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18th > March > 2011 Archive

RSA breach leaks data for hacking SecurID tokens

'Extremely sophisicated' attack targets 2-factor auth

Google (finally) releases antidote to Google ad webpage drag

Relief from browser hang

Supercomputer charts killer tsunami's course

NOAA simulates destructive waves

RIM PlayBook to sync with Microsoft Exchange cloud

Office 365 in your lap

Groupon worth 'as much as $25 billion'

Er, can we get a coupon for the IPO?

HP's 'vision' should embrace Apple, not copy it

Open...and ShutOwning the future. Without buying the past

Nikon D7000 DSLR camera

ReviewThe return of the fiddle factor

Vince Cable to cut training and flexible work rules

Red tape bonfire for small, and tiny, biz

Nokia Software Updater for Mac Beta

ReviewBeta late than never?

US e-book sales double as dead tree demand dips

Fiction Kindled

How Google taped up its email outage wounds

CommentIs there still a role for the reels ...

Sweden postpones EU data retention directive, faces court, fines

But Austria finally swallows it after court battles

Cloud music boom: everyone wins, except the creators

Let them eat vinyl

O2 ups 3G speeds by 30%

Capacity boost follows 900MHz switch-on

MS claims credit for Rustock botnet takedown

All salute the zombie slayer

BOFH: In distributed denial

Episode 3That's not where you're supposed to spread the peanut butter

Government to scrap COI, axe up to 1,000 communication jobs

Create new centre, then cut staff loose

A glimpse at Amazon's app store

Price divergence and exclusive deals

I floated a site into the cloud, and it didn't rain down in chunks...

WAR on the Cloud, part 1:My baby steps migration

Half of 2011's PCs to use CPU GPUs

CPU-integrated graphics kicking out IGPs

Fukushima one week on: Situation 'stable', says IAEA

Shameful media panic very slowly begins to subside

Google's copyright review: Google lays down the Google law

Dear Professor Hargreaves. This is what you will do...

Yahoo! to! offload! Delicious! as! early! as! next! week!

Report suggests StumbleUpon could be new suitor

Woman fingers ex in 15-foot strip pole theft mystery

'Smooth pole' disappears into thin air


ReviewDog eat dog

Apple 'gay-cure' app severely slapped

Jobs forced to choose between Christian chums and gay BFF

RIM ruffles operator features with NFC play

Whose customers are they anyway?

Actress meets feds investigating nude photo Gmail hack

Leery hacking ring targets Hollywood celebs

Game steals thunder from Eurogamer show

Oi, that's a bit mean!

Cisco shells out first dividend

Calming screaming shareholders with shiny pennies

Phones4U sold on again

BC Partners makes the call

Three to drop mobile smut shield

Pay monthly punters pr0n filters to be pulled down

Microsoft Kinect powers DIY Eye of Sauron


TV sitcom opens up the world of penetration testing

Can they hack it?

X-51 hypersonic scramjet test bird ready for second flight

Mach 6 success could indicate spaceplane potential

Duke Nuke teases with sapphic siblings

NSFWTrailer trash?

Google to enforce SSL encryption on developer APIs

September 15: HTTPS or nothing

AT&T ends illicit handset tethering

Don't try to hide - they know who you are

IBM accused of bribery in China, South Korea

SEC says thanks for $10m fine

Dell: 'Yes, we will offer multiple Amazonian public clouds'

Round-Rock-as-a-service is a go

Anonymous DoS attacks thwarted with Aikido hip throw

War stories from 'Operation Avenge Assange'

IBM: Our appliance servers smoke Ellison's 'phony baloney'

Blue versus Red. Watson versus Exadata

Microsoft: IE9's web privacy hole? A feature, not a bug

When do-not-track lists clash

Programmer gets 8 years for theft of stock trading software

Wall Street-ware generated $500m in profits

Google patches Flash bug before Adobe

Rest of world must wait

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