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Oracle whips out the swatter, squishes 254 security bugs in its gear

Java fixes lobbed out, Spectre Solaris patches issued

Yahoo! webmail! hacker! faces! nearly! eight! years! in! the! cooler!

Prosecutors ask judge to give Baratov 94 months for stealing accounts on behalf of FSB

Eight months after Equifax megahack, some Brits are only just being notified

I'm fsck-ed off it took this long, rages affected Reg reader

Millions of scraped public social net profiles left in open AWS S3 box

Poorly configured cloud buckets strike again – this time, Localbox fingered

Cutting custody snaps too costly for cash-strapped cops –

Home Office admits national and local databases don't talk to each other, so everything is manual

PCI Council releases vastly expanded cards-in-clouds guidance

First word on how card security for containers, VDI, SDN and web apps

Facebook's login-to-other-sites service lets scum slurp your stuff

Updated How trackers can snatch private info from people's profiles

Flash! Ah-ahhh! WebEx pwned for all of us!

Cisco issues critical patch to stop in-meeting attacks

How's your Wednesday? Things going well? OK, your iPhone, iPad can be pwned via Wi-Fi sync

RSA 2018 Don't panic… until you finish reading

Surprise! Wireless brain implants are not secure, and can be hijacked to kill you or steal thoughts

Science-fiction horror trope now a reality in 2018

ID theft in UK hits record high as crooks shift to more vulnerable targets

Less checked online services bear brunt

NHS given a lashing for lack of action plan one year since WannaCry

Cyber resiliency of the UK's health service still in disarray

Cisco, Microsoft and 32 big vendor pals join ‘Accord’ to improve security by doing … security stuff

Analysis No roadmap. No timeframe. No success metrics. Not much grip on reality, either

Hop to it, bunnies: TaskRabbit breach means new passwords

Repeat after The Vultures: don't re-use passwords

You're a govt official. You accidentally slap personal info on the web. Quick, blame a kid!

Comment Hacking charge for twiddling URL – O Canada!?

Hey, govt hacker bod. Made some really nasty malware? Don't be upset if it returns to bite you

RSA 2018 Cough, cough, EternalBlue, cough, cough Wannacry, splutter, Stuxnet

Signal app guru Moxie: Facebook is like Exxon. Everyone needs it, everyone despises it

RSA 2018 Crypto expert panel tackles the big stories of the year

We 'could' send troubled Watchkeeper drones to war, insists UK minister

Comment And I 'could' sing a duet with Taylor Swift

Facebook admits it does track non-users, for their own good

Oh that snitch-code? It's just a little thing to make the web more convenient ... for Facebook and its advertisers

Intel's security light bulb moment: Chips to recruit GPUs to scan memory for software nasties

Updated Coprocessors drafted for threat detection duties

Microsoft has designed an Arm Linux IoT cloud chip. Repeat, an Arm Linux IoT cloud chip

And it talks to Azure. Cortana probably spotted lurking nearby

US, UK cyber cops warn Russians are rooting around in your routers

After all, it's where all your data is flowing through

Google to add extra Gmail security … by building a walled garden

Comment Wants to make money and ignore end-to-end encryption

Security? We've heard of it, say web-app devs. 31 in 33 codebases have at least one big bad vuln

HTTP 404: Secure programming not found

UK spy agency warns Brit telcos to flee from ZTE gear

GCHQ's cyber guys don't say why...

Cisco backs test to help classical crypto outlive quantum computers

Borg helps Isara's post-quantum PKI cert test in the hope it future-proofs TLS

Security bods liberate EITest malware slaves

Miscreants' command and control network traffic sent down sinkhole

Android apps prove a goldmine for dodgy password practices

Bsides SF And password crackers are getting a lot smarter

Australian Feds cuff woman who used BTC to buy drugs on dark web

'We can see you everywhere and so can our friends in the UK', says Border Force

So you’ve got a zero-day – do you sell to black, grey or white markets?

Bsides SF Bug bounty sales are getting very complicated, financially and morally

Router ravaging, crippling code, and why not to p*ss off IT staff

Roundup The wacky week in security

Exposed: Lazy Android mobe makers couldn't care less about security

Never. Is never a good time to get vulnerability fixes? Never is OK with you? Cool, never it is

UK health service boss in the guts of WannaCry outbreak warns of more nasty code infections

Assume we're going to get hacked next time and plan for it

Tried checking under the sofa? Indian BTC exchange Coinsecure finds itself $3.5m lighter

Outfit loses 438 bitcoin in security snafu

From Bangkok to Phuket, they cry out: Oh, Bucket! Thai mobile operator spills 46k people's data

S3 spillage spoils included driving licences and passports

Cloudflare promises to tend not two, but 65,535 ports in a storm

But no Daily Stormer please

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