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21st > May > 2001 Archive

Am I electable or

You decide whether Yoda should enter the Commons

Bruiser Prescott v. The Egg

More election-based online fun

RM rides on soaring school IT budgets

Unusually low PC margins

Vivendi buys for $375m

Didn't it sue it just last year?

TSMC preps rapid 300mm, 0.10 micron roll-outs

How we'll dominate chip production

What Labour pledges on IT and the Internet

Not very much. It can't arf talk though

What the LibDems pledge on IT and the Net

Freedom, Justice, Honesty, No Chance

Broadband should be election issue

Says Mayor of London's e-advisor

LibDems Web site dies a death

Politicians love affair with the Net continues

LibDems cybersquat on Plaid Cymru

UpdatedAnd give the Welsh nationalist party a good ticking off

Rambus, Micron SDRAM patent trial delayed

Rambus vs MicronAwaiting Infineon trial ruling

Miniature Bull for sale

Integris = Not Pig

Archdeacon suspended in child porn probe

Pics found in PC repair

Infineon damages slashed

Rambus vs InfineonVirginia state law cist $3.5m to $350k

IBM skips through HDD Land with pixie dust

Density Intensity

Compaq unveils Evo line

Armada and Deskpro replacement

Intel unwraps very-low-voltage mobile CPUs

And don't forget: price cuts next weekend

Aladdin eSafe Gateway ‘unsafe’

Silly and trivial error

Web site seeks election

Be Aware - and be be very afraid

Labour in anti-Tory flame war

Virtual punches fly

AOL wins rights to Aimster domain name

Appalling decision

Intel launches 1.7GHz Xeon

Actually happening this time

Psion shutsTrivanti wireless biz

Million quid down toilet

WinXP protection: it's the .NET, stupid

And the latest leak is calling itself 'RC1'...

Punters scare the BeJaysus out of ASUS

Clean Cheat Sheet

Sage snaffles Platinum for Windows

Beefing up US

Kewill buys Alliance

Big ERP vendor for little companies

Young voters recognise Lara Croft more than Robin Cook

Another guff election survey

Met to start SMS bombardment on mobile phone thieves

Amsterdam inspiration

Dell intros Xeon box

Borrows a few ideas from Apple in the process

LibDems pull illegal Plaid Cymru Web site

Bit naughty really

HP recyles PCs – for a price

Will take any vendor's kit

Microsoft posts warning over Easy CD Creator

Only a matter of time

Microsoft touts for Car Vars

Pass the test

Alan Sugar gives Labour £200k

Puts money where mouth is

Vietnam crowned as top software pirate nation

Wonder why

Register trademarks ‘ster’

Napster, AOLster, we're comin'at ya

Win2K SP2 and broken Exchange2K servers

Error, error, error.....

Labour pledges on Net pedo problem

We promise stupid, unworkable legislation

Innovation in gaming – where did it go?

Stick to the game play

How many CPU coolers does a man need?


Attrition abandons defacement mirrors

Onward and upward

Nintendo strikes Gamecube price at $199.95

What's the rush?

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