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Dentist-turned bug-biter given a taste of freedom

Just did an eight month bit without bail for chewing the FBI's ear

International team takes down virus-spewing Andromeda botnet

Infections spread across over 200 regions

SEC's cyber-cops cyber-file cyber-first cyber-fraud cyber-charges

Securities watchdog puts the freeze on dodgy ICO

Prison hacker who tried to free friend now likely to join him inside

But he got oh so close

Creepy Cayla doll violates liberté publique, screams French data protection agency

You can probably strike these toys off your kids' Crimbo lists

Damian Green: Not only my workstation – mystery pr0n all over Parliamentary PCs

Denies he downloaded any of it

Brit MP Dorries: I gave my staff the, um, green light to use my login

Defence of Damian shows relaxed attitude to account security

Google to crack down on apps that snoop

Android developers given 60 days to inform users, after that apps will do it for themselves

PayPal paid $US233m for company that leaked 1.6 million records

Canadian outfit TIO acquired in Feb 'fesses up to unauthorized access

Dirty COW redux: Linux devs patch botched patch for 2016 mess

This time it's a 'Huge Dirty COW' and Linus Torvalds has cleaned up after it

RSA coughs to critical-rated bug in its authentication SDK

Yup, that means if you code with it, your projects inherit the problem. Yay!

UK government bans all Russian anti-virus software from Secret-rated systems

Starts talks with Kaspersky to 'prevent the transfer of UK data to the Russian state'

Guilty: NSA bloke who took home exploits at the heart of Kaspersky antivirus slurp row

Maryland man cops to making illegal copies of top-secret code

Apple iOS 11 security 'downgrade' decried as 'horror show'

Ability to reset iTunes Backup passwords unravels layered protection, claims researcher

Expert gives Congress solution to vote machine cyber-security fears: Keep a paper backup

Video Hot take from crypto-guru Prof Matt Blaze

Ex-cop who 'kept private copies of data' fingers Cabinet Office minister in pr0nz at work claims

Decade-old Damien Green MP row reheated by BBC

High Court judge finds Morrisons supermarket liable for 2014 data leak

100,000 staff entitled to comp for 'upset and distress' caused

Linux laptop-flinger says bye-bye to buggy Intel Management Engine

Says 'disabling' the ME will reduce future vulnerabilities

Stop us if you've heard this one: Russian hacker thrown in US slammer for $59m bank fraud

More punishment on the menu for Roman Seleznev

Protecting your data from ransomware

Supported Wearing a couple of bullet-proof vests increases your chances of escaping unscathed

Google Chrome vows to carpet bomb meddling Windows antivirus tools

Browser will block third-party software from mucking around with pages next year

Crypto-cash souk Coinbase forced to rat out its high rollers to probing US taxmen

Broker claims 'partial victory' after caving to IRS demand

Lauri Love's US extradition appeal judges reserve decision

Accused Brit hacker will have to wait to hear his fate

Uber hack: EU data protection bods launch taskforce

Justice commissioner slams biz for 'irresponsible' behaviour

Hey girl, what's that behind your Windows task bar? Looks like a hidden crypto-miner...

Web alt-coin nasties run even after you leave the page

Wondering why your internal .dev web app has stopped working?

Blame Google. And ICANN

As Apple fixes macOS root password hole, here's what went wrong

Code dive While you patch your Mac, take a look at what upset the Apple cart this week

Uber says 2.7 MEEELLION(ish) UK users affected by hack

ICO still waiting for technical reports

Hacked Brit shipping giant Clarksons: A person may release some of our data today

But ... we won't 'be held to ransom by criminals'

Accused hacker Lauri Love's extradition appeal begins

Lord Chief Justice to hear Suffolk man's challenge against removal to US

Canadian! fella! admits! hacking! Gmail! inboxes! amid! Yahoo! megahack!

Karim Baratov pleads guilty to ransacking web accounts for 'mystery' paymasters

Uber hack coverup: Your next US state lawsuit arrives in four minutes

Illinois, Washington sue 'reckless' transit upstart

US intelligence blabs classified Linux VM to world via leaky S3 silo

Updated Gigabytes of Army, NSA files found out in the open online

Pro tip: You can log into macOS High Sierra as root with no password

Updated Apple, this is Windows 95 bad – but there is a workaround to kill the bug

Researcher: DJI RCE-holes offered me $500 after I found Heartbleed etc on its servers

Updated Keep your money, says chap (tho Chinese drone firm did patch 'em right quick)

Boffins craft perfect 'head generator' to beat facial recognition

Think Face/Off, in software, plus some digital touchup

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