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HMRC scoops up Microsoft veep for CIO role

Jacky Wright to lead tech for UK tax collector

So you're already in the cloud but need to come back down to Earth

It's a bit more complicated than going hybrid from private

A big ask for any nerd, but going outside (your usual data sets) can be good for you

Might not seem relevant, but the smart cruncher knows better

So much data, so little time: How to not flip your wig processing it

What if I told you it's possible to store both raw and summaries

Rolling in personally identifiable data? It's a bit of a minefield if you don't keep your feet

But if it's genuinely anonymised, heck, go crazy

They say 'quality over quantity,' but quantifying IT performance is a good shout too

Show the board some graphs, boards love graphs

So you're planning on outsourcing some enterprise security

Should you keep your in-house crew? What's your plan...

Berners-Lee and the open-data bunch: £60k for your best collab dataset register ideas

Open Data Institute to fund R&D to get orgs to play nicely

Kill something, then hire cleaners to mop up the blood if you want to build a digital business

You live on a steaming dunghill of complexity, vendors want to keep you there and your CIO's way out is early retirement

HPE PointNext globo boss grilled by El Reg

Interview Yes, there was a lot of cheese

Reg Radicals lecture encompasses far right, libertarians, and mushrooms...

Reg Lectures Let’s leave the polyamorists out of this for now

So despite all the cash ploughed into big data, no one knows how to make it profitable

Waiting for the next industrial revolution. Still waiting...

HPE: You're rubbish at hybrid cloud – so we'll cook a NüStack to fix it

HPE Discover 2017 Spinning up VMs is so 2010. What you need now are services

HPE claims new gen-10 ProLiants have more mem persistence, more secure server firmware

Will they live up to the promise, though?

Who's going to dig you out of a security hole when the time comes?

Finding a partner – what to check for

BA IT systems failure: Uninterruptible Power Supply was interrupted

Analysis Potentially by a panicking contractor, if reports are to be believed

Performance anxiety: A different take on 'hybrid infrastructure'

Who're you calling remote?

Ransomware realities: In your normal life, strangers don't extort you. But here you are

No crying at the back

BA's 'global IT system failure' was due to 'power surge'

Updated All flights from Gatwick and Heathrow were cancelled on 27 May

LinkedIn finds friends to join its 'Open19' data centre standards effort

Stacks up against Open Compute with one design for data centres of all sizes plan

'The internet is slow'... How to keep users happy, get more work done

Get the basics right

Uncle Sam drags feet on govt data center cull

Not enough agencies tightening their belts, say auditors

Horse named 'Cloud Computing' finds burst of speed to beat 'Classic Empire' in actual race

We can't make this stuff up: Triple Crown race 'Preakness Stakes' goes to cloudy outsider

Clouds' crazy kinks can spin your wheels and lead you to mistakes

You're not helping by allowing server sprawl and ignoring backup, though

Partners? With them? No way, says HPE of Nutanix

Nutanix sure is good at getting under rivals' skin

How do ransomware scum decide what to charge you? The Big Mac index

Yep, Fatboy slim-e are reading The Economist

Intel gives Xeon a makeover to bring us colour-coded clouds

Any Chipzilla kit for data centres are now members of the 'Xeon Scalable Family'

Are you ready to transform?

Sponsored Come and have a go, if you think you’re hard enough

Have we got a new, hip compound IT phrase for you! Enter... UserDev

Yes, the pesky creatures that break your code are often worth listening to

You just sent an on-prem app to the cloud and your data centre has empty racks. What now?

It's too warm to store booze. Renting it out is risky. Slowing things down can do the job

How to breathe new life into your legacy kit now you've gone hybrid

Hold fire on the euthanasia

So, you're 'ISO 27001 accredited', huh? Just saying so doesn't cut it

All the hoops and how to jump through them on your way to information security

Microsoft raises pistol, pulls the trigger on Windows 7, 8 updates for new Intel, AMD chips

Don't want to use Windows 10? Then you don't want any fixes

Gartner halves tech splash forecasts, blames the US dollar

Listen El Reg, our WW Spending Forecast is based on 'proven methodologies... not guesswork. OK?'

Who really gives a toss if it's agile or not?

Comment Just show me the money!

The 'data driven enterprise' is actually just the enterprise

Making the qualitative quantitative

Converged systems market is so hot it just went backwards

FY 2016 was okay, but Q4 was ugly, which may explain the SimpliVity fire sale and Nutanix's revenue warning

Defence in Depth: A 'layered' strategy can repel cold attackers

Yes, a vest, cardigan and an overcoat

Surprise! Thanks to the cloud, you've got a hybrid infrastructure

Don't be bitten by the differences

Police Scotland and Accenture were at odds over ill-fated IT project i6

Audit uncovers rows over what was required, deliverable

HPE gobbles Nimble Storage for $1.2bn

Flash array maker to give infrastructure biz a shot in the arm

Big data should be 'part of UK's core national infrastructure' – Civil Service chief exec

There's an app that maps public toilets – how could it not be core infrastructure?

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