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Accused Brit hacker Lauri Love will NOT be extradited to America

High Court nixes earlier legal order that would have sent him abroad

Russian-monitoring Shetlands radar station was nearly sold off

£10m revamp warms up Cold War site – but chunks of it are still a holiday lodge

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Another Amazon Key door-lock hack

Video Little box of tricks can let crooks sneak in after a delivery

Spectre shenanigans, Nork hackers upgrade, bad WD drives and more

Roundup Your weekly dose of infosec odds'n'sods

Bluetooth 'Panty Buster' 'smart' sex toy fails penetration test

Yep, it's yet another dildon’t

On the NHS tech team? Weep at ugly WannaCry post-mortem, smile as Health dept outlines plan

Apparently, senior NHS Trust managers will be held accountable... stop giggling

Venture into the security thickets at CyberThreat18

Promo Banish the fear of hidden dangers

Hey, you know what the internet needs? Yup, more industrial control systems for kids to hack

Go on, shove another power plant or factory on the web

Nork hackers exploit Flash bug to pwn South Koreans. And Adobe will deal with it next week

Maybe it's a good time to just delete the thing

Ignore that FBI. We're the real FBI, says the FBI that's totally the FBI

Don't open that malware mail from the Feds that's not from the Feds, Feds warn

Who can save us? It's 2018 and some email is still sent as cleartext

Out of the phone booth comes the IETF in lycra - with the power of STANDARDS!

Good news, everyone: Ransomware declining. Bad news: Miscreants are turning to crypto-mining on infected PCs

Screw asking for digi-coins. Craft 'em on 500,000 computers

Windows Defender will strap pushy scareware to its ass-kicker machine

Doomed: Junkware claiming it can rid PCs of viruses, clean up the Registry, etc

New click-to-hack tool: One script to exploit them all and in the darkness TCP bind them

Auto-pwn code glues device search engine Shodan to Metasploit weapons cache

Terror law expert to Why backdoors when there's so much other data to slurp?

We leave huge digital paper trails, but biz can still do more

Johnny Hacker hauls out NSA-crafted Server Message Block exploits, revamps 'em

Yep, vulns of WannaCry infamy. Why haven't you patched yet?

Oracle point-of-sale system vulnerabilities get Big Red cross

Patched, Oracle? Speedily

Forget cyber crims, it's time to start worrying about GPS jammers – report

Critical infrastructure and emergency services need a satellite back-up

To hack Australia and learn its secrets, buy second-hand furniture

Secret cabinet documents found in filing cabinet sold because someone lost the key

I'll torpedo Tor weirdos, US AG storms: Feds have 'already infiltrated' darknet drug souks

Sessions sets up task force for dopes' dope dope crack down

Unsanitary Firefox gets fix for critical HTML-handling hijack flaw

Versions 56 through 58 need patching, pronto

Car-share biz GoGet became data share biz after 2017 hack attack

Kept heist secret until cops cuffed bloke. Now suggests – gulp – super-pwned Equifax for the afflicted

Kremlin social media trolls aren't actually that influential, study finds

дураки вы западники, ничего не знаете

Scammers become the scammed: Ransomware payments diverted with Tor proxy trickery

Of course this does nothing for victims' encrypted files

F-35 flight tests are being delayed by onboard software snafus

American gov auditor uncovers litany of fails and delays

Maybe you should've stuck with NetWare: Hijackers can bypass Active Directory controls

Updated 'DCShadow' attack lets attackers add their own controllers, do some wrecking

Crooks make US ATMs spew million-plus bucks in 'jackpotting' hacks

If you could keep an eye on miscreants cracking open your boxes, that would be great

Ugly, perfect ten-rated bug hits Cisco VPNs

Patch your Adaptive Security Appliance and Firepower Threat Defense code before they're utterly p0wned

Intel alerted Chinese cloud giants 'before US govt' about CPU bugs

'We certainly would have liked to have been notified of this' says Homeland Security

What do you press when flaws in Bluetooth panic buttons are exposed?

Researcher able to DoS and track personal protection kit

UK infrastructure firms to face £17m fine if their cybersecurity sucks

Oh boy, measures will also cover IT outages

Thar she blows: Strava heat map shows folk on shipwreck packed with 1,500 tonnes of bombs

It could literally blast a hole in a major shipping route

You can't ignore Spectre. Look, it's pressing its nose against your screen

Strap yourself in, this ride won't be over for a long time yet

You publish 20,000 clean patches, but one goes wrong and you're a PC-crippler forever

Malwarebytes pushed a patch, then a patch for the patch

Microsoft works weekends to kill Intel's shoddy Spectre patch

Out-of-band patch may assuage user anger over Intel crudware, closed-club disclosure process

All your base are belong to us: Strava exercise app maps military sites, reveals where spies jog

Fitness fans ignored off-by-default privacy settings, emit sensitive personal info

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