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3rd > October > 2011 Archive

Ellison brandishes 'speed of thought' Exalytics appliance

OpenWorldEat my digital dust, HP Autonomy and IBM Smarties

Adobe: crashing 100 million machines not an option

Zero-day vulns get 6,000 man-hours of testing

Citrix stretches XenServer 6.0 to cover bigger iron

Chubbier VMs for heftier apps

Dozens of firms vie for £1bn crim tagging contracts

Keeping tabs on 20,000+ offenders

Anonymous Twitter alternative developed for rioters

Favoured by anti-Wall Street protesters, apparently

UK punters happy to pay £3 to top up e-wallets

We never knew you were so keen

Fibre up, broadband up, IPTV up in Europe

Broadband World ForumFibre-to-home numbers up 43 per cent

Violent videogames reduce crime

Anti-gaming tests are flawed, says report

HTC Android handsets spew private data to ANY app

Mystery data logger opens backdoor for slurping

Microsoft's Roslyn invites VB to Windows 8 party

C# in disguise?

iTunes beta, Vodafone flag up iPhone 4S

8GB iPhone 4 makes a pre-release appearance too

ThumbsUp Black Diamond glow-globe iPhone dock

Geek Treat of the WeekPsychodelic geodesic

Osborne proffers £150m for mobile not spots

Of your money, of course, not his

Super Mario jumps on domain squatter

Lackadaisical Nintendo finally says 'it's-a me!'

Vodafone dishes out free unlimited data

Three-month see-what-you-need period

Ease data traffic jams with some network improvements

Keeping up with bigger drives

ICO consultation: What should public bodies disclose?

Graham's office to push out code of practice by the end of the year

AMD Llano vs Intel Sandy Bridge

ReviewWhich is the best notebook buy?

iPhones 'excellent for doing experiments on their owners'

Researchers plan mass fanboi brain probes

Open Document Format updated to fix spreadsheets

Check out the cross-product formula syntax on this baby

Toshiba touts 55in 3DTV with beefy resolution

Biggest glasses-free set yet?

Best skiing in space is on Saturnian ice moon Enceladus

Perfect powder, shame about the low gravity

Digital TV body adds HbbTV to UK standard

Boost for Connected TV makers

Belgian buccaneers invade Rockall

Radio hamburglars reprise epic Vulturine feat

Ecclesiastical judge tells church: Let there be Wi-Fi

Tinfoilers hamper case against by failure to show

Apple TV owners lost legal movie playback this weekend

DRM server snafu deprives fanboys of films

Cisco veep slags off HP's PC biz wobble

Predicts doom for rival in not-so-secret document

Alibaba! wants! to! be! Yahoo! purple! prince!

Would acquire a third of itself as part of the package

EC to vet Euro broadband performance

Volunteer testers required

Crazy square barcodes can point your phone to MALWARE

Help, help, I'm under attag

Steelie Neelie calls for copper price cuts to drive fibre

Dutch berated for doing net neut rules without asking

Major BT exchange titsup in power outage

Customers advised to turn it off then on again

London gets first new Google Chromebookshop

We offer only one thing: Total Googly dominance

Google OUTBID on at auction

Speculator mows Chocolate Factory's grass

O2 best placed to scoop new iPhone sales dosh

Still has fruit-stroker legion from old exclusive deal

Brother poaches HP vet to manage channels

New saga for Forsyth

Yahoo! and! ABC! ink! news! pact!

Online-first blobbening to create vast eyeball mountain

Ellison: 'There'll be nothing left of IBM once I'm done'

Promises a terrific licking for 'Mister Blue'

Samsung reveals release for 5in tablet

Time to take Note

Would you sue to keep your guilty ABBA habit a secret?

Pandora let world see our bathroom singalongs, say users

Amazon fans order three Fires for every E Ink Kindle

First-day tablet orders estimated at 95k

Verizon in court to block net neutrality ruling

'The feds aren't the boss of us'

Better Business Bureau offers rogue script browser peril

UpdatedOops! Scam warning service left eggfaced

October 14 declared 'Steve Jobs Day'

Rumors buzz over Jobsian bow at Tuesday's iPhone roll-out

Bank of America website disrupted for 4th day in a row

Hacking and DoS ruled out as causes

Oracle: Java 8 will be revolution, not evolution

JavaOneJavaFX 2.0 released, Java 9 detailed

BridgeSTOR in rash NAS cash splash

35 per cent dedupe storage saving or your money back

'iPhone 4 to be free' when new iPhones ship

iPhone 4S and 5 to be dual-mode. Other changes leaked

Adobe announces Creative Cloud, acquires PhoneGap

MAX 2011HTML 5, but little Flash at Adobe's creative confab

Oracle rolls its own NoSQL and Hadoop

OpenWorldA supremely confident Ellison mounts the Big Data elephant

22,000 'freetards' escape Hurt Locker piracy suit

Voltage still hopes to zap hundreds more downloaders

Telstra hands copper contract to new company

And kicks off copper upgrade

'Boss from hell' knuckle-rapped for 'firing contests'

Crossing the line between motivation and harassment

Facebook games teach teens bad habits

More reasons not to like

The plane story of galactic clusters

Dark matter ‘filaments’ mapped

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