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12th > November > 2014 Archive

Net neutrality, Verizon, open internet ... How can we solve this mess?

AnalysisThe finer points of telecoms policy explained in normal language

Alibaba reports China's Singles Day is the world's biggest orgy of shopping

More than $9bn spent in a single('s) day splurge

Iranian contractor named as Stuxnet 'patient zero'

Hell-worm targeted five companies before plundering Natanz

SO LONELY: Woman DARED to get rid of her iPHONE - Apple DUMPED all her TXTS

Cupertino hauled to court over iMessage cockup

We interrupt this cat video to say you're out of data

Telstra promises real-time mobile data use alerts

Sixteen shades of grey survive Viennese quantum optics test

Video'Twisted light' test transcends turbulence, suggesting secure comms tool

729 teraflops, 71,000-core Super cost just US$5,500 to build

Cloud doubters, this isn't going to be your best day

Researchers show off three-domain international SDN

Boffins claim to have assembled internet-scale software-defined bit-biffers

Microsoft's Lync becomes 'Skype for Business'

Skype on the desktop for all Office users: what could go wrong with that?

Chipzilla to add new production line in Vietnam

Haswell and SoC supplies drive Saigon boom

WATCH Rosetta's Philae's SUCCESSFUL drop on Comet 67P

Live VidIt's landed, humanity! They made it!

The last PC replacement cycle is about to start turning

When even senior sysadmins work on an iPhone connected to an Apple TV, the end is nigh

Broadcom wraps new partners into warm IoT embrace

Something WICED this way comes

EU Ryanair 'screen-scraping' case could affect biz models

Our database is NOT FREE (the toilets, on the other hand*)

US, China, ink tariff-free technology trade pact

Vendorland hopes other parties to WTO Information Technology Agreement will follow suit

DAY ZERO, and COUNTING: EVIL 'UNICORN' all-Windows vuln - are YOU patched?

We will all remember the 11th of November

Drama in space: But Philae keeps trying to harpoon comet

Lander to depart mothership Rosetta despite cold bump in the night

Amazon hiring drone flight ops engineer in Cambridge, UK

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is running test flights for Prime Air delivery drones

Cybersecurity? Nothing to do with us, mate – Google and Facebook

Industry lobby group begs EU to ditch new cyber law

Dodgy thruster won't stop Philae hurtling toward comet showdown

El Reg reports LIVE from the ESA ops centre

My HOUSE used to be a PUB: How to save the UK high street

Worstall on WednesdaySay it with me: planning permissions

Manage the risks and seize the opportunities of BYOD

How MDM can help

Cry Havoc and let slip the dogs of Patent WAR! Samsung strikes back at Nvidia

Armies of lawyers on the march

Shuddit, Obama! Here in Blighty, we ISPs have net neutrality nailed

AnalysisBT and competition together at last

Mozilla re-negotiates Google multi-million dollar sugar-daddy deal

ExclusiveBusiness as usual, honest

Yahoo! buys vid-pusher BrightRoll for $640m

Exclamation mark populariser keen to bump up ad revs

FALL of the MACHINES: How to KILL the Google KARATE BOT, by our expert

'That power cable to the wall plug is his WEAKNESS'

FLASH better than DISK for archiving, say academics. Are they stark, raving mad?

CommentMASCOTS' 'solid' argument

TalkTalk's 'unbeatable signal strength' and 'fastest Wi-Fi tech' FIBS silenced by ad watchdog

Our lab tests were impeccable, mumbles budget ISP

RBS's Ulster Bank whacked with enormous IT cock-up fine

Fallout from 2012 titsup tech disaster

Target, Home Depot and UPS attacks: Dude, you need to rethink point-of-sale security

BlackPOS, FrameworkPOS, Backoff probed

Google will have to WAIT and SEE if I fine them - EU antitrust chief

Vestager says she can't soothe all concerns about search giant

Annus HORRIBILIS for TLS! ALL the bigguns now officially pwned in 2014

Critical crypto nought-day not the worst of mega Nov patch batch

MOULDY DICK: France aims to snatch EXPLODING WHALE crown from U.S.

Gallic bloater TWICE the size of famed 1970 blast cetacean

Yorkshire man NICKS 1,000 Orange customer records. Court issues TINY FINE

Change the law – chuck baddies in jail, says watchdog

Ex-IBM x86 server chap joins flash-in-the-DRAM upstart

+CommentAlex Yost moves to Diablo

WATCH: Rosetta astroboffin TATTOOED with PHILAE from the FUTURE!

VidCannibal Corpse-loving chap just knows it'll succeed

Why can't a mobile be more like a cordless kettle?

Power without plugs

Philae heads for comet, reports back to mothercraft Rosetta

PicBoxy science-lab takes snap of comet-chasing craft

Google DoubleClick goes TITSUP. ENJOY your AD-FREE WORLD!

UpdatedSpecial offer for a limited time only

Microsoft: It's TIME at LAST. Yes - .NET is going OPEN and X-PLATFORM

Redmond squares up to Java on Windows, Linux, OS X

Rackspace joins Microsoft's Windows Azure Pack partner army

Like Windows Server? You'll love the whole package

Redmond aims to outshine Eclipse with FREE Visual Studio

And if the Community edition doesn't thrill you, try the Visual Studio 2015 Preview

'Yes, yes... YES!' Philae lands on COMET 67P

Plucky probot aces landing on high-speed space rock - emotional scenes in Darmstadt

Microsoft .NET released from its Windows chains... but what ABOUT MONO?

InterviewXamarin man Miguel de Icaza shares

Speaking in Tech: LIVE from Dell World 2014

PodcastIs server or storage technology leading tech development?

Philae comet probe got down without harpoons

Probot CLINGS onto 30,000mph rock 'n' ice ball

LARGE, ROUND and FEELS SO GOOD in your hand: Yes! It's a Nexus 6

ReviewSoftware – THAT's what'll sell it

ISPs are stripping encryption from netizens' email – EFF

Civil liberties body in shock blog

'Scope boffins get INSIDE URANUS after snapping mystery spots

PicsIn space, no one can hear you squeak

FCC makes up its mind about net neutrality: Er, we'll decide in 2015

An open internet is not just for Christmas, it's for life

Who will save Europe's privacy from the NSA? Oh God ... it's Google

Sucking up everyone's data? That's our freakin' job!

SCREW YOU, net neutrality hippies – AT&T halts gigabit fiber

What's faster? 1Gbps or the speed at which toys were just thrown out of a pram?

Bouncy bouncy: Comet probot Philae landed twice

PicTwo small steps for robot, one giant leap for Mankind

Remember that internet sales tax? Wasn't that a great idea? It's dead

Boehner takes it out back ... two gunshots heard

Amazon: DROP DATABASE Oracle; INSERT our new fast cheap MySQL clone

Claims Aurora db offers 5x performance for pennies

Can you choose your carrier when a carrier owns the data centre?

Striking out for independence

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