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Want a $200k TIP? ZDI sticks bounties on bugs in big-name server code

Pwn web publishing tools, HTTP servers on Linux and Windows and earn a nice bonus

Dust yourself off and try again: Ancient Solaris patch missed the mark

Privilege escalation bug was still sitting there 11 years later

Insecure web still too prevalent: Boffins unveil HSTS wall of shame

Red flags: Hunt and Helme pick out sites that can load without crypto

Mega medical tester pester: It smacked a big one, that malware scam, if indeed it was SamSam

Analysis Testing giant LabCorp still recovering

No big deal... Kremlin hackers 'jumped air-gapped networks' to pwn US power utilities

'Hundreds' of intrusions, switch could be pulled anytime, where have we heard this before?

Big bad Bluetooth blunder bug battered – check for security fixes

Crypto cockup lets middle-people spy on connections after snooping on device pairing

Robo-drop: Factory bot biz 'leaks' automakers' secrets onto the web

Assembly line 'droid builder latest to be accused of leaving rsync wide open on the internet

If at first you, er, make things worse, you're probably Microsoft: Bug patch needed patching

VBScript hole 'fixed' in May actually left open for months

Spectre rises from the dead to bite Intel in the return stack buffer

Updated Panic not: Invincible ghost in the machine dispelled by latest mitigations, we're told

IT biz embezzlement brouhaha leaves bloke with $456k migraine

Backer charged in connection with alleged $4.1m corporate fraud scandal

Who watches Sony's watcher? Boffins poke holes in surveillance kit

Command injection and stack buffer overflow flaws bedevil cam range

Google Chrome: HTTPS or bust. Insecure HTTP D-Day is tomorrow, folks

On Tues, you lose... if you're not encrypted with a TLS cert (which are free, by the way)

LabCorp ransomed, 18k routers rooted, a new EXIF menace, and more

Roundup Plus a new worry for enterprises over DNS flaws

Microsoft: The Kremlin's hackers are already sniffing, probing around America's 2018 elections

Russia's Fancy Bear crew caught gearing up for mid-terms

Friday FYI: 9 out of 10 of website login attempts? Yeah, that'll be hackers

Credential stuffing is rampant – so try not to reuse the same password on every site, eh?

Crypto gripes, election security, and mandatory cybersec school: Uncle Sam's cyber task force emits todo list for govt

In detail: The threats facing America's computer networks

Doctor, doctor, I feel like my IoT-enabled vacuum cleaner is spying on me

Snooping on the built-in cam? Remotely controlling it? Well, that sucks *ba-dum tsh*

Cybercrooks slurp nearly $1m from Russian bank after pwning router at regional branch

MoneyTaker lives up to its name

UK's Huawei handler dials back support for Chinese giant's kit in critical infrastructure

'Limited assurance' that there is no risk to national security

Either my name, my password or my soul is invalid – but which?

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Devising complex new passwords is character-building

Declassified files reveal how pre-WW2 Brits smashed Russian crypto

Moscow's agents used one-time pads, er, two times – ой!

Brit tech forges alliance to improve cyber security as MPs moan over 'acute scarcity' of experts

We're even short 'moderately specialist' types ...

Adobe on internal systems security hole: Panic not. It isn't critical

Researcher: Well, I think you'll find....

Airbus UK infosec gros fromage: Yep, we work with arch-rivals Boeing

Says firm's airliners designed with security foremost in mind

Bloke accused of netting $5m on inside info about Lattice Semiconductor

Chinese broker faces prison, if he's ever found in Uncle Sam's jurisdiction and convicted

Who's leaving Amazon S3 buckets open online now? Cybercrooks, US election autodialers

Hundreds of thousands of voter records and contact info spilled

Will this biz be poutine up the cash? Hackers demand dosh to not leak stolen patient records

Tens of thousands of Canadian medical files, healthcare worker details snatched

So long and thanks for all the fixes: ERPScan left out of credits on Oracle bug-bash list

App security firm sanctioned in US over ties with Russia

Brit watchdog fines child sex abuse inquiry £200k over mass email blunder

Breach identified potential victims taking part in probe

Call records breach let users feel like Movistars (with everyone watching who they're talking to)

Enumeration bug potentially allowed users to peek at each others' details

PayPal's pal Venmo spaffs your pals' payments – and yours

200 million transactions visible to all, inc. the inside dope on a cannabis seller's annual sales

Microsoft to pay new bounties for identity services holes

If ye can board Microsoft accounts, Azure AD or even OpenID without the skipper knowing, loot be your reward

Blood test biz LabCorp pulls plug on systems over hacker fears

US medical testing giant says no evidence of data theft after alarms triggered

Scumbag confesses in court: LuminosityLink creepware was my baby

Man admits to selling remote access malware used by morons for spying

US voting systems (in Oregon) potentially could be hacked (11 years ago) by anybody (in tech support)

Updated ES&S admits a handful of systems were shipped with PCAnywhere tool

Look, what's that over there? Sophos nips Windows DNS DLL false positive in the bud

Temporary file during update shuffled off to quarantine

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