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I ship you knot: 2,400-year-old Greek trading vessel found intact at bottom of Black Sea

Carbon dating places it as oldest complete wreck

BepiColombo launches, Russia ponders next lift-off, and 50 years since Apollo 7 got its feet wet

Roundup The week in spaaaaaace

Cosmoboffins think grav waves hold the key to sorting out the disputed Hubble Constant

New method could settle the question of how fast the universe is expanding

Hubble 'scope gyro drama: Hey, NASA, have you tried turning it off and on again? Oh, you did. And it worked? Cool

Just don't let it restart to install updates...

Core-blimey! Riddle of Earth's mysterious center finally 'solved' by smarty seismologists

So solid crew confirm old idea by spotting tiny waves

It's Two Spacecraft, One Mission as BepiColombo gets ready to launch

JAXA and ESA in a tree, going to visit Mercury

Good news: Largest, most ancient known galaxy supercluster is spotted. Bad news: It's collapsing on itself

Five quadrillion solar masses – and you'll need a Farcaster to get there

NASA gently nudges sleeping space 'scopes Chandra, Hubble out of gyro-induced stupor

X-ray probe could be awake by end of this week

NASA chief in Moscow: 'We will fly again on a Russian Soyuz rocket'

'I have no reason to believe at this point that it won't be on schedule' For reals, my dude?

Bloodhound Super-Sonic-Car lacks Super-Sonic-Cashflow

Plucky Brit land speed record chaser fails to find £25m down the back of the sofa, calls in Administrators

NASA's Chandra probe suddenly becomes an EX-ray space telescope (for now, anyway)

Aging kit kicks into safe mode, 65,000+ miles away

With sorry Soyuz stuffed, who's going to run NASA's space station taxi service now?

Comment SpaceX, Boeing running behind schedule, and don't get me started on SLS

Russian rocket goes BOOM again – this time with a crew on it

Updated 'Nauts safe, but the ISS may have to be abandoned

Huge ice blades on Jupiter’s Europa will make it a right pain in the ASCII to land on

The spikey satellite is not for the faint hearted, it appears

Astroboffins discover when white and brown dwarfs mix, the results are rather explosive

350-year monkish mystery could be down to a merger

Hate to burst your Hubble: Science stops as boffins scramble to diagnose gyro problem

Weekend failure could reduce 'scope's scope

SpaceX touches down in California as Voyager 2 spies interstellar space

Musk's mighty missile no match for the plucky probe that could

It's over 9,000! Boffin-baffling microquasar has power that makes the LHC look like a kid's toy

The first detection shows beams powered to over 25 trillion electron volts

30 years ago, NASA put Challenger behind it and sent a Space Shuttle back out into the black

Chipped tiles and a sweaty crew, but relief for the nervous space agency

Organic stuff, radiation, unexpected methane... Yes, we're talking about Saturn's surprising rings

Boffins take a good look at the cosmic formations – they won't be there forever

UK space comes to an 'understanding' with Australia as Brexit looms

Countries agree to cooperate on satellite navigation as Blighty faces becoming a third country in Galileo

Astroboffins may have found the first exomoon lurking beyond the Solar System

It's so big that it's possible that it could have its own little moons

Hunt for Planet X finds yet another planetoid, just not the right one

Astroboffins are Goblin up Solar System sightings

JAXA probe's lucky MASCOT plonks down on space rock Ryugu without a hitch

16 hours of rocking and rolling before the power runs out

Laser-sharp research sees three top boffins win the Nobel Prize in physics

First woman in 55 years and the oldest recipient to date

NASA's Kepler telescope is sent back to sleep as scientists preserve fuel for the next data dump

Fingers crossed that the wee probe has enough energy to send something back

Brit startup plans fusion-powered missions to the stars

Interview Tomorrowland technology yours for a few million quid and a bit of patience

Send up a satellite to zap space junk if you want Earth's orbit to be clean, say boffins

The new method destroys rubbish naturally

New theory: The space alien origins of vital bio-blueprints for dinosaurs. And cats. And humans. And everything else

Phosphine tests hint at development of DNA, RNA

TLS proxies? Nah. Truthfully Less Secure 'n' poxy, say Canadian infosec researchers

You thought you were buying better security, right?

Blueprint of modern construction can be found in a tech cluster... of 19th century England

Geek's Guide to Britain The world's first iron-framed building will return to service soon

Bombing raids during WWII sent out shockwaves powerful enough to alter the Earth's ionosphere

Impact power sent electrons shooting off into space

NASA to celebrate 55th anniversary of first Moon landing by, er, deciding how to land humans on the Moon again

In 2024, boffins realise a Saturn V is parked outside Houston

Good news: Sub-surface life on Mars possible, moons from big impacts. There is no bad news

Yippee, it's a double whammy of Red Planet research

Fat chance: Cholesterol leads boffins to discover world's oldest animal fossil – 558m years old

Video We've all got a little, er, Richardinsonia in our animal family tree, it appears

Curiosity's computer silent on science, baffling boffins

Robot is 'responsive' but for some reason it can't transmit science data

Got any ecsta-sea? Boffins get octopuses high on MDMA – for science, duh

Reach for the lasers, with all eight arms!

Bouncing robots land on asteroid 180m miles away amid mission to fetch sample for Earth

Second time lucky for Japan after first try proved a bust

Bad weather, baulky booster keep ISS 'naut snacks on the ground

Fresh fruit, fresh batteries stuck on Japanese launchpad as HTV-7 hopes to catch a break

Flying to Mars will be so rad, dude: Year-long trip may dump 60% lifetime dose of radiation on you

Cancer, brain damage, a bad back ... it's all for a good cause

Garbage collection – in SPAAACE: Net snaffles junk in first step to clean up Earth's orbiting litter

Video EU-funded gizmo clings to trash like a face hugger

Holy macaroni! After months of number-crunching, behold the strongest material in the universe: Nuclear pasta

Probably cost a pretty PENNE to run that physics simulation

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