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20th > September > 2010 Archive

Podgy Googlers get shrunken plates

Data lords put staff on subliminal diet

HP tunes blades for Oracle apps

Pits Matrix against Ellison stack

How Ellison could fight Google's Android - without lawyers

Lessons from Java's painful past

Oracle pledges MySQL community love

OpenWorldThe enterprise. Have you heard of it?

Acer Aspire 5741

ReviewPared back for price:performance

Dell Inspiron 15R


HP Pavilion dv6

ReviewEntertainment hub

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge

ReviewPricey but nicey

Sony Vaio EB2

ReviewNot enough notebook for your money?

Toshiba Satellite Pro C650

ReviewBasic offering

Buyer's Guide: 15in Notebooks

Group TestHow to select the machine that's right for you

15in Notebooks: Best Buys

Group TestThe ones to choose

Back-to-college 15in Notebooks

Group TestDesktop replacements for your digs

Apple, Google may end wage-capping case

We won't poach from you, or raise our staff's salaries

Quantum falls for RDX

Last main OEM prospect ticked off

LG's CEO hangs up

Mobile crash

'Unicorn' captured in remote Laos mountain forests

Incredibly rare species now even rarer

4chan launches DDoS against entertainment industry

Payback for torrent tracker attack

HP and Oracle avoid blows over disgraced Hurd

OpenWorldLivermore: think what's at stake, Larry

Fanboys flabbergasted by 'Apple TV runs iOS' revelation

Did none of 'em read the specs page?

Oracle spins own Linux for mega hardware

OpenWorldRed-Hat compatibility holds us back

Diligent co-founder's second gig

BlogSecretive startup

Swedish far-right party defaced on eve of general election

Birthday cake and Still Alive

T-Mobile sued for censoring weed service

Very, very unwise words, man

Swedish Pirate Party suffers embarrassing general election flop

No salty bums on Riksdag seats

Oracle promises fresh approach to storage

Analysis:Say goodbye to SANs

Boffins riot as Hadron Collider upgrade is delayed

So far no threat to destroy world if demands not met

LaCie takes on Time Capsule

Wireless hard drive 'n' router to rival Apple product

Sony readies compact music, video Walkman


Webmin's virtual twin

Sysadmin blogLinux server admin kin in win-win

Facebook fone? Feh, says Facebook

But net, blogosphere know better, apparently

Mozilla Labs pops out JavaScript language tool for coders

Two heads are better than one. Just ask Beeblebrox

ZoneAlarm slammed for scarewarey marketing

Warning! Er, buy this anti-virus

Super-tough wireless sensors 'to be dropped into volcanoes'

Anakin Skywalker? Big girls' blouse

Florida cops left stoned stunned by pot-filled SUV

Looking for suspect and a really big pizza

IBM ponies up $1.7bn for data warehouse maker

Your move, NEC or Dell

Taxman rejects 'lie detector' tech

'Nonsense' ahead of Clegg speech closes

DRM-less download site downed

Steve Jobs chops student hack down to size

'Leave us alone' - sent from my iPhone

Ofcom lifts shutters on Strategy Boutique

New Boots and Pantones!

Europe pushes TV spectrum sell-off

Mandatory sale to boost broadband

Morgan Chase blames Oracle for online bank crash

EMC innocent

Defence Minister 'to big up electropulse threat' - report

Mmm, pork... sweet, sweet pork

Phone hacking probe cops 'got law wrong' - were too lenient

Jails should be bursting with NotW hacker-hacks

Cabinet Office agrees GCSx local council access terms

I should CoCo

Violin plays 40TB MLC fiddle

Another string to its bow

Xiotech adopts Permabit de-dupe

Second Permabit OEM after BlueArc

Intel trials downloadable CPU upgrades

Want HyperThreading enabled? There's an app for that...

Lily Allen sues Apple over hacked Macbook

Day in a life of a pop star

Google Apps tap mobiles for beefier log-in security

Cell phone as security token

Microsoft gives temporary fix for info leak in ASP.Net

'Padding oracle' muzzled

Ellison fluffs Amazon with Oracle cloud love

OpenWorldCertification, support, AMIs

Amazon loves LoveFilm (true)

Enough to buy out the company?

Yahoo! 'owns several patents' on Google Instant

Exclusive'Streaming search' all about cash, says ex-Google man

Interpol chief impersonated on Facebook

Scammers seek fugitive data

Blade Network adds top-of-racker

Beyond blades and 10 Gigabit Ethernet

Adobe patches critical Flash Player vuln under attack

One down, one to go

Larry Ellison's first Sparc chip and server

Over Rainbow Falls with a splash

PARC turns 40: mice, money, and the new interwebs

A place whose time has come. Again

Prosecutor won't resign over lewd texts to 'hot' crime victim

'You may be the tall young nymph, but I am a rich old lawyer'

Secret Apple deal hints at TV future

Is an Apple iVue in your future?

Microsoft punts HPC Server 2008 R2

Third time indeed a charm

Google Docs is going mobile

Editing on Android — and the iPad, too

HP drops fight to block Hurd's Oracle hire

OpenWorldWe were wrong, Larry can tell you what to do

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