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Brexit in spaaaace! At T-1 year and counting: UK politicos ponder impact

'Entrepreneurs!' 'Elon Musk!' 'Smartphones!' chirps Lord as UK space stares into abyss

Boffins find sign of water existing deep into Earth's mantle by looking at diamonds

How far down does water drip?

You always wanted to be an astronaut, right? Careful: Space is getting more and more deadly

For those planning an out-of-this-world trip, radiation is on the rise

Veteran NASA probe Dawn: Winter is coming on Ceres (sort of)

Jumped-up asteroid experiencing 'icy activity'

Fermi famously asked: 'Where is everybody?' Probably dead, says renewed Drake equation

We can't see alien radio signals because they were snuffed out

Kepler krunch koming: Super space 'scope's fuel tank almost empty

NASA engineers say shutdown will happen 'within months'

Boffins build 'body-on-a-chip' for drugs tests

Buffet of 10 organ types to check for reactions

Poop to save planet as boffins devise bullsh*t way of extracting gas

Livestock excreta generates excitement and power

Stephen Hawking dies, aged 76

Physicist now has a new chance to truly know the mind of God

Doctor finds physical changes to astronaut's eyes after ISS stint

Great, you're in space. But everything's all blurry

Stanford brainiacs say they can predict Reddit raids

Researchers develop method to sniff out forum conflicts

Russian boffins blow up teeny asteroids with tiny laser... to work out how to nuke the real thing

We're told Bruce Willis is standing by

NASA on SpaceX's 2015 big boom: Bargain bin steel liberated your pressure vessel

Rocket veterans blame explosion on design flaw

16 exoplanets found huddled around 12 lightweight stars

One of the 'super-Earth' finds might even have liquid water

Are you Falcon sure, Elon? Musk vows Big Rocket will go up 2019

Assures us his self-driving cars to be 200% safer than puny humans

Europe is living in the past (by nearly six minutes) thanks to Serbia and Kosovo

Continental electric clocks go TITSUP*

Violent, powerful wind that lasts 100s of years. Yes, it's Jupiter, not you after a Friday night curry

Gas giant's atmosphere is not for the faint hearted

For all we know, aliens could be as careless with space junk as us

Astroboffin suggests scanning exoplanets for xenocrap in orbit

Jupiter has the craziest storms seen yet, say boffins

New pics make the gas giant's poles look like portals to hell

Pasties in SPAAAAACE: Cornwall hopes for slice of £50m spaceport cash

To boldly go where a Scottish spaceport would really like to

ESA builds air-breathing engine that works in space

You’re right, there’s no air in space, but there’s enough to squirt about in very low orbits

Half the world warned 'Chinese space station will fall on you'

Except you there in the UK: you've got no chance of catching Tiangong-1 debris

New algorithm could help self-driving cars scout out hidden objects

If they are going v-e-r-y slowly

Boffins discover chemistry that could have produced building blocks of life in space

My god, it's full of hydrocarbons

It's ALIIIIIVE: Boffins detect slow-moving zombie star

Red giant revives a nearby corpse through the emission of cosmic wind

I'll bee back: Boffin's bionic bug Band-Aid after real ones all die

Plus: Leaping robotic spiders, anyone? No?

Organic battery tech could work better than a woolly hat in the cold

Parky Prius? Frosty fondleslab? Help may soon be at hand

Brit military boffins buy airtime on HD eye-in-the-sky video satellite

UK-made bird forms first of 5-strong planned constellation

Paul Allen's six-engined monster plane prepares for space deliveries

World's largest aircraft goes for a very gentle trundle

Deep in remote Oz, an antenna has 'heard' the oldest stars

And they're way too loud ... unless dark matter is involved

Martian microbes may just be resting – boffins

The aliens are coming! Just add water... Maybe

Scientists change their minds, think water may be all over the Moon

Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink. Or fuel a rocket. Yet...

Inviting nearby exoplanet revealed as radiation-baked hell

Proxima Centauri b roasted by colossal solar flare, probably not for the first time

Hubble Space Telescope one of 16 suffering data-scrambling sensor error

Flawed analogue-to-digital converter can turn a whole bunch of 1s into a cosmic joke

Does my boom look big in this? New universe measurements bewilder boffins

But don't throw away those physics books just yet, m'kay?

SpaceX's internet satellites to beam down 'Hello world' from orbit

Video Birds launched today... but ship-borne catcher's mitt misses payload fairing catch

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