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Raspberry Pi foundation merges with CoderDojo Foundation

Two coding-for-kids orgs already overlapped, now plan joint acceleration

Init freedom declared as systemd-free Devuan hits stable 1.0.0 status

POLL Devuan 'Jessie' is done and will get long term support beyond the life of Debian Jessie

Distro watch for Ubuntu lovers: What's ahead in Linux land

Elementary OS, my dear penguin?

Google, Lyft, IBM mix microservices into management mesh

Kubernetes cluster cat herding, brought to you by Istio

Google starts enterprise support for Chrome, including top SaaS apps

Lobs deployment tools at sysadmins, complete with Silverlight and ActiveX support

Redmond puts wall around Windows 10 for Chinese government edition

Middle Kingdom mandarins get their own OS

IBM's ShinyHappy™ SAP Ariba deal papers over SaaS fail

Emptoris procurement product is being taken behind the shed just five years after acquisition

Amazon Drive bans rclone storage client

Presence of encrypted keys in source code runs afoul of rules

Emissions cheating detection shines light on black box code

But boffins say better tools are needed to nab scofflaws

The eternal battle for OpenStack's soul will conclude in three years. Again

Comment Beyond cars, toasters and American Gods

Hi! I’m Foxy! It looks like you want to run Flash. Do you need help?

Firefox 55 to get all up in your face if a web page needs Adobe's hell-spawn

Dell kills botched BIOS update that murdered punters' PCs

'Call our tech support... have you tried turning it on and off again?'

Bye bye MP3: You sucked the life out of music. But vinyl is just as warped

Something for the Weekend, Sir? You scratch mine, I'll scratch yours

Kill Google AMP before it KILLS the web

Open source insider Trust, independence, credibility – we've heard of those

Mi casa es su casa: Ubuntu bug makes 'guests' anything but

Overly accommodating Linux distro can't enforce access policy

What is dead may never die: a new version of OS/2 just arrived

Game of Clones: ArcaOS 5.0 promises to pick up where OS/2 4.51 and eComStation left off

Windows 10: Triumphs and tragedies from Microsoft Build

Redmond's OS needs to be cool for consumers, but its best chances are with business

The real battle of Android's future – who controls the updates

Analysis Google shows its hand

Sorry Google, it's boring old workloads that are pumping up AWS and Azure, not sexy AI

Comment Spend big or go home

You think your day was bad? OS X malware hackers just swiped a Mac dev's app source

Appropriately named Panic has its repository raided after founder gets infected

Sick of Java and C++? Google pours a cup o' Kotlin for Android devs

Compatible with 'droid libraries, statically typed language is leaner and safer

SAP puts its heads in multiple clouds

Google, Azure and AWS all on board, the latter in a VMware-like managed service

Behold, auto-completing Android bug reports – because you're not very thorough

People can't be bothered to recount crashes, so machines are here to help

Linus Torvalds stops personally signing Linux kernel RC tarballs

But Linux 4.12 rc1 made it out before Mother's Day anyway, thanks to new plan

For now, GNU GPL is an enforceable contract, says US federal judge

The software hippies' minds are going to be blown over this one

'Judge Java' to sueball-slinging smut studio: Test your pirate-hunting tools or walk the plank

Alsup wants torrent-chasing biz to work that IP detector hard

Oracle crushed in defeat as Java world votes 'No' to modular overhaul

Dire warnings ignored, plea for unity heard

TensorFlow: I want to like you, but you're tricksy

Hands-on Wrestling with Google's machine learning framework

A bleary-eyed Microsoft wakes up after its cloud, IoT party, clears throat: 'Oh yeah, so Windows...'

Build A roundup of things you might actually use

Microsoft touts next Windows 10 Creators Update: It's set for a Fall

Build Cross-device clipboard, OneDrive placeholder files, mixed reality headsets...

Microsoft backtracks: 'We are going to support .NET Framework with ASP.NET Core 2.0'

Build 'You do not abandon your users' .NET Foundation chief tells El Reg

Mozilla to Thunderbird: You can stay here and we may give you cash, but as a couple, it's over

Beleaguered email client team gets its 'Dear John' letter

OpenWRT and LEDE agree on Linux-for-routers peace plan

There can be only one and it looks like the vote is bad news for the LEDE brand

Microsoft's .NET-mare for developers: ASP.NET Core 2.0 won't work on Windows-only .NET

Build Programmers left with not-quite-as-good .NET Core

HPE dumps Grandpa Software in Micro Focus care home, hightails it

Shares slip 5.2 per cent

Take a sneak peek at Google's Android replacement, Fuchsia

Early days yet but check out that silky-smooth UI

London app dev wants to 'reinvent the bus'

Why? Because, errr, data. And, ummm, apps

European Investment Bank tosses €25m to MariaDB

Finland, Finland, Finland, the place to build open DBs!

Oracle fires Java warning at IBM and Red Hat

Consensus not in the DNA, giant claims

Debianistas get Jessie mass package update

Not a new version, but a bunch of bug-fixes

Linux homes for Ubuntu Unity orphans: Minty Cinnamon, GNOME or Ubuntu, mate?

Fear not – there's life beyond the community lifeline

systemd-free Devuan Linux hits RC2

GNOME, KDE, and Cinnamon are now off the menu

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