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Say what you will about self-driving cars – the security is looking 'OK'

Black Hat Miller, Valasek discuss today and tomorrow's robo-ride defenses

You can't always trust those mobile payment gadgets as far as you can throw them – bugs found by infosec duo

Black Hat Tech needs to mature a little more, perhaps

Kaspersky VPN blabbed domain names of visited websites – and gave me a $0 reward, says chap

Updated DNS leak flaws are outside of bug-bounty scope

Crims hacked accounts, got phones, resold them – and the Feds reckon they've nabbed 'em

Thousands of mobes allegedly slurped, fenced via phishing, etc

Oh, fore putt's sake: Golf org PGA bunkered up by ransomware attack just days before tournament

That's rough, bet they were well teed off – crooks want Bitcoin

Discover which dangers lurk ahead – at Sophos' 'See the Future' event

Promo Invitation to lunch, workshops and talks

How evil JavaScript helps attackers tag possible victims – and gives away their intent

Countdown to ancient IE a telltale sign of malice

WhatsApp security snafu allows sneaky 'message manipulation'

You could put words in people's mouths, claim researchers

Should I infect this PC, wonders malware. Let me ask my neural net...

Black Hat How does it work? Nobody really knows what goes on in the black box

Revealed: El Reg blew lid off Meltdown CPU bug before Intel told US govt – and how bitter tech rivals teamed up

Black Hat Panel spills beans on beans spilled

If for some reason you're still using TKIP crypto on your Wi-Fi, ditch it – Linux, Android world bug collides with it

Patch wpa_supplicant and/or kill off key protocol, thanks

Microsoft to hackers: Finding Hyper-V bugs is hard. Change my mind. PS: Here's a head start...

Black Hat Prove us wrong, kids, and bag $250,000

Stress, bad workplace cultures are still driving security folk to drink

Black Hat Self-medicating with booze is no answer, hackers warned at conference

Google Project Zero boss: Blockchain won’t solve your security woes – but partying just might

Black Hat Parisa Tabriz talks Chrome, HTTPS, and more

Japanese dark-web drug dealers are so polite, they'll offer 'a refund' if you're not satisfied

Internet underground outside the West takes a different tone

Profit-strapped Symantec pulls employee share scheme

Cunning plan to push top staff out? Firm keeps schtum

Hey, you know what a popular medical record system doesn't need? 23 security vulnerabilities

Get patching after team gets under the skin of OpenEMR

Funnily enough, no, infosec bods aren't mad keen on W. Virginia's vote-by-phone-app plan

Mobile ballots dubbed 'horrific', blockchain reliance questioned

Batten down the ports: Linux networking bug SegmentSmack could remotely crash systems

Patches incoming for kernel versions 4.9 and up

Rights groups challenge UK cops over refusal to hand over info on IMSI catchers

Activists sick of 'neither confirm nor deny' excuse

Bank on it: It's either legal to port-scan someone without consent or it's not, fumes researcher

Updated One rule for banks, another for us, says white hat

Top tip? Sprinkle bugs into your code to throw off robo-vuln scanners

Also: hide aeroplanes from enemy fighters by blowing their wings off mid-flight

Battle lines drawn over US mass surveillance as senators probe NSA's bonfire of phone records

Analysis Ding! Ding! Round three in blanket spying bout

IBM, ATMs – WTF? Big Blue to probe cash machines, IoT, vehicles, etc in new security labs

Black Hat No, X-Force Red ain't another trading card game

BlackBerry claims it can do to ransomware what Apple did to its phones

Black Hat Workspaces' time machine promises to make quick work of extortionists

Cracking the passwords of some WPA2 Wi-Fi networks just got easier

Technique exploits weakness in design of roaming-enabled IEEE 802.11i/p/q/r wireless

Chip flinger TSMC warns 'WannaCry' outbreak will sting biz for $250m

But it could've been worse, shrugs Apple supplier

Facebook cracks opens its bottle of Fizz – a carbonated TLS 1.3 lib

Crypto-code unleashed to inflict security, performance and stability on devs

TSMC chip fab tools hit by virus, payment biz BGP hijacked, CCleaner gets weird – and more

Roundup What else is gong on in infosec this week...

Security world to hit Las Vegas for a week of hacking, cracking, fun

Black Hat, DEF CON and Bsides come to Nevada

Ever seen printer malware in action? Install this HP Ink patch – or you may find out

Firmware update tackles remote code bugs in InkJet machines

Web doc iCliniq plugs leaky S3 bucket stuffed full of medical records

Exclusive Even the file names exposed sensitive info, claim researchers

Alaskan borough dusts off the typewriters after ransomware crims pwn entire network

Pen and paper brought back into service

MikroTik routers grab their pickaxes, descend into the crypto mines

Hacker slips CoinHive code onto network appliances

Dear alt-right morons and other miscreants: Disrupt DEF CON, and the goons will 'ave you

DEF CON Hacking conf's Moss heads off HOPE headaches

Porn parking, livid lockers and botched blenders: The nightmare IoT world come true

Darktrace claims to have seen the future – and it's awful

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