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Java and Python have unpatched firewall-crossing FTP SNAFU

This gets interesting when you find your way into a mail server, says dev who found it

Is your child a hacker? Liverpudlian parents get warning signs checklist

Do they use 'the language of hacking', including referring to themselves as a 'hacker'?

Beeps, roots and leaves: Car-controlling Android apps create theft risk

Haven't named and shamed car-makers though

Connected car in the second-hand lot? Don't buy it if you're not hack-savvy

The first owner might still have access. And the second. And so on

Google bellows bug news after Microsoft sails past fix deadline

Mess in Windows graphics library can give bad hombres access to memory

Florida Man jailed for 4 years after raking in a million bucks from spam

Miscreant used stolen email accounts to cram crap into inboxes

Paper factory fired its sysadmin. He returned via VPN and caused $1m in damage. Now jailed

34-month sentence and he has to pay his old bosses back

Probe President Trump and his crappy Samsung Twitter-o-phone, demand angry congressfolk

The Galaxy S3 is real but is its security FAKE NEWS?

Smash up your kid's Bluetooth-connected Cayla 'surveillance' doll, Germany urges parents

Or switch it off, bin it, bury it, whatever's necessary

US account holders more likely to switch banks following fraud

More evidence that security = happy customers

Mystery deepens over Android spyware targeting Israeli soldiers

'Unlikely Hamas is responsible' – researchers

New Royal Navy Wildcat helicopters can't transmit vital data

Crews have to land and move tactical info around via USB sticks. No, really

US visitors must hand over Twitter, Facebook handles by law – newbie Rep starts ball rolling

Rookie's bill targets visa applicants, may never happen

Don’t panic over cyber-terrorism: Daesh-bags still at script kiddie level

RSA USA Medieval terror bastards not great at hacking says ex-top NSA lawyer

Corpse of US anti-spying law unearthed, reanimated, pushed blinking into the sunlight

Bill reintroduced to crack down on location snooping

Haven't deleted your Yahoo account yet? Reminder: Hackers forged login cookies

We're! not! even! bothering! with! exclamation! mark! this! time!

F-Secure buys industrial control security firm

Also locks down automotive and aviation electronics

Former NSA techies raise $8m for their data governance startup

Immuta to free up data scientists in 'highly regulated' environments

Revealed: Web servers used by disk-nuking Shamoon cyberweapon

Avoid this wonderful malware on your network by black-holing connections

Crypto-curious? Wickr's opened its kimono for code review

Look, don't copy: 'this is not an open source license'

ITU ponders whether blockchain belongs in its security standards

Security working group has decided it wants to know what it needs to know

As Microsoft touts Windows Insider for biz, let's take a look at W10's broken 2FA logins

Smart card support busted? Redmond says: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Republicans send anti-Signal signal to US EPA

Resistance is futile as probe demanded into environment agency staffers

OK, it's time to talk mass spying again: America's Section 702 powers are up for renewal

Analysis And tech groups are starting the fightback now

Rasputin whips out large intimidating tool, penetrates uni, city, govt databases – new claim

Ra, Ra Rasputin. SQL injection is his thing

Verizon! surprisingly! OK! with! Yahoo! despite! mega-hack!

Can't get that bonus if the merger falls through, so meh, shave off 5% and let's go

UK credit broker fined £120k for spamming folk with five million texts

Updated Consent wording not enough to prevent a spanking by the ICO

Pwnd Android conference phone exposes risk of spies in the boardroom

Researchers could listen in on meetings and plant backdoors

Kremlin-linked hackers believed to be behind Mac spyware Xagent

iPhone backups can be slurped for Mother Russia, say researchers

Forget quantum and AI security hype, just write bug-free code, dammit

RSA USA Crypto panel lets loose at conference

Google claims ‘massive’ Stagefright Android bug had 'sod all effect'

RSA USA And hackers didn't have much luck either with other flaws in the mobe OS

Meet LogicLocker: Boffin-built SCADA ransomware

Pay the ransom, or restore from backup. Choose wisely!

Inside Confide, the chat app 'secretly used by Trump aides': OpenPGP, OpenSSL, and more

Security experts skeptical of encrypted messenger's claims

ASLR-security-busting JavaScript hack demo'd by university boffins

Amster-damn, that's a hell of a vulnerability to make browser bug exploitation easier

Apple: Don't panic, but your Mac can be pwned via GarageBand .bands

macOS gets patch for critical flaw in music app

'We need a new Geneva Convention to protect all citizens from snoops'

RSA USA Private biz needs to push back against government pressure, says Microsoft prez

Bruce Schneier: The US government is coming for YOUR code, techies

OSLS Open source has won, but victory may be fleeting

No crypto backdoors, more immigration ... says Republican head of House Committee on Homeland Security

RSA USA Is there something in the water in San Francisco?

Roses are red, bugs make you blue, Patch Tuesday is late, because Microsoft loves you

Adobe and Nvidia on the other hand...

Battle of the botnets: My zombie horde's bigger than yours

DDoSing over 100Gbps up 140%. Mirai worst but Spike peaks at 517Gbps

UK website data insecurity worries: Users in bits over car break-up emails

Updated Don't break my car... my achy brake-y car.. or is that do?

The Register's guide to protecting your data when visiting the US

Summary: You're (mostly) screwed without preparation