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Robot Operating System gets the Microsoft treatment

RoTM What's that coming over the hill? Is it a robot? A Windows robot?

Microsoft liberates ancient MS-DOS source from the museum and sticks it in GitHub

Remember 1981? You should...

Windows 10 passes 700 million, Office Mobile in a coma and Intune, er, cracks time travel

Roundup Great Scott! It's the week at Microsoft

One Project to rule them all: Microsoft plots end to Project Online while nervous Server looks on

Accidental project managers in the crosshairs with the latest cloudy collaboration release

Microsoft gets ready to kill Skype Classic once again: 'This time we mean it'

Remember remember the first of November

Why are sat-nav walking directions always so hopeless?

Something for the Weekend, Sir? I'm a nonentity, get me out of here

Sync your teeth into power browser Vivaldi's largest update so far

Interview Encrypted sync and faster – up next is Mail and a phone version, CEO promises

Mega-bites of code: Python snakes into 1st place for cyber-attacks

Hackers share general public's love of popular programming language

Microsoft hopes it has a sequel better than Godfather Part II: SQL Server 2019 previewed

Ignite Hadoop? Spark? Teradata? Oh my!

Supremes agree to hear Rimini Street's bid to claw back costs in Oracle copyright battle

Top US court will resolve circuit courts' split over non-taxable costs

Android Phones are 10: For once, Google won fair and square

Comment And they'll keep winning while everyone still wants Gmail and YouTube

Why did Visual Studio Marketplace go down in the Great Azure TITSUP? Ask Azure DevOps

Failover is not an option

WLinux brings a custom Windows Subsystem for Linux experience to the Microsoft Store

What's better than one Linux distro? Dozens of 'em, of course!

Oracle pours a mug o' Java 11 for its addicts, tips pot of Binary Code License down the sink

Our programming language is still number one, insists database goliath

Microsoft flings features at Teams to close the Slack gap

StaffHub takes one for the Teams

Office 2019 lumbers to the stage once more as Microsoft promises future releases

Office 365 seen lurking in the wings, sharpening an axe

Linux kernel's 'seat warmer' drops 4.19-rc5 with – wow – little drama

Except that Eric S Raymond doesn't like codes of conduct

Apple's dark-horse macOS Mojave is out (and it's already pwned)

Wardle claims to topple privacy protections in new OS – which comes with security fixes

Open-source alt-droid wants to know if it's still leaking data to Google

Challenge accepted? You can download /e/ now

Microsoft's globally distributed data shack Cosmos DB shoots for sky. Or at least 5 nines

Ignite Lower latency, better availability and Cassandra. What's not to like? Maybe the price

That syncing feeling when you realise you may be telling Google more than you thought

Chrome gets a bit less shiny with auto sign-in

As one Microsoft Windows product hauls itself out of the grave, others tumble in

'Twas the night before Ignite and the October 2018 Update is stirring

Still using Skype? Good news! After HOURS of meetings, Microsoft reckons it knows when you're Not Active

Plus: New passive aggressive 'Quiet Mode'

You're alone in a room with the Windows 10 out-of-the-box apps. What do you do?

Worst Crystal Maze Challenge ever

I want to buy a coffee with an app – how hard can it be?

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Mindlessly self-indulgent app developers have a laugh at our expense

Spent your week box-ticking? It can't be as bad as the folk at this firm

On-Call Biz decides it's cheaper to bring in minimum wage jockey than fix database

Ubuntu flings 14.04 LTS users a security lifeline, chats some more about Hyper-V

Extended Security Maintenance is here to save the day again (for a price)

Upgrade without tears: Download the Windows 10 crash course eBook

Promo Learn everything you need to know about company deployment

A spot of Python in your Azure automation? Step right this way, sir

Python 2 support for runbooks slithers out of preview

Microsoft tries a thinking cap on its cloud – voila, Dynamics 365 gets AI!

Also in news that will shock no one: HoloLens headgear a must, says Redmond

Early bird access to .NET Framework 4.8? Microsoft, you spoil us

Old dog still has life in it yet

App-y, app-y, joy, joy: Pain-free software installer Flatpak (kinda) works on Windows Subsystem for Linux

'This is just a bit of fun to see if it can work' says dev

First 'issue-free' build of Windows 10 October 2018 Update arrives

Plus: Machine Learning for .NET, banks call time on Windows Phone, and more

Git it girl! Academy tries to tempt women into coding with free course

School in Blighty's capital warns diversity can't be afterthought for digital economy

Linux kernel's Torvalds: 'I am truly sorry' for my 'unprofessional' rants, I need a break to get help

Project chief vows to learn to 'understand people’s emotions' after F-bomb explosions

Google Chrome 69 gives worldwide web a stay of execution in URL box

Meanwhile, Chrome 70 Beta rolls out dev and security goodies

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