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Programming bootcamp compiles $375,000 check after triggering New York AG's error handlers

Analysis Flatiron School accused of operating without license, cocking up grad claims

Microsoft faces Dutch crunch over Windows 10 private data slurp

Stop us if you've heard this one before: Euros angry over privacy policy

I love disruptive computer jargon. It's so very William Burroughs

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Let's all affirmerate our modes of acceptancy

Open source sets sights on killing WhatsApp and Slack

Exclusive See this IMAP, Zuck? It's pointing right at you

Fear the SAP-slap? Users can anonymously submit questions about licensing naughtiness

Better than having to stump up £54.5m in back payments

Outlook, Office 2007 slowly taken behind the shed, shots heard

Farewell, you're out of extended support: No more updates, security fixes from Microsoft

Visual Studio Team Services having some 'performance issues'

Microsoft suspects 'code change' behind slow calls

Kotlin's killin' Java among Android devs

By the end of 2018, says Realm, Kotlin will overtake Java for Android apps

Cortana, please finish my sentences in Skype texts for me

Redmond's AI assistant can now scan your messages and make your more eloquent

Frustrated Britons struggle to locate their packages: Royal Mail tracker smacked

Updated Some might have to wait a bit longer...

German Firefox users to test recommendation engine 'a bit like thought-reading'

POLL Data capture tool that analyses 'surfing activity' will land in ~1% of browsers

PostgreSQL says SCRAM to MD5 authentication

Version 10 improves replication, simplifies partitioning

New coding language Fetlang's syntax designed to read like 'poorly written erotica'

If you fancy whipping up a bondage loop under a BSDM licence this is the language you've been gagging for

Oracle’s automated database is a minimum viable release - analyst

OPENWORLD WRAP Larry's revolution is incremental change that DBAs need not fear

Onwards to Valhalla: Java ain't dead yet and it's only getting bigger

That is, if the sheer amount biz uses is anything to go by

Mozilla extends, and ends, Firefox support for Windows XP and Vista

Even Extended Support Releases will be naked and alone as of June 2018

Web uni says it will get you a tech job or your money back. So our man Kieren signed up...

Special report Parisian e-learning outfit launches in US

The URL of sandwich: Microsoft Office blogs redirect snafu foils users

A pox on your proxy, seethe Excel-wranglers

FreeBSD gains eMMC support so … errr … watch out, Android

Gadgets that need Flash now have another alternative OS

Ignite: Microsoft drops veil on Honolulu, releases SQL Server on Linux into the wild

What went down last week in Florida?

The axeman strikes again: Microsoft has real commitment issues

Comment Yet another product cull raises questions about Microsoft's commitment to... anything, really

Introducing EE4J – Java EE's fling with the Eclipse Foundation

Developers hoping move will reinvigorate the community

Blockchain, AI, chatbots, cloud … Oracle bingo!

OpenWorld 2017 Big Red has all this year's big buzzwords covered

Linux kernel long term support extended from two to six years

Google wants Android devices to survive four OS upgrades, even if LTS releases make Linus a bit grumpy

Java EE 8 takes final bow under Oracle's wing: Here's what's new

OpenWorld Long-delayed update adds support for modern web tech

Oracle promises ‘highly automated’ security in self-driving database

OpenWorld 2017 Larry Ellison is keen on ‘Anything we can possibly do to reduce human intervention’

3D selfies? What could possibly go wrong?

AI boffins find box marked 'Pandora', whack it with the AI-hammer

MapR to do real-time analytics on your operational data

StrataConf It's as if the data warehouse never happened. Which may not be a bad thing

SQL Server 2017: What's new, what's missing on Linux, and what's next?

Ignite Microsoft's general manager talks to Reg about cross-platform SQL Server

SPARC will fly: Your cheat sheet for cocktail banter at Oracle's upcoming shindig

OpenWorld Or a little historical insight for those not going

Mozilla whips out Rusty new Firefox Quantum (and that's a good thing)

Landmark build promises to be faster, slimmer, better at multi-threading

Scared of that new-fangled 'cloud'? Office 2019 to the rescue!

Next release promises nice offline features, Matlock before bedtime

So. Should I upgrade to macOS High Sierra?

Analysis Not today, and not soon

DataCore tech cranks wheezing SQL Servers to ridiculous speeds

Parallelising IO is like punching hyperspace button

SAP flings out one-hub-to-rule-and-crunch all the data. Yes, a hub

No, the data isn't centralised... What do you mean confusing?

The power JavaScript: 'Gandalf of JS' Wirfs-Brock on ECMAscript 2017

Looking to the AI future

Web devs griping about iPhone X notch: You're rendering it wrong

WebKit project's call for folk to slide into Apple's little slot sparks derision

Latest Linux kernel release candidate was a sticky mess

4.14 rc2 tarball trapped the unwary with missed patch

After Microsoft calls out HP Inc over stalled Windows 10 logins, HP bounces back with a fix

Shove this tool into your PC if it's getting stuck during startup

Hortonworks aims to entice enterprise with simple data management service

Hadoop-flinger promises one service to manage multiple platforms and use cases

Red Hat pledges patent protection for 99 per cent of FOSS-ware

Company has trove of 2,000 patents and won't enforce any of them if you licence right

Ah, good ol' Windows update cycles... Wait, before anything else, check your hardware

Sponsored Intel and Microsoft have been working together to ease the pain

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