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25th > January > 2011 Archive

VMware double-stuffs profits in Q4

Revenues rise 37%

Tunisia plants country-wide keystroke logger on Facebook

Gmail and Yahoo! too

What's worth more in Startup Land? Popularity or cash?

Open...and ShutThe developer as currency

Ten... fitness gadgets

Product Round-upKit and apps to help you get in trim

Privacy watchdog urges stronger data protection in EU law review

Also calls for 'right to be forgotten' data-deletion right for citizens

Coalition failing on UK economy

Slow handclaps from scarpering CBI boss

Sepaton whups Data Domain on performance

Cluster-wise, not node-wise

Climategate - the Select Committee reports

Peer review or Pal review? MPs don't want to know

China plans city 'twice the size of Wales'

Cue 35,636,280 linguine of new rail lines

Virgin extends 100Mb/s broadband reach

More lucky locations named

ACS:Law turns back on file-sharer court case

We want to litigate, honest

Reg Hardware Reader Awards 2010 Winners

Reg Hardware Reader Awards 2010And the Rusty Dodo Award goes to...

Bastard child of SpyEye/ZeuS merger appears online

UpdatedMalware lovechild monst(e)r/demon

Google's cloud printing goes physical

Not just a pretty test page

Panasonic puts rugged photography on the map

GPS built in to geotag your snaps

Will cloudy Cirtas be a rainmaker?

More VC funding and new CEO

Greece tells Siemens it wants damages

Bribery probe

HP offers enterprise cloud service

Plus cloud-building infrastructure

UK motorists' electric car interest revs up

But brake still on buying while prices high, driving range low

Huawei moves to stop Nokia's Motorola grab

We've left our trade secrets in there

Tosh intros largest smallest disk

220gig and 1.8-inch...

Crematorium to heat council swimming pool

'A bit strange and eerie', shudders funeral director

Facebook tightens privacy after friendly warning from Germany

Unsolicited email gets a little tougher in Hamburg, if not world

iTunes gifting scam plunges Reg reader into the red

'Apple has turned iTunes into pseudo-PayPal, without security'

BlackBerry to Balance free time and the daily grind

Software to keep work separate from play

Kodak fails to stifle iPhone and BlackBerry imports

Patent case winds on

Couple crash into church, curse satnav

'Only went where it told me,' says stunned driver

Scotland bans smut. What smut? Won't say

Filth-lovers won't know what the law is until they break it

Microsoft files US trade complaint against TiVo

Square eye meets black eye in dark alley

Next smartphone tech? Predator style thermal cameras

Soon we'll all be picking keypad locks with our mobes

Hitachi GST leads 3TB enterprise drive pack

First out of the gate

Why can't we do better than these crappy torrent sites?

P2P sites are getting poisoned again – and nobody seems to care

US Wikileaks investigators can't link Assange to Manning

Imprisoned soldier looks set to take all the heat

Angry Birds 2 shots spied on web?

German TV shows Valentine's version too

Fujitsu hails first bio-mouse

How fantastic, no oil-based plastic

Apple patents miracle combo mouse-keyboard

Fondlebutton stroker device: rodent slayer?

Facebook flick up for 8 Oscars, King's Speech for 12

Inarticulate geeks, royals tussle for doco glory

Amazon offers cloud based bulk emailer to SMEs

It's raining spam! Hallelujah

Bagle shoots ahead of Rustock in spam-pumping triumph

Gets off more bot deliveries than rival

Aussies demand Poms cough up first 'Australia' map

Oz 'Elgin Marbles' were drawn by Brit while in Mauritius

Google is hiring 1,000 in Europe

Half techies, half sales monkeys - get your CVs in

HP blackens the skies with Cloud offerings

AnalysisCloudSystem, CloudStart also punted as, well ... clouds

Bookshop swaps Kindles for real books

Paperback righter

Apple plotting point-of-sale putsch?

iPhone, iPads in NFC rumor

Fedora servers breached after external compromise

Open sourcer account hacked

Google gives Voice to your mobile number

Number ports go live

Unix dynamic duo awarded Japan Prize

Torvalds, Gosling next?

Coder Android love (nearly) matches iPhone lust

Googasm rising

Verizon backpedals on unlimited iPhone data

Secure hook, reel in

HomeGrid makes a date for powerline testing trysts

Is my adaptor compatible with yours?

Oracle retains open source dictatorship

Hudson fork movement swells

Passenger cleared after TSA checkpoint stare-down

Man fought the law and the law man won

Jaspersoft open sources Big Data connectors

Surfs Hadoop, NoSQL, MMP

Yahoo! revenues! dip! 4! per! cent!

Microsoft marriage pains

Chocolate Factory gets new Charlie in Oz

Murdoch’s Leeder takes helm in old media-new media ship-jump

Platform Computing fluffs cloudy control freak

Strap yourself into a 'cloud cockpit'

IANA address space running on empty

'I’m not an optimist' – APNIC's Geoff Huston

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