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Android ain't done until Samsung won't run? 9.0 Pie borks Gear watch app

Waiter, there's a bug in my Pie

Time to party like it's 2005! Palm is coming BAAAA-ACK

Nostalgia warp now almost complete

ZX Spectrum Vega+ blows a FUSE: It runs open-source emulator

Review Uncomfortable to hold, crap buttons – oh dear

Surprise, surprise. Here comes Big Cable to slay another rule that helps small ISPs compete

Analysis Economist sheds light on US broadband rivalries

It's a phone with a peel, but you'll have to wait a bit more for retro Nokia

Meanwhile, fakes fill the banana-shaped void

Facebook insists it has 'no plans' to exploit your personal banking info for ads – just as we have 'no plans' to trust it

Analysis After all, never say never!

Sur-Pies! Google shocks world with sudden Android 9 Pixel push

One critical question remains: Who ate all the Pies?

Motorola strap-on packs a 2,000mAh battery to appease the 5G gods

Baby steps, now

ZX Spectrum reboot latest: Some Vega+s arrive, Sky pulls plug, Clive drops ball

Sinclair branding removed by IP owner as Sir C fails to step in

Microsoft's cheapo Surface: Like a netbook you can't upgrade

When Go means slow

Game over for Google: Fortnite snubs Play Store, keeps its 30%, sparks security fears

Android version of super-game will come direct from Epic

Probe Brit police phone-peeking plans, privacy peeps plead

Investigatory Powers Commissioner urged to act on mobile data extraction tech

Grad sends warning to manager: Be nice to our kit and it'll be nice to you

On-Call Mischievous techie tells of printing woes soothed by kind words

Apple laughing all the way to the bank – with profits of $5.3m per hour

Hardware stalls, services up, and TV push coming – now, let's look at Samsung...

Qualcomm demands blueprints to Intel chips used in Apple iPhones

Enough with the foot-dragging, mobile processor'n'modem giant rails in patent feud

Facebook deletes 17 accounts, dusts off hands, beams: We've saved the 2018 elections

Yeah, that'll do the trick, Mark

US trade ban hammers Chinese telco giant ZTE to the tune of $790m

First-quarter loss hardly a surprise, and there's more where that came from

Make Facebook, Twitter, Google et al liable for daft garbage netizens post online – US Senator

Yes, let's try to force the social media genie back in the bottle

Trump 'not normal' FCC commish reveals amid Sinclair-Tribune mega-media-merger meltdown

Breaking news: President sticks oar into complicated saga

Mamma Mia! UK film fans forced to Q as Vue's website craps itself

Updated Customers will just have to grin and Paddington Bear it (sorry)

You want to know which is the best smartphone this season? Tbh, it's tricky to tell 'em apart

Calls? Check. Texts? Check. Internet? Check. Notch? Mostly. Camera? Check

Nah, it won't install: The return of the ad-blocker-blocker

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Take it off! Cover it up! I don't know what I want any more!

BBC websites down tools and head outside into the sun for a while

Auntie's outage comes on predicted hottest day of the year

Prof claims Lyft did a hit-and-run on his ride-sharing tech patent

App-ademic's lawsuit demands jury trial, damages, etc etc etc for alleged infringement

You can take off the shades, squinting users. It has gone dark. Very dark

Blacker than the heart of a Register hack

From toothbrushes to coffee makers to computers: Europe fines Asus, Pioneer, Philips for rigging prices of kit

And Denon+Marantz, too

Core blimey! Apple macOS update lifts boot from MacBook Pro neck

High Sierra patch reduces performance throttling for this year's tardy laptops

Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter make it easier to download your info and upload to, er, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter etc...

GDPR put a gun to their heads

As Corning unveils its latest Gorilla Glass, we ask: What happened to sapphire mobe screens?

He who controls supplies controls... eh, not much

♫ The Core i9 clock cycles go up. Who cares where they come down?

That's not my department say, er... Intel, Apple and Dell ♫

Architects? Power-hungry GPU fiends? HP has something for you

Venerable PC maker emits bunch of graphics powerhouses

Brits whinging less? About ISPs, networks and TV? It's gotta be a glitch in the Matrix

Happy now? For realsies?

Official: The shape of the smartphone is changing forever

Taller, narrower, and (some) notchier

Wearable hybrids prove the bloated smartwatch is one of Silly Valley's biggest mistakes

Analysis When dumb is usually smart enough

Samsung’s new phone-as-desktop is slick, fast and ready for splash-down ... somewhere

Hands-On DeX Pad doesn’t have an obvious role, but finding one will be fun

Samsung touts bonkers-fast 8 Gbit DRAM for phones, AIs

Chip ships 6,400 Mbps, cuts power consumption

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