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Infosec pros aren't too bothered by Trump – it's his cabinet sidekicks you need to worry about

BSidesSF Crackdown on H-1B abuse is fine, backdoors no way

WTF is up with the W3C, DRM and security bods threatened – we explain

Analysis Five years on, attempts at compromise on web standards still fueling fights

IT bosses: Get budgets for better security by rating threats on a scale of zero to Yahoo!

BSides SF Tips for running a compliant but safe network

Bloke, 27, arrested, tech gear seized by cops over UK Sports Direct hack

Exclusive Chap in Shirebrook, England, on bail as probe continues

Brave VMs to destroy themselves, any malware they find on HP's new laptop

1 like = 1 prayer for pre-baked Bromium virtualization tech

Russia and China bombard Blighty with 188 cyberattacks in 3 months

Security secrets and private businesses are all fair game

Google to cough up $20m after Chrome rips off anti-malware patents

Actual residents of Texas Eastern District prevail

Worldwide bank attack blitz linked to Sony Pictures hacking crew

Symantec securobods: Lazarus could be back from the dead

Despite the spiel, we're still some decades from true anti-malware AI

Opinion Vendors stuff jargon into antivirus marketing mix

That guy using a Surface you keep seeing around town could be a spy

Surface devices and Windows 10 are now NSA-approved for use by US government workers

Ex-FBI man spills on why hackers are winning the security game

BSidesSF Government and business don't get on, AI is bunk and politics rules

Bugat-wielding hacker: Yes, I tried to nick $3.2m from US schools, oil biz

Moldovan malware slinger faces up to 15 years in the cooler

Lovely. Now someone's ported IoT-menacing Mirai to Windows boxes

Malware can spread to gizmos and gadgets after slipping into internal systems

Run this in April: UPDATE Azure SET SQLthreat_detection = 'generally available'

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Scottish court issues damages to couple over distress caused by neighbour's use of CCTV

Personal data gathering ruled 'intrusive, excessive and unjustified'

Explained: Apple iCloud kept 'deleted' browser histories for over a year

Cupertino giant quickly purged supposedly dead files when word got out

Trump cybersecurity order morphs into 2,200-plus-word extravaganza

Expanded executive order calls for no fewer than 10 reports

Clusters f**ked: Insecure Hadoop file systems wiped by miscreants

Weak default settings attract data deletion attacks despite warnings

Macs don't get viruses? Hahaha, ha... seriously though, that Word doc could be malware

Files spotted using Python code to infect Apple machines

Life after antivirus: Reinventing endpoint security

Promo Multilayered defence

Cardiff researchers get £250k to monitor Brexit hate crime on Twitter

Pre-crime snoops study spread of cruel chatter

USMC: We want more F-35s per year than you Limeys will get in half a decade

American general wants rid of his Harriers tout suite

Mag publisher Future stored your FileSilo passwords in plaintext. Then hackers hit

Plaintext passwords. In 2017

F5's Big-IP leaks little chunks of memory, even SSL session IDs

Turn off F5's 'Session Tickets' or patch the bug to survive 'Ticketbleed'

Want to come to the US? Be prepared to hand over your passwords if you're on Trump's hit list

Homeland Sec boss says he wants 'enhanced' digital vetting

Ex-NSA contractor Harold Martin indicted: He spent 'up to 20 years stealing top-secret files'

US prosecutors list dossiers and code allegedly swiped

Revealed: 'Suicide bomber Barbie' and other TSA quack science that cost $1.5 billion

ACLU urges end to behavioral screening of travelers

Good guy Logic Supply resolves breach in days, unlike some companies

*cough* Yahoo! *cough* What? No, I have a terrible cold

Conviction by computer is go, confirms UK Ministry of Justice

What could possibly go wrong with this madcap scheme?

Sports Direct hacked last year, and still hasn't told its staff of data breach

Exclusive And MPs said workers were being treated without dignity or respect…

XSS marks the spot: Steam vuln dangles potential phishing line

Flaw let users add malicious code to their profile pages

Revealed: Malware that skulks in memory, invisibly collecting sysadmins' passwords

APT tactics deployed by mystery cybercrooks unveiled

Sophos to assimilate Invincea's intelligent machine tech to fight malware

Machine learning IP snapped up in $100m deal

Honeypots: Free psy-ops weapons that can protect your network before defences fail

Feature You catch more crooks with honey than vinegar

Sloppy iOS apps expose 'encrypted' user traffic

Bad TLS cert handling escaped Apple's attention and leaves 18 MEEELION at risk

Feds snooping on your email without a warrant? US lawmakers are on a war path to stop that

Will senators prevent axe falling on 180-day slurp rule?

Laptop-light GoCardless says customers' personal data may have been lifted

Burglary didn't compromise payment system or financial info

Phishing: Another thing we can blame on Brexit

Attacks up 33 per cent across the five most-targeted industries

Darkode VXer handed three years' probation

Former FireEye intern has since seen light and is very, very, sorry for Android exploit

Trump's cybersecurity strategy kinda makes sense, so why delay?

Analysis Out of all the executive orders he didn't sign, why did it have to be that one

Got an OpenBSD Web server? Better patch it

DoS-able bugs splatted

Web banking malware slurps $1.2m for crooks, now kingpin 'fesses up

But who is the mysterious Samuel Gold?