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Britain's on the brink of a small-scale nuclear reactor revolution

Sure, there are hurdles, but no £18bn hole on the other side like Hinkley Point

Particle boffins calculate new constraints for probability of finding dark matter

Axions still a no-show over at CERN Axion Telescope

Mouse sperm kept frozen in SPAAAAACE yields healthy pups

Astronaut reproduction could be possible one day, boffins reckon

'Tabby's Star' intrigues astro-boffins with brief 'dimming event'

Is it comets? Or aliens? Astronomers want your help to figure out this cosmic riddle

Gravitational waves permanently change spacetime, say astroboffins

'Orphan memory' could unlock more secrets hidden in our universe

NASA duo plan Tuesday ISS spacewalk to replace the mux that sux

All hail Peggy Whitson, hands-on sysadmin – IN SPAAACE

And finally, monsieur, a wafer-thin hologram ... Sir, it is only wafer thin

'World’s thinnest hologram' touted by boffins

Nukes tests caused space weather, say NASA boffins

Artificial Van Allen belts, auroras, geomagnetic storms, just another day in the Cold War

Vigorous tiny vibrations help our universe swell, say particle boffins

Quantum fluctuations may be key to explaining why we're all drifting apart

NASA nixes Trump's moonshot plan

First flight of Orion capsule atop Space Launch System slips from 2018 to 2019

Japanese researchers spin up toilet paper gyroscopes for science

The way you spin the loo paper roll exposes your business

Warm, wet, mysterious... sound familiar? Ah, yes, you've heard of this second Neptune, too

Boffins share findings of strange alien world 440 light years away

CERN ready to test an EVEN BIGGER gun

Linac 4 will pump more energy into LHC's proton smasher

Comet 67P's oxygen could be a breath of fresh air

Maybe the comet's surprise molecules aren't billions of years old after all

America's mystery X-37B space drone lands after two years in orbit

Pic Mysterious craft likely to be surveillance testbed

Curiosity Rover's drill is ill. But chill: we can dig Martian sand instead of rocking hard

Take than, cowardly LGMs! We have a few grams of your grains

RF pulses from dust collisions could be killing satellites

Tiny impacts don't smash sats, but the energy they produce might break electronics

Boffins gently wake the Large Hadron Collider from annual hibernation

Winter upgrade boosted 'inverse femtobarns' for more accurate stuff-spotting

Shock horror: US military sticks jump leads on human brains to teach them a lesson

DARPA's current thinking for potential future bright sparks

NASA's Cassini snaps pic inside Saturn's ring – peace among the stars

Photo Probe plunges deep into dark cosmic hole

Ewe, get a womb! Docs grow baby lambs in shrink-wrap plastic bags

Video Unbeli-baaaaaaa-ble

Colliders, containers, dark matter: The CERN atom smasher's careful cloud revolution

No downtime till 2018

New MH370 analysis again says we looked in the wrong places

Drift tests on actual 777 part show plane probably hit ocean north of search area

China successfully launches its first robot space truck

Tianzhou-1 will now refuel the Tiangong-2 orbital lab as China prepares a proper space station

Opportunity rover gets bored of spot it's explored since 2014

NASA moving to 'Perseverance Valley' where we can see Martian erosion in action

PACK YOUR BAGS! Boffins spot Earth-size planet most likeliest yet to harbor alien life

Water, check. Low radiation, check. Possible to get to... oh wait, darn

New satellites could cause catastrophic space junk collisions

Brit scientist warns of increased hazards from new constellations

Feel guilty for scoffing Easter chocolate? Good news: Scientists have made NEGATIVE mass

Vanish that flab using lasers to warp laws of physics

NASA agent faces heat for 'degrading' moon rock sting during which grandmother wet herself

Retiree grilled after trying to flog heirlooms to foot medical bills

Astro-boffinry breakthrough: Loads of ingredients for life found on Saturn's Enceladus

Pics And Jupiter's Europa is looking sweet, too

Far out: Dark matter bridges millions of light-years long spotted between galaxies

Pic Threads of elusive particles form cosmic cobwebs

Blighty's £1.2bn space industry could lend itself to tourism – report

That'll be Beardy Branson's mob, then

How's that for a remote login? NASA puts New Horizons probe to sleep 3.5 billion miles away

Pic Nap time for spacecraft as it heads out to ice-rock belt

Dieting cannibals: At last, a scientist has calculated calories for human body parts

All in the name of archeology, he says

Riddle of cannibal black hole pairs solved ... nearly: Astroboffins explain all to El Reg

Stargazers perform grav wave 'paleontology' in simulations

We know what you're thinking: Where the hell is all the antimatter?

Discovery could be key to cracking universe's baffling particle drought puzzle

Goodbye, cruel world! NASA's Cassini preps for kamikaze Saturn dive

Video Only 22 orbits to go before it burns up in glory

Steppe thugs pacified by the love of stone age women

'Can you take the bins out, Ugg?'

Boeing details 'Deep Space Gateway' for Mars mission staging

Aerospace outfit says just four launches could build a base in Lunar space by the early 2020s

Mediaeval Yorkshirefolk mutilated, burned t'dead to prevent reanimation

Likely not cannibalism issue, as knifemarks not near the meat. Er, OK

Lochs, rifle stocks and two EPIC sea gates: Thomas Telford's Highland waterway

GEEK'S GUIDE TO BRITAIN Feats of engineering, projections busted - the Caledonian Canal

Wet, wild Mars stripped off by hot young star, left barren and red faced

And they dare call El Reg The Sun of science and technology – the nerve!

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