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You’re clever? But are you clever enough to give a Reg lecture?

Smart speakers, smart readers

By Joe Fay, 21 Dec 2015

Reg Lectures The Register is looking for speakers who are as fascinating and knowledgeable as our audience and as good at story-telling as our writers.

Over the last year our Register Lectures have covered topics as diverse as Big Data, interplanetary exploration and the chequered history of GCHQ, the future of driverless cars, and the reality of life as a hostage in Iraq.

We want to run even more lectures next year - so we want to find even more fascinating speakers.

We want people who are not just clever, but who can hold the attention of a room full of clever readers for 45 minutes, before playing Q&A ping pong afterwards.

As for topics, we’re very broadminded, though space, robots, cutting edge technology, and general spookery are always a good start.

If we’re sure our readers will love it, you’re in. If we’re not sure, we may still be willing to take a flyer.

So if you tick (nearly) all those boxes - or know someone else who does - we really want to hear from you.

Think you're up to it? Get in touch with us here. ®

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