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Pics in SPAAAACE!: Hasselblad sells for $275,000

Astronomical amount for Mercury mission snapper

By Lester Haines, 17 Nov 2014

The first Hasselblad camera to travel into space sold last week at auction for an astronomical $275,000.

View of the first Hasselblad in space

The first Hasselblad in space, and now sold for a cool $275K

The 500c and 80mm Zeiss lens accompanied Walter M Schirra on the Mercury MA-8 mission in October 1962. Fellow astronaut Gordon Cooper carried it aloft in May 1963 on Mercury MA-9.

Image from the Mercury MA-8 mission

An image captured by Schirra during Mercury MA-8

The Swedish snapper features a modified body, added aiming device and 100-exposure film container. It came under the hammer as part of the ongoing Space and Aviation Auction at RR Auction Gallery in Boston. ®

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