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17th > November > 2014 Archive

Free antivirus software, expires, stops updating and p0wns the world

You really need to do some tech support for Aunty Agnes

Pre-digital computer 'cranks out' Fourier Transforms

VideoBoffins get a handle on pre-digital computer, restore it to working order

Kindle, meet my partner. Darling, play nice with Kindle, please

Amazon update lets Kindle owners share ebooks with family members

Shrek-as-a-service: DreamWorks and Infosys team up

Outsourcer to build on animator's software

VXers Shellshocking embedded BusyBox boxen

It's 2014 and some people are still using default user names and passwords

Meet OneRNG: a fully-open entropy generator for a paranoid age

Kiwis to seek random investors for crowd-funded randomiser

LSI driver bug is breaking VSANs, endangering data

More VSAN hardware trouble for VMware

Holy vintage vehicles! Earliest known official Batmobile goes on sale

Riddle me this: are you prepared to pay US$180k?

Simon's says quantum computing will work

Boffins blast algorithm with half a dozen qubits

Space Commanders rebel as Elite:Dangerous kills offline mode

Frontier cops an epic kicking in its own forums ahead of December revival

Attack reveals 81 percent of Tor users but admins call for calm

Cisco Netflow a handy tool for cheapskate attackers

Give it up for SecQuest - a rabbit-hunting spaceplane sponsor

Boutique security consultants, balloon bods, and more...

Cray heaves out even mightier, Lustre-ous Sonexion 2000

Met Office and Los Alamos bomb boffins are apparently among its fans

Sony SPILLS GUTS on OTT service, so far for PlayStations only

AnalysisCloudy streaming media service

Facebook, working on Facebook at Work, works on Facebook. At Work

You don't want your cat or drunk pics at the office

There it is! Philae comet lander found in existing Rosetta PICS

Crumb? Pixel? Alien? Better, it's a comet-catcher!

Far Cry 4 review: It's a far cry from Far Cry 3

Game TheoryUbisoft gets it right this time

Pics in SPAAAACE!: Hasselblad sells for $275,000

Astronomical amount for Mercury mission snapper

Broadband sellers in the UK are UP TO no good, says Which?

Speedy network claims only apply to 10% of customers

Fasthosts goes titsup, blames DNS blunder

Monday morning blues for biz customers

WinShock PoC clocked: But DON'T PANIC... It's no Heartbleed

SChannel exploit opens an easily closed door

TalkTalk wants more FOURPLAY, jumps into bed with Telefónica

'Bye Voda. What will Three think of all this Four?

Are MPs smarter than 5-year-olds? We'll soon find out at coding school – Berners-Lee

Web daddy in near-impossible politician-upgrade challenge

NetApp cyclists part from storage firm... go to Bora Bora

Go further, faster ... from former sponsor

We come bearing internet: Google sends up Project Loon balloons in second test

Choc Factory, Telstra test more internet-for-all blimps

You know where Apple Pay is getting used a LOT? Yes - McDonalds

Black rollnecks straining across USA as fanbois bonk-to-supersize

State Dept shuts off unclassified email after hack. Classified mail? That's CLASSIFIED

Classified systems 'not affected' - but, is this reconnaissance?

Cyber security: Do the experts need letters after their name?

All roads lead to a job

HPC bod SGI racks UV brains, reaches 30 MEEELLION IOPS

UK 300 concept gets SSD supercharge

Soz, web devs: Google snatches its Wallet off the table

Killing off web service in 3 months... but app-happy bonkers are fine

EMC daddy Tucci: YES, there has been too much internal 'friction'

Plus: VMware could be spun off

Holy cow! Fasthosts outage blamed on DDoS hack attack AND Windows 2003 vuln

Monday, bloody Monday

Three WireLurker suspects arrested in China – reports

Accused of being authors of first non-jailbroken iThing malware

Now Uber can take EVERYONE for a ride

+CommentUber and Spotify - a symphony made in low pay heaven

SEX BEAST SEALS may be egging each other on to ATTACK PENGUINS

Boffin: 'I think the behaviour is increasing in frequency'

It's space WAR: Comet launches fireballs at space-invading EARTH

PicRock allegedly furious at humans, 'coming over here, invading our land with probes'

Internet Society slams online 'UN Security Council' plan, snubs permanent seat offer

So, this is all going well, isn't it?

FCC: Gonna need y'all to cough up $1.5bn to put broadband in schools

Kids need more fiber, says Wheeler, and you'll pay for it

NBN Co screws lid on FTTP coffin

Copper and HFC dominate in new corporate plan

The Nokia ENIGMA THING and its SECRET, TERRIBLE purpose

Finnish firm coyly exposes mystery product – and WE NO what it is

You know those WEIRD glass sheds in New York? They'll be replaced with Gbps WiFi

Pay-phones to be torn up and replaced with superhotspots

How to keep everything fluffy in your hybrid cloud world

Five steps to happiness

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