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Industrial plant robots frequently connected to the 'net without authentication

Putting the ID in IoT

Greater Manchester cops fined after victim interview vids lost in post

Were they unencrypted? You bet they were

You only need 60 bytes to hose Linux's rpcbind

Sigh ... people just leave it on without blocking the port world+dog knows it uses. So patch it or close it, people

Don't panic, Florida Man, but a judge just said you have to give phone passcodes to the cops

No 5th Amendment protections against unlock demands

Don't click that Google Docs link! Gmail hijack mail spreads like wildfire

Final update Rogue app grabs contacts, peeks at inbox, spams everyone

After years of warnings, mobile network hackers exploit SS7 flaws to drain bank accounts

O2 confirms online thefts using stolen 2FA SMS codes

ATM security devs rush out patch after boffins deliver knockout blow

Updated Researchers had full control and were able to make unauthorised withdrawals

IP Freely? Mr IP Freely? VoIP-for-suits firm battens down hatches after PBX data breach

Credentials reset and reissued to head off toll fraud concerns

Biggest security threat to US healthcare? Loose lips and lost hardware

Breaches down from last year, though

Mozilla takes a turn slapping Symantec's certification SNAFU

Take Google's advice and get out of CA infrastructure'

Apple blocks comms-snooping malware

Leaked developer certificate revoked, protection updated

135 MEELLION Indian government payment card details leaked

Legislation coming to beef up Aadhaar card privacy, security

Qubes kicks Xen while it's down after finding 'fatal, reliably exploitable' bug

You left the stable door open? AGAIN? C'mon guys, keep those guests locked up

It's Russian hackers, FBI and Wikileaks wot won it – Hillary Clinton on her devastating election loss

Oddly, fails to mention massive voter distrust, strategic failings

Cybercrook spared jail after copping to FIFA video game mega-hack

23-year-old walks away with probation and $1.5m fine

3D printing and drones are the tech del día at Spanish startup fiesta

Startup Olé 2017 Greetings from sunny Salamanca

Welsh Linux Mint terror nerd jailed for 8 years

How about that stripey suntan then, boyo?

Eurocrats prep white-box crypto capture-the-flag

ECRYPT WhibOx Challenge opens May 15

Pen-tester gets past Microsoft VB macro barriers

Outlook Forms aren't macros, after all - but is it a bug or a feature?

Red alert! Intel patches remote execution hole that's been hidden in chips since 2010

Updated Vuln reported in March, now fix is coming...

40,000 Tinder pics scraped into big data service

Trove then disappears, as folks point out the privacy problem

CIA tracked leakers with hilariously bad Web beacon trick

WikiLeaks finds the spooks' work experience kids' Scribbles

NSA pulls plug on some email spying before Congress slaps it down

Updated Curious time to stop listening to Americans talking about foreigners, eh, Donald?

Linux Mint-using terror nerd awaits sentence for training Islamic State

Paranoid fella hid operating system, weapons manuals in USB drive cufflinks, no less

Sneaky 'fileless' malware flung at Israeli targets via booby-trapped Word docs

Spies, bank raiders gravitate to growing stealth technique

Last year's ICO fines would be 79 times higher under GDPR

TalkTalk's £400,000 penalty was big – how about £59 MILLION?

Kali Linux can now use cloud GPUs for password-cracking

Kali's a favourite for white hats, but that doesn't stop black hats guys from using it too

Republicans want IT bloke to take fall for Clinton email brouhaha

Not quite 'lock her up,' but they'll take what they can get – like formal criminal charges

Facebook decides fake news isn't crazy after all. It's now a real problem

Analysis Once dismissed by Zuck, misinformation now merits revised security strategy

Mysterious Hajime botnet has pwned 300,000 IoT devices

The Dark Knight of malware's purpose remains unknown

Super-secure Pi-stuffed nomx email server box given a good probing

Updated Researcher claims it's riddled with flaws. Vendor denies it

Seven in ten UK unis admit being duped by phishing attacks

Not so smart now, eh?

FTC urged to probe easily penetrated telly-enabled teledildonic toy

Woes whack Wi-Fi webcam willy with weak websec walls

Ransomware up. Breaches up. What do hackers want? Research, prototypes... all your secrets

Verizon super depressing report's in

Peace in our time! Symantec says it can end Google cert spat

It's basically a promise to do better and not mess things up

TalkTalk HackHack DuoDuo PleadPlead GuiltyGuiltyGuiltyGuilty

Met cops gloat after pair admits to pilfering subscriber records

Unplug the Bitcoin miner and do us all a favour: Antminer has remote shutdown flaw

‘Antbleed’ attack could crock 70 per cent of all mining. Time to try another flavour?

Homebrew crypto SNAFU on electrical grid sees GE rush patches

Updated Boffins turned up hard-coded password in ancient controllers

Australia' Smart meter leaders lag in securing devices

Centre for Internet Safety calls for consumer safeguards

Chipotle may have banished E coli, but now it has a new infection

Another reason to feel queasy when leaving – bank-card-stealing malware

Linux kernel security gurus Grsecurity oust freeloaders from castle

No more test patches without a subscription

Beware of geeks bearing gifts: Evil game guides infect 2 million Androids

Google Play scanners asleep at the switch while morons tap away their security

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