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21st > December > 2015 Archive

Security industry too busy improving security to do security right

PCI Council delays SSL migration date to 2018, so cruddy credit crypto continues

VMware, Xen issue urgent patches

It's going to be a virtual Christmas for virtualisation admins

Facebook hammers another nail into Flash's coffin

The Social NetworkTM bins Adobe's malware-magnet for video, adopts HTML5

Skilled workers, not cost, lured Apple to China says Tim Cook

Foxconnn, Schmoxconn - it's tool and die makers that get Apple excited

An on-demand video subscription isn't just for Christmas... Oh. It is

OTT services must overcome hideous churn rates to find success

UK government names Cloud Foundry Her Majesty's preferred PaaS

'Very close contest' with Tsuru sees GDS promise government-as-a-platform in early 2016

DEAD MAN'S SOCKS and other delightful gifts from clients

On-CallWhy, I'd just love membership in your mouse-pad-knitting eco-collective

Private cloud: Strategy and tactics from the big boys

CommentApp repatriation – it's for winners

Scandal-hit Toshiba cutting 7,000 jobs, heads for $4.5bn loss

We'd 'like to regain the trust of stakeholders, and transform ourselves'. Right you are

You’re clever? But are you clever enough to give a Reg lecture?

Reg LecturesSmart speakers, smart readers

Quadsys Five fraud case pleas delayed until next month

Trial date pencilled in for September

EU reforms could pave way for smells and noises to be trade-mark protected – expert

Watch out for scammers taking advantage, though

Free Wi-Fi for the NHS, promises health secretary Jeremy Hunt

More patient apps, that's what failing hospitals need

Toshiba denies NAND exit report with 'no decision made' comment

Forecasts huge loss, accounting scandal still looms

NASA books second Boeing space taxi

CST-100 Starliner to lift more 'nauts to ISS

Facepalm time: MS Office update wipes custom Word autotext

Farethee well, my macros

Retirement home awaits Kelway brand, whisper sources

CDW International to make debut in 2016

Hello Kitty hack exposes 3.3 million users' details, says infosec bod

UpdatedUsers left exposed on community site

Microsoft grabs ex-Google and Facebook brains for unstructured SQL engine

Database and Cortana Analytics injection

Iranian hackers targeted New York dam, had a quick nosy around

US has highest number of industrial-control systems online, says security bods

Security sweep firm links botnet infestation and file sharing

UpdatedPublic sector apparently suffers most from idle P2Pers

Apple swallows 7 year mobile patent payments deal from Ericsson

One lump sum or ongoing royalties, vicar? Both!

New HTTP error code 451 to signal censorship

Will help catalogue attempts to limit information

How to log into any backdoored Juniper firewall – hard-coded password published

Did the NSA knacker ScreenOS? Probably not

NetApp sings to Solidfire: All I want for Christmas is buying you

I just want you for my own, more than you could ever know. Make my wish come true ...

Chicago cops under fire for astonishingly high dashcam, mic failures

AnalysisIs it sabotage, lack of maintenance, bad policy or cheap equipment?

Ex-SAP exec sent down for 22 months after bribing govt IT officials

Panamanian bungs backfired

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