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While Zuck squirmed, Reddit revealed it found and killed 944 Russian troll factory accounts

Posts hit hyper-partisan r/the_donald, CEO says most crimped before 2016 election

No password? No worries! Two new standards aim to make logins an API experience

WebAuthn and CTAP published this week

SAP's Business Client can own entire apps, DDOS them into dust

And that's the worst of ten patches awaiting lucky, lucky SAP admins

Want to terrify a city with an emergency broadcast? All you need is a laptop and $30

Bug allows hijack of city, army and nuclear warning systems

It's April 2018 – and Patch Tuesday shows Windows security is still foiled by fiendish fonts

Adobe's Flash also up the spout

Death in paradise: 'Cyber attack' takes out national government's IT

Half of a tiny Caribbean island, population 42,000, but still

Company insiders behind 1 in 4 data breaches – study

Ransomware, external hackers dominate 2018 probe, natch

Gmail is secure. Netflix is secure. Together they're a phishing threat

Google doesn't recognise dots in email addresses, which creates an opportunity for evil

Sorry spooks: Princeton boffins reckon they can hide DNS queries

'Oblivious DNS' decouples users from the sites they visit

You. FCC. Get out there and do something about these mystery bogus cell towers, huff bigwigs

It's the Ruskies! Or maybe the FBI! Stingray secrecy rebounds

Patch or ditch Adobe Flash: Exploit on sale, booby-trapped Office docs spotted in the wild

ThreadKit leverages flaw fixed in February

Cinema voucher-pusher tells customers: Cancel your credit cards, we've been 'attacked'

Updated Website taken down 'for the foreseeable future'

There's security – then there's barbed wire-laced pains in the arse

How do you strike a balance with compliance and UX?

Cisco mess from 2017 becomes tool for state-sponsored infrastructure attacks and defacements

Sigh. 160,000 un-patched boxen await p0wnage

Linux Beep bug joke backfires as branded fix falls short

PCs don't have beepers any more, but code to make' em sound off lets you see files

T-Mobile Austria stores passwords as plain text, Outlook gets message crypto, and more

Roundup Warning: Contains extreme stupidity

Botched upgrade at Belgian bank Argenta sparks phishing frenzy

Fraudsters seize advantage as transfers, balances grind to halt

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a terrible leak of drone buyers' data

Exclusive Tens of thousands of online shoppers' payment details left totally unencrypted

NUC, NUC! Who's there? Intel, warning you to kill a buggy keyboard app

No joke: another security SNAFU for Chipzilla, this time for a popular remote admin app

Buggy Verge crypto-cash gets hacked, devs go fork themselves, hard

Alt-currency's value tumbles amid malicious mining mishaps

Bot-ched security: Chat system hacked to slurp hundreds of thousands of Delta Air Lines, Sears customers' bank cards

Hi! How may we pwn you today?

1.5 BEEELLION sensitive files found exposed online dwarf Panama Papers leak

Borked FTP, SMB, rsync, and S3 buckets fingered

Don't want to alarm you, but defence bods think North Korea could nuke UK 'within a few years'

Report on threat posed by rogue state demands more cash for government hackers

Gosh, these 'hacker' nerds are only getting more sophisticated

Trustwave report flags up the security flashpoints of 2017

US spanks EU businesses in race to detect p0wned servers

175 days from breach to action could prove very expensive when GDPR kicks in

Brain monitor had remote code execution and DoS flaw

I told you I was sick

They forked this one up: Microsoft modifies open-source code, blows hole in Windows Defender

Rar! That's a scary bug

Intel admits a load of its CPUs have Spectre v2 flaw that can't be fixed

And won’t fix Meltdown nor Spectre for 10 product families covering 230-plus CPUs

Hold the phone: Mystery fake cell towers spotted slurping comms around Washington DC

US Homeland Security says it detected 'anomalous' spy kit

Furious gunwoman opens fire at YouTube HQ, three people shot

Final update Shooter, enraged by vid biz, kills self as hundreds of staff flee campus

Do(ug)h! Half-baked security at Panera Bread spills customer data

After eight months of loafing, baguette biz finally rises to security obligations

Mad March Meltdown! Microsoft's patch for a patch for a patch may need another patch

Updated If at first, er, second, ah, third, no, fourth, you fail, sadly, you're probably Redmond

Badmins: Magento shops brute-forced to scrape card deets and install cryptominers

Change your passw... ugh, what's the point?

One solution to wreck privacy-hating websites: Flood them with bogus info using browser tools

Call for software to throw badly behaved biz in fake data tar pits

Block blocked: Google to banish cryptominers from Chrome Web Store

9 in 10 plugin submissions broke rules, ads giant groans

Hacks Fifth Avenue: Crooks slurp bank cards from luxury chain Saks

Updated Bougie buyers bitten by baddies' bank-blasting bug

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