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Congress vs Facebook: Great soap opera TV, but don't expect big results

Remember when the US DoJ almost broke up Microsoft? No?

LESTER looks up, spins its wheels: The Register’s beer-butler can see ...

No beer will be left unbothered

AI crisis: Sony reports shortage of cute robot puppies!

It's made 11,111 of its Aibo 2.0 robot leg-lifters and can’t satisfy demand

Nvidia quickly kills its AMD-screwing GeForce 'partner program' amid monopoly probe threat

GPU giant rails against rumors of stiffing sellers

Google Pay heads for the desktop... and, we fear, an inevitable flop

Comment Life in plastic, it's fantastic

MacBook Pro petition begs Apple for total recall of krap keyboards

May the force of furious loyalists force an end to this farce

Huawei P20: Snappish snaps, but for £200 less than Pro, it’s Notch bad

Review Mercurial imaging detracts from a solid advance

Drone 'swarm' buzzed off FBI surveillance bods, says tech bloke

UAV arms race with drug lords is upon us

Sir Clive Sinclair dragged into ZX Spectrum reboot battle

Tug of war over corporate tentacle pulls '80s entrepreneur into fray

Former Volkswagen CEO indicted over emission cheating conspiracy

US Justice Department seeks to punish diesel deceivers

Apple somehow plucks iPad sales out from 13-quarter death spiral

Off the mortuary Fondleslab

LG's flagship arrives with ... G7 what now?

G7ThinQ. You don't make it easy to get an audiophile treat, LG

Exclusive to all press: Atari launches world's best ever games console

Roll-up! Roll-up! You've never seen anything like this! Pay up front while you still can!

The spies that knew too much about Facebook's advertising network

Analysis Despite transparency push, the social network still scorns ad data aggregators

Ex-Netflix veep allegedly banked payola for tech deals with web TV giant

Michael Kail's House of Cards tumbles, now Orange is his New Black, potentially

Well, that went well: Withings founder buys biz back from Nokia

Lost Weekend is over and done with

Apple and The Notched One: It can't hide the X-sized iPhone let-down

It's Notch what you're thinking

DIY device tinkerer iFixit weighs in on 15-month jail term for PC recycler

Calls on Microsoft to play nice with repairers

Apple's latest financials are still pretty decent even though iPhone sales are slowing

Tim Cook: "I don't buy the view that the market's saturated."

UK Parliament roars: Oi! Zuck! Get in here for a grilling – or you'll get a Tower of London tour

Brit politicians raise stakes after Facebook CEO snub

What could Facebook possibly do next to reassure privacy fears? Yup – make a dating app

F8 We have all been trolled

Supercycle to su-'meh'-cycle: Apple iPhone warehouses heave with unsold Notches

Bullish Bernstein bull Sacconaghi Jr eats his words

Facebook confesses: Buckle up, there's plenty more privacy lapses where that came from

It's a $460bn business with a free service… what did you think was going on?

Apple grounds AirPort once and for all. It has departed. Not gonna fly any more. The baggage is dropped off...

Terminal. It's outta runway. We're winging it with these puns

Paperback writer? Microsoft slaps patents on book-style gadgetry with flexible display

Redmond kit has the bends

We wanted a camera, they gave us the eye of Gemini – and an eSIM

El Reg has a fiddle with new toys for the Psion-inspired PDA

ZX Spectrum reboot firm's shareholders demand current directors go

Boardroom coup at where's-my-console biz Retro Computers Ltd

'Alexa, listen in on my every word and send it all to a shady developer'

Amazon fixes up app security hole affecting always-listening Echo assistants

RIP: Sinclair ZX Spectrum designer Rick Dickinson reaches STOP

British computer case crafter dies after cancer battle

Apple's QWERTY gets dirty leaving fanbois shirty

MacBook owners demand recall over cruddy keyboard

Google Pixel 2 XL: Like paying Apple-tier prices then saying, hey, please help yourself to my data

Special report Nice camera, and Android without OEM crapware, though

AMD CEO Su: We like GPU crypto-miners but gamers are first priority

How many letters in AMD? Wow, what a coincidence. Same number of quarters of straight sales growth

Oh dear... Netizens think 'private' browsing really means totally private

The only thing 'private' was the parts you were leering at, friend

Happy having Amazon tiptoe into your house? Why not the car, then? In-trunk delivery – what could go wrong?

New Bezos scheme opens up vehicles as drop-off points

Audiophiles have really taken to the warm digital tone of streaming music

Revenues up 41 per cent, industry in 'recovery mode'

X marks the Notch, where smartmobe supercycles go to die

Flagship iPhone is being outsold by ancient models

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