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Bloke charged under UK terror law for refusing to cough up passwords

First they came for the activists and I did nothing…

Azure users told they're not WannaCrypt-proof

Microsoft advises how to harden cloudy Windows, cos it runs a cloud not your OS

HP Inc wireless mouse can be spoofed

By our reckoning this means a mouse could let a RAT into your computer

Gotcha, Tatcha! Thieves hide in servers to hoover up victims' bank card numbers mid-order

Beauty website suffers ugly IT security breach

Backup crack-up: Fasthosts locks people out of data storage for days amid WCry panic

Windows Server 2k3 kit yanked, replacement slow to arrive

Ransomware fear-flinger Uiwix fails to light

Stand down, folks. Back to Defcon none

Police anti-ransomware warning is hotlinked to 'ransomware.pdf'

This (probably) isn't a spear phishing attack but we were too afraid to verify

Yo, patch that because scum still wanna exploit WannaCrypt-linked vuln

Significant number of devices continue to expose Windows SMB on port 445

IoT needs security, says Microsoft without even a small trace of irony

Sysadmins, don't hurt your necks shaking your heads

Chrome on Windows has credential theft bug

.SCF files present ID, password to fetch icons for attack file

Cisco warns: Some products might have WannaCrypt vuln

To other vendors using embedded Windows: where are your warnings and patches?

Bell Canada hacked: 2m account details swiped by mystery miscreants

Don't worry, no bank card info taken, eh

French fling fun-sized fine at Facebook for freakin' following folk

And it's going to get a whole lot worse for Zuckerberg and pals

Security shield slingers are loving Prez Trump's cybersecurity order

Meanwhile, Fed heads have their work cut out for them

WannaCrypt 'may be the work of North Korea' theory floated

Lazarus rising again... or not

Cryptocurrency miner found armed with same exploits as WannaCrypt

Adylkuzz predates ransomware by at least a week – and pays better too

Do we need Windows patch legislation?

Poll Should vendors be obliged to maintain ageing, unsafe PCs?

Why Microsoft's Windows game plan makes us WannaCry

Analysis Oh, 'collective responsibility' – that old chestnut

Shadow Brokers resurface, offer to sell fresh 'wine of month' club exploits

Data dump on monthly subscription model

DocuSign forged – crooks crack email system and send nasties

Company couldn't school all the phish in the sea

Romney tax return 'hacker' Dr Evil gets his sentence reviewed

Appeal offers a laugh-a-minute how-not-to guide for would-be criminal masterminds

Good news, OpenVPN fans: Your software's only a little bit buggy

Two code reviews give crypto client nearly clean bill of health

While Microsoft griped about NSA exploit stockpiles, it stockpiled patches: Friday's WinXP fix was built in February

Exclusive And it took three months to release despite Eternalblue leak

Mimosa spiked! Wireless kit has multiple security holes

Clients, access points and backhaul all need firmware patch before attacks ferment

It's 2017 – and your Mac, iPad, iPhone can all be pwned by an e-book

Seven Apple updates, because it's not like you had anything else to patch today

China staggering under WannaCrypt outbreak

Middle Kingdom's CERT puts infection rate in the thousands

Beaten passenger, check. Dead giant rabbit, check. Now United loses cockpit door codes

Not a good month for the aviation giant

WannaCrypt outbreak contained as hunt for masterminds kicks in

Kill switch ID'd in ransomware attempt to abuse MS17-010 patch

Sophos waters down 'NHS is totally protected' by us boast

Updated Watered down homeopathy for computers is more powerful, m'kay?

Ransomware scum have already unleashed kill-switch-free WannaCry‬pt‪ variant

Researchers warn over new Uiwix strain

More UPNP woes: Crashable library bites routers and software

You know the drill: patch fast or cry slowly

Microsoft to spooks: WannaCrypt was inevitable, quit hoarding

Monday wrap: “kill switch” holding for now; new versions emerging; patch what you can

Comey was loathed by the left, reviled by the right – must have been doing something right

Analysis Three years of the US's top cop in action

74 countries hit by NSA-powered WannaCrypt ransomware backdoor: Emergency fixes emitted by Microsoft for WinXP+

Special report All you need to know – from ports to samples

WannaCrypt ransomware snatches NSA exploit, fscks over Telefónica, other orgs in Spain

Updated EternalBlue now an eternal headache

UK hospital meltdown after ransomware worm uses NSA vuln to raid IT

Final update Docs use pen and paper after computers scrambled amid global outbreak

'Jaff' argh snakes: 5m emails/hour ransomware floods inboxes

Locky-style nasty will squeeze you for two whole bitcoins

LastPass resolves UK connectivity blooper

Third-party provider blamed

Someone is sending propaganda texts to Ukrainian soldiers

Hmm, who has a conflict and IMSI catchers, we wonder

Vanilla Forums has a plain-flavoured zero-day

Updated PHPMailer bug leads to remote code execution via HTTP

Google's PHP API client has XSS vulnerability

Patch promised

Trump signs executive order on cybersecurity, White House now runs the show

Promises to hold agency heads responsible for slipups

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