intrusion sniffer game – but only for Windows 10

RSA 2016Security firms facing competition from Redmond

Dell names future leadership team and CloudFather Joe Tucci isn't on the list

Dell the man emails all hands to say EMC acquisition is on track

We're doing SETI the wrong and long way around, say boffins

Look where the lookers are looking at you, rather than at BEELLIONS of galaxies

Oracle's JET flies into open source skies

JavaScript for the masses

VMware licence changes put users on upgrade treadmill

Yes, you get more, but you pay more for it whether you want it or not

McDonald's Sweden adds fries to VR

Google switches from Chocolate Factory to Fat Factory

Every Australian address - yes yours, and even yours – just became open data

Don't panic! It's just the anonymised national address database under an open licence

Schneider Electric building manager bug allows security bypass

It's 2016 and a major vendor has had to improve basic password security

NASA funds new supersonic airliner research

Plans to break the sound barrier with a steady thump rather than a nasty boom

Phew! No evidence found for global criminal hacker conspiracy

Sorry, tinfoil types. Crims operate from home base, don't care for cross-border sharing

Windows 10 claimed another point of desktop share in February

Windows 8.x is fading fast, but XP hangs on, and on, and on ...

Learn things? DROWN HTTPS flaw proves we don't even test things

You knew SSLv2 was poison, so why was it still there?

$17 smartwatch sends something to random Chinese IP address

BSides SFSamsung Gear 2 also has some problems, researcher says

'Boss, I've got a bug fix: Nuke the whole thing from orbit, rewrite it all'

Line BreakAnd is this a bug or a beauty in OpenSSL?

IBM plugs SanDisk's flashy JBOF rig into its spectrum

InfiniFlash gets Big Blue Spectrum Scale integration

ISS 'nauts wrap 'historic' 340-day mission

'One giant leap toward putting boots on Mars'

GDS gets it in the neck from MPs over Rural Payments Agency farce

Public Accounts Committee says civil servants' turf war caused mega IT cock-up

More and more Brits are using ad-blockers, says survey

It's catching on - but not all blockers are militant

We suck at backups. So let's not have a single point of failure any more

Sysdamin blogAvoid my nightmares and change your threat model

SpaceX Falcon 9 grounded by 'sledgehammer' winds

Inclement high-altitude conditions keep lifter on pad

Quick as a flash: ATTO joins 32Gbit/s Fibre Channel bandwagon

It's not a trickle, or even a stream – it's a flood

Speaking in Tech: Down rounds, fleeing techies - how to spot a startup death spiral

PodcastWith Storagezilla, EMC's Chad Sakac, NetApp's Amy Lewis

Emulex joins Brocade, ATTO and QLogic in 32Gbit/s FC sprintfest

Fibre Channel accelerates to flash array speeds

SMBs? Are you big enough to have a serious backup strategy?

If you have a heartbeat, then of course you are...

Bill Gates can’t give it away... Still crazy rich after all these years

Humanitarian worth 16.6 Donald Trumps, says Forbes

Spanish cops discover illegally parked flying car

Rooftop hot hatch

Former Systemax execs ordered to repay $35m to the biz

Reseller lost $27m to fraud, will make a return when Carl and Gilbert Fiorentino cough

Hackers rely on weak passwords when brute-forcing PoS terminals

Open Sesame: '12345'

Ofcom should be the BBC's ultimate overlord, told

Goodbye fat-cat make-work schemes, hello to proper accountability

The beached whale of storage thrashes on the all flash array shoreline

StoragebodWe all know spinning rust is dead. Get on with it already

Google risks everything if it doesn’t grab Android round the throat

And it’s starting to make its own phones, pundit reckons

Tech Data signs data centre kit slinger Quanta in big local sales deal

Far Eastern ODMs marching to Europe, rub belly, eyes major brands' lunch

Oracle adds own cloud tier to its mainframe VTL

Latest StorageTek VSM 7 is bigger and badder

Amazon Shocker: Firm recalls Fire and Fire Kids power adapters

In 'rare cases' users might get electric shocks

You know how we're all supposed to automate now? Dark web devs were listening

RSA 2016Crafted tool to brute-force, take over accounts, buy stuff

Nearly all cloud ERP projects will 'fail' by 2018, reckons Gartner

Cost overruns, complexity... stop me if this sounds familiar

Cisco's gone soft: Networking giant tries to wean IT bods off boxes

Cisco Partner SummitSelling crates of gear is so 1999

'Dominant' Facebook hauled over coals by German competition authority

Firm said to have broken data protection rules

SSL's DROWN not as bad as Heartbleed, still a security ship wreck

Just set SSLv2 on fire

Zynga CEO resigns – again – after terrible results

Something to do with a miserable lack of creativity?

European Patent Office inks deal with staff union it isn't locked in death spiral with

The other union? Less impressed

IBM slices heavy axe through staff in the US

After rumors of upcoming layoffs, Big Blue kicks off round of 'mass' cuts

Bruce Schneier: We're sleepwalking towards digital disaster and are too dumb to stop

RSA 2016Coders and tech bros playing chance with the future

Activist investor tells dot-word biz to sell off 'garbage' new domains

Also complains about Rightside propaganda and unfed mad aunts

Another week, another leak: is morale that low in Australia's NBN?

Even cost-saving good ideas are now being leaked

Cisco to partners: We're all doing services now – resistance is futile

Cisco Partner SummitNetworkBorg will be your one-stop IT management shop, like it or not

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