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Microsoft's Windows supremo Terry Myerson is now Terry BYE-rson

Top Redmond exec defenestrates self amid biz reshuffle

BlackBerry calls out between two worlds: Microsoft, Dynamics sandboxes walk with me

When container realms collide

Happy as Larry: Why Oracle won the Google Java Android case

Comment Get a licence or build something new. It's really that simple

Microsoft Store adds ‘private audience’ apps to its Store

A velvet rope for digital tat, to help with betas, promos and maybe Windows 10 S

Six months on, and let's check in on those 'stuttering' Windows 10 PCs. Yep, still stuttering

Gamers say performance woes haven't been addressed as Spring Creators Update looms

Java-aaaargh! Google faces $9bn copyright bill after Oracle scores 'fair use' court appeal win

You thought this was over? You thought wrong, laughs Larry

Microsoft loves Linux so much it wants someone else to build distros for its Windows Store

WSL blueprint open-sourced to tempt distro makers

Mac fans' eyes mist over: Someone's re-created HyperCard

Video ViperCard takes a bite out of old-style programming

Software gremlin robs Formula 1 world champ of season's first win

Talk about being in the pits: Hamilton, Mercedes gutted after weekend timing glitch

Linus Torvalds says new Linux lands next week and he’s sticking to that … for now

Bloated rc7 may or not be a sign of delays

More ad-versarial tech: Mozilla to pop limited ad blocker into Firefox

Deteriorating web prompts browser maker to take a stand

UK Court of Appeal settles reseller's question: Is software a good?

The answer may dismay and confuse you

Zucker for history: What I learnt about Facebook 600 years ago

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Zuckerberg, Gutenberg, let's call the whole thing off

Five things you need to know about Microsoft's looming Windows 10 Spring Creators Update

Poll Yeah, it's an El Reg listicle. What of it?

SAP: Psst. Use our predictive analytics in your apps – you won't even know we're there

No-name brand software to help push Leonardo toolkit

Programming languages can be hard to grasp for non-English speakers. Step forward, Bato: A Ruby port for Filipinos

Project hopes to bring dev skills to developing nation

Mozilla's opt-out Firefox DNS privacy test sparks, er, privacy outcry

Nightly build fans' hostname lookups piped to Cloudflare in limited security feature trial

Screw luxury fridges, you can now run webOS on your Raspberry Pi

Telly software goes open source (again)

Private Internet Access VPN opens code-y sarong, starting with Chrome extension

All client-side app code to be released over next six months

Windows 10 to force you to use Edge, even if it isn't default browser

Grab some popcorn: Redmond has asked for feedback

Mulled EU copyright shakeup will turn us into robo-censors – GitHub

Code-sharing websites may be forced to install automatic infringement filters

Uber hopes to butter up Brit transport chiefs with lots of lovely data

App biz flings travel info at capital's transport regulator ahead of licensing decision

Developers dread Visual Basic 6, IBM Db2, SharePoint - survey

Poll says devs wouldn’t write unethical code - probably

Patch LOSE-day: Microsoft secures servers of the world. By disconnecting them

Users complain of static IP issues, world of admin pain

18.04 beta is as good a time as any to see which Ubuntu flavour tickles your Budgie, MATE

But we're still in bug country, so run in a VM

Salesforce courts the great un-CRMed with 'Essentials'

And buries past flops as it pitches SaaS to slay Outlook and Excel for US$25 a month

Dolby sues Adobe for dodging license fees

Updated Copyright case puts royalty model under the microscope

Ex-staffers slam Microsoft's 'lackluster' response to stacks of internal complaints

Court docs reveal women filed over 230 internal complaints of discrimination, harassment

IBM thinks Notes and Domino can rise again

But first, the big catchup: adding proper mail, scalability, mobility and JavaScript for devs

Mozilla sends more snooping Web APIs to smartphone Siberia

Light and proximity sensors blocked for Firefox 62

Get tooled up before grappling with Google's Spanner database

There's a learning curve, but you too can be Mr Worldwide

Microsoft throttles on-prem tech donation scheme for nonprofits

First it giveth then it taketh away

The Java release train is moving faster, but will developers be derailed?

Qcon What's new and what to expect

Slack cuts ties to IRC and XMPP, cos they don't speak Emoji

Gateways to close on May 15th, leaving you almost ten whole weeks to rebuild integrations

Microsoft says 'majority' of Windows 10 use will be 'streamlined S mode'

Which is just-about an admission Win 10 is a mess

Android P will hear no evil, see no evil, support evil notches

Poll MAC randomisation, indoor location, TLS-by-default and more coming to next 'Droid

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