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16th > February > 2011 Archive

Humans shamed in round two of Jeopardy! showdown

Slippery when wetware

AdBlock Plus: Open source for fun (not funds)

Open...and ShutLabor of software love

Vodafone Aus off the hook, kind of

A 50-50 verdict from Privacy Commissioner

Man pockets $8m running computer fraud ring

Zombies dialed premium phone numbers

Rackspace promises 'big name' OpenStack power shift

Open source cloud kit set for mystery advisory board

Dell to buy AMD?

All hat and no cattle

iXtreamer dock with IPTV

ReviewMedia hub for iFans

Texas antitrust investigators request Google 'ad rate formula'

Plus docs on 'manual override' of search results

London councils reveal joint IT jobs cut plan

Report outlines plans to cut 10 to 12 posts

Coming soon: Die Hard 5 - The Zimmer Frame

Bruce Willis dusts off the arthritis tablets

Micro Focus shares drop on update

Targets missed, shares whacked

Schmidt promises to get 'permission' before taking over our world

MWCYou're in the mobile business now

HTC shuns Honeycomb for Android tablet debut

Gingerbread instead

LG claims 'flicker free' 3D TV first

Independently tested, apparently

RSA pushes single sign-on into the clouds

Just the one, dear

Rhapsody bristles at Apple subscription grab

I'm just a poor boy from a poor family ...

Microsoft loses global ad head to Facebook

Social network upstart poaches Carolyn Everson

NASA's Stardust braves cometary flak

Survives photographic close encounter with Tempel 1

Gov will pay £2.25m compo to ID card suppliers

Money down drain says Blunkett ... who should know

Acer taps out yet more tablets

MWC 2011Ten-inchers and seven-inchers

Dinky Florida machine 'could whup world No 1 computer's ass'

Chinese brute vs 'reconfigurable' two-fridge tiddler

Dissenting Nokia shareholders stop throwing toys from pram

Elopocalypse: Day Five

IT grad claims £5m for crap degree

University sued for a 2.2, pays out 0.0

Just Mobile AluPen metal iPad stylus

Txt TakeTap, type and swipe

Freedoms Bill good for CCTV, not for privacy

Code of practice in surveillance leaves little to protect privacy

Startup offers penalty-free file data reduction

Magic from Swiss gnomes

UK Border Agency: Good at making cash, crap at making decisions

Poor score for points-based immigration

Steelseries World of Warcraft mouse and keyboard

ReviewSteampunk peripherals – how very 19th century

Census threatens spies' cover

Judges, top cops also fear data debagging

Watchdog turns a blind eye to Danish fu*king

Det er en fu*king lettelse, admits satellite broadcaster

US Secret Service tabletop training toytown goes virtual

No more going 'brrmm' and moving model cars about

MS fesses on silent security fixes

Shh! We're huntin' wabbits

Knife-waving knob nabs fat stack of jazz mags

Surrey town shocked by sharp-supported shag-sheet snatch

Nvidia pledges to pass water on Core 2 Duo this summer

MWC 2011But will it come a codename cropper?

Telcos plan to capitalise on the data explosion

MWCShow me the money...

Storm brews over Chinese synchronised goldfish

Magic trick cruel, say animal rights groups

Nvidia four-core chip to power quad-res Apple iPad

CommentIf only

Sex offenders will get a review – after 15 years

It's the least government could do ... really, the least

Virgin tempts Brits with fee-free TiVo

1000 boxes up for grabs

Google undercuts Apple in publisher revenues dash

One Pass passes wind at Cupertino

Airport face-scanning robots switched off

Updated:Can't tell arse from face

Winamp advises forum password reset after mystery hack

Just a precaution, you understand

Gadget makes bombs, mines go off 'on average' 20m away

What's the value of σ here, exactly?

What sealed Nokia's fate?

It's the bureaucracy, stupid

Sun spews out massive solar flare

Likely to switch on Northern Lights

Windows 0day could allow complete hijacking

Beware of malformed Browser Elections

Apple rips mobile PC crown from HP

Fondleslabs included

RIM boss: 'Our PlayBook shames the You Know What'

MWC 2011Unruly mob boos iPhone

Cloud to 'shrink channel'

The guy on the horse is called Famine

Hostworks in NSW Food Authority win

Name-and-shame list gets new home

Botnets claim 7-fold increase in victims

Are we winning the cybercrime war yet?

Make it Intel: CSIRO needs new kit to replace supercomputer

Make it Linux, if you please

IBM tweaks blade and network gear

Fat blade for databases

Oracle floats Java EE for cloud

Reform, regrets, and compromise?

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