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29th > July > 2011 Archive

Gun-toting meth addict gets 12 years for ID theft

Phisher of 38,500 men

World needs needs Tequila power: report

Agave a better biofuel than sugar cane

From Dust

ReviewPlaying God

IBM chips in with Golfball anniversary

Revolutionary typewriter tech is 50 years old this Sunday

NotW 'targeted' phone of Sarah Payne's mum

Bent PI had number of Brooks-given blower, says report

Hitachi GST plugs its areal hole with shingles

Listens to Google, Facebook as much as HP or Dell

Scottish TV news pumps goatse link

Och aye the NOOO

Sci/tech MPs want peer review, not pal review

UK science publishing not exactly scientific

Alcatel Lucent goes black

Once you go red you sometimes go back, baby

Retail meltdown bitchslaps Ingram Micro profits

Q2 revenue skirt lifted by currency updraft

BT on site-blocking: Every case will need a court order

Pick on our freetards over our cold dead corpse

APP OF DEATH plots local fatalities on demand

Want to find the dead centre of town?

BSkyB hands out £1bn, board backs James Murdoch

Not even walking round the table with a baseball bat, either

Exogear Exomount universal gadget mount

Accessory of the WeekGrips, sticks and stays stuck

LightSquared and Sprint, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Record pre-pay card with $4.5bn on it issued

Murdoch muscles BBC out of Formula One driving seat

'We're absolutely delighted,' insists Beeb

Aussie ALDI withdraws infected greybox offering

Multifunction hard drives hotching with Conficker

LOHAN spaceplane project starting to shape up nicely

Initial thoughts on our audacious ballocket

WinPho 7.5 captured in action

Mango movie shakedown

Google TV box flop costs Logitech $34m

AnalysisOuch: More Revues returned than sold

Nokia's cheapies strategy bombs

Shanghai surprise

Scumbags get sneaky with new self-robbery trojan

Can't be bothered to steal your cash themselves

Canon EOS 600D 18Mp DSLR

ReviewChoices, choices...

Chinese giant Alibaba offers 'Cloudphone'

Apps? Get with it, grandad, time for cloudy pockets

Oracle warns hybrid sales model could force down revenue

Redirecting to direct upsets indirect sector directors

Facebook honeytrap used in Belgian hypermart blag

Fake lady lure saw boss snatched, safe pillaged

Lumbering STEC struggles to turn corner

Difficult for a supertanker to win in a Flash dogfight

Samsung gets it white with Galaxy S II

Smart blanch

Ubisoft insists DRM 'a success'

Sales against pirates


Tired of the Silicon Roundabout? You're tired of life

Jesus Phone saved from being man-in-the-middled

Slab of Jobs to get backdoor stoppered also

Ingram Micro considers job cuts on EMEA slowdown

Buy some tech, save a man's livelihood

HTC delays Evo 3D release

Vodafone says no

'Missing heat': Is global warmth vanishing into space?

It's gone away somewhere, that's for sure

Shetland 'Topiary' suspect extended in custody for 3 days

Man cuffed by airborne plods 'not local', say locals

Yahoo! ends! row! with! Alibaba! for! $6bn!

Yahoo! shareholders: No you are not dreaming

Spotify smacked with patent suits in US and Netherlands

Wait for my brother, he's much bigger

Call of Duty heats up for $1m showdown

Mercenary business

SpaceX set to send supply ship to ISS in November

Era of Soyuz set to be shortlived as Dragon roars ahead

Google gobbles Big Blue IP stash

Patents: Both sword and shield in corporate combat

CA catches WatchMouse for SaaSy monitoring tools

Cloud-on-cloud action

Isilon's iSCSI here to stay, insiders insist...quietly

Rumours of its death exaggerated wrong

Firefox maker moves towards a browser-free world

Open...and ShutMobiles need 'a strong infusion of Mozilla values'

Truck nuts swing onto US freedom of speech agenda

NSFWForget the debt crisis, my truck's got balls

Fujitsu fluffs COBOL, Java on Azure clouds

IT cannot code by C# and VB.NET alone

Facebook dangles cash rewards for bug reports

Microsoft, Oracle, you listening?

It's official: IE users are dumb as a bag of hammers

100,000 test subjects can't be wrong

Amazon cloud hosts nasty banking trojan

SpyEye taps S3, adopts 'agile' programming

Obama drops Twitter bombs on debt-ceiling foes

'Call. Email. Tweet. —BO'

Ellison's NetSuite still not making money

But SaaS apps sales are growing nicely

AT&T: 'Eat too much data and we'll strangle you'

Top 5% of heavy downloaders will be throttled

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