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Google's Project Zero reveals Apple jailbreak exploit

Holy Moley! iOS and MacOS were wholly holey

Archive of 1.4 BEEELION credentials in clear text found in dark web archive

Find shows people still suck at passwords

New Ruski hacker clan exposed: They're called MoneyTaker, and they're gonna take your money

Subtly named group has gone largely unnoticed until now

Lifestyle pin-up site Pinterest: Hack attempts blamed on 'credential stuffing'

You might just have to wing it with that potpourri recipe

Blighty flogs Qatar a bunch of missiles and Typhoon fighter jets

And Hawk training aircraft as well. Just don't say 'despite Br-'

Hackers' delight: Mobile bank app security flaw could have smacked millions

Certificate pinning unpicked

Language bugs infest downstream software, fuzzer finds

And you worked so hard to make it secure

Leftover Synaptics debugger puts a keylogger on HP laptops

Vendor first to patch, expect other OEMs to follow

Dynamics 365 sandbox leaked TLS certificates

Hey Microsoft, is this your private key?

Android flaw lets attack code slip into signed apps

Janus bug leaves APKs vulnerable to poisoning law resources now untrustworthy, according to browsers website SSL certificate expires

Next-gen telco protocol Diameter has last-gen security – researchers

Infosec boffins raise flags

Sloppy coding + huge PSD2 changes = Lots of late nights for banking devs next year

*Cough* Cobol, .NET *cough*

VMware and Carbon Black: you complete me, no you complete me

Virtzilla's App Defence and CB's endpoint protection combine for whitelist-fest

Security industry needs to be less trusting to get more secure

Black Hat crowd encouraged to be paranoid

Apple gets around to patching all the other High Sierra security holes

Another week, another Mac patch to install

HMS Queen Lizzie formally joins the Royal Navy

At least one part of the 'Year of the Navy' went to plan

Toucan play that game: Talking toy bird hacked

Parroting Cayla... if she were a bit more sweary

NiceHash diced up by hackers, thousands of Bitcoin pilfered

Mining outfit says its entire wallet gone, estimated $62m

Intel Management Engine pwned by buffer overflow

Security researchers lift lid on snafu at Black Hat Europe

Former US State Department cyber man: We didn’t see the Russian threat coming

Black Hat Cyber no longer domain of techies, says ex-diplomat

Google and pals rush to repair Android dev tools, block backdoor risks

Involves big hitter Android Studio, APKTool and more

Mailsploit: It's 2017, and you can spoof the 'from' in email to fool filters

Message client vendors have had 25 years to get RFC 1342 right

Beware the IDEs of Android: three biggies have vulnerabilities

Android Studio, Eclipse, and IntelliJ IDEA stabbed in the back by an XML parser

Data-slurping keyboard app makes Mongo mistake with user data

Ai.type leaves wealth of personal info open to all

Brit bank Barclays' Kaspersky Lab diss: It's cyber balkanisation, hiss infosec bods

Analysis It's 2017: Is the splinternet nearer than ever?

Once again, UK doesn't rule out buying F-35A fighter jets

It'd be more expensive than just buying Bs. Why do this?

Turns out Leakbase can keep a secret: It has shut down with zero info

Stolen-creds-for-cash site disappears, unmourned

Google prepares 47 Android bug fixes, ten of them rated Critical

Nexus and Pixel owners get their fixes on US Tuesday. The rest of us peasants have to wait

Infosys names a new CEO: welcome to the hot-seat Salil S. Parekh

Former CapGemini man steps in after last CEO bailed after nasty sniping

Dentist-turned bug-biter given a taste of freedom

Just did an eight month bit without bail for chewing the FBI's ear

International team takes down virus-spewing Andromeda botnet

Infections spread across over 200 regions

SEC's cyber-cops cyber-file cyber-first cyber-fraud cyber-charges

Securities watchdog puts the freeze on dodgy ICO

Prison hacker who tried to free friend now likely to join him inside

But he got oh so close

Creepy Cayla doll violates liberté publique, screams French data protection agency

You can probably strike these toys off your kids' Crimbo lists

Damian Green: Not only my workstation – mystery pr0n all over Parliamentary PCs

Denies he downloaded any of it

Brit MP Dorries: I gave my staff the, um, green light to use my login

Defence of Damian shows relaxed attitude to account security

Google to crack down on apps that snoop

Android developers given 60 days to inform users, after that apps will do it for themselves

PayPal paid $US233m for company that leaked 1.6 million records

Canadian outfit TIO acquired in Feb 'fesses up to unauthorized access

Dirty COW redux: Linux devs patch botched patch for 2016 mess

This time it's a 'Huge Dirty COW' and Linus Torvalds has cleaned up after it

RSA coughs to critical-rated bug in its authentication SDK

Yup, that means if you code with it, your projects inherit the problem. Yay!

UK government bans all Russian anti-virus software from Secret-rated systems

Starts talks with Kaspersky to 'prevent the transfer of UK data to the Russian state'

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