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Microsoft to rule the biz chat roost – survey

Slack off, hipsters

College PRIMOS prankster wreaks havoc with sysadmin manuals

Who, Me? Claims it was all for the greater good

Google: I don't know why you say Allo, I say goodbye

Sidelined messaging app given end-of-life date of March 2019

And the next 7nm laptop processor will be designed by In, er, AM, um, Qualcomm: The 64-bit Arm Snapdragon 8CX

Updated The X is for extreme. Dude?

Wintel dust up: Intel supply woes vs Win10 demand

Sorry suits, PC sales set to slide this year despite OS excuse to refresh computer tin

Do not adjust your set: Hats off to Apple, you struggle to shift iPhones 'cos you're oddly ethical

Comment Hey, you forgot to build in some obsolescence

Qualcomm lifts lid on 7nm Arm-based octo-core Snapdragon 855 chip for next year's expensive 5G Androids

An NE555 this is not

Awkward... Revealed Facebook emails show plans for data slurping, selling access to addicts' info, crafty PR spinning

Analysis Brit parliamentarians dump documents on the internet

For wearable analysts, the glass is always half full

IDC looks at stagnant US market ... and sees only joy

COPPA load of that AOL! $5m fine for targeting kids with ads

New York attorney general takes Oath of office

OM5G... Qualcomm teases next Snapdragon chip for phones: The 855 with a fingerprint Sonic Screwdriver, er, Sensor

AI acceleration, 5G next-gen mobe broadband, all the usual boxes ticked

Google: Psst, hey kid, want a new eSIM? Our Fi has one right here

Chocolate Factory starts chasing Apple

Surface Book 2 afflicted by mystery Blue Screen Of Death errors

Not so mysterious, say users, it was the update wot dunnit

OneDrive Skype integration goes live aaand... OneDrive falls over in Europe

Interview Chat platform chap: 'Probably not us'

Lenovo superdishes not-so-superdosh for Superfish superloss: $40 waiting for you if you bought adware laptop

Class-action lawsuit payouts adds another $7.3m to bill for software slip-up

Apple in another dust-up with its fans: iMacs, MacBooks lack filters, choke on grime – lawsuit

Pay dirt: Owners of knackered kit drag iGiant into court

Gartner to wearables biz: Through failure comes success!

Crystal-ball gazer claims market will treble in size in next three years

Fee, Fi, bring your own one... Google opens up Project Fi to mobes built by Apple, LG, Samsung

Beware, some features are missing depending on which smartie you use

NSW government finally released 'net vote system review, says everything's just fine

Including, wait for it, 'security through obscurity'. No, really

Not a price cut! Apple perks up soggy iPhone demand with rebate boost

Calm down dears, it's only happening in the US

Australia to build a pirate-proof fence: Brace yourselves, Google

There'll be search engine injunctions aplenty once site-blocking law's approved

Huawei MateBook Pro X: PC makers look out, the phone guys are here

Hands On A compact, grown-up machine

The antisocial network: 'Facebook has a black people problem,' claims staffer in exit salvo

Unfair content takedowns and workplace putdowns called out in internal memo

GTA gamer cuffed, charged after PS4 live mic allegedly overheard him raping teen girl

Fellow online player heard sex assault over game, it is claimed

LG: Fsck everything, we're doing 16 lenses in smartphones (probably)

How do we make mobes take better snaps? Throw a buttload of sensors at 'em, judging from this patent

Oh, I wish it could be Black Friday every day-aayyy, when the wallets start jingling but it's still a week till we're paiii-iid

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Judging by all the emails I'm getting, I think it is already

Microsoft dropkicks Cortana with Skype functionality on Alexa

Plus: Cloud file-sharing on desktop and mobile clients

Thanksgiving brings together Apple's Siri and Google Assistant

A divided tech nation embraces, uncomfortably

Flea market Xiaomi makes mad dash for growth

Analysis Pay no attention to the underpants. We ARE an internet company

Is Google's Pixel getting better, or just more expensive?

Chocolate Factory vows to fix camera glitch

Influential Valley gadfly and Intel 8051 architect John Wharton has died

Obit He was there when Bill Gates tried to carve up tech

RIP Bill Godbout: Cali wildfire claims the life of master maverick of microcomputers

Obit Silicon Valley legend dies in firestorm that has killed scores while more than 1,000 are missing

OnePlus 6T: Tasteful, powerful – and much cheaper than a flagship

Review Not the best at anything, but a solid, great value performer

Facebook's CEO on his latest almighty Zuck-up: OK, we did try to smear critics, but I was too out-of-the-loop to know

Analysis Mark promises independent oversight and AI as Sheryl leans far, far away

Sorry, Mr Zuckerberg isn't in London that day. Or that one. Nope. I'd give up if I were you

Facebook boss delays, denies and deflects more invitations to international committee

Mi 8 Pro: Xiaomi early buyers wait for modern firmware

Xiaomi your underpants: When will the UK market get its branded undies?

iPhone XS: Just another £300 for a better cam- Wait, come back!

Real world review Did we mention the worse battery?

A new Raspberry Pi takes a bow with all of the speed but less of the RAM

A $10 saving cuts ports and memory from the Pi 3 Model A+ but keeps that quad core CPU

Samsung unveils next-generation 8nm Exynos silicon

It's pop-AI but tailored, fans

Scam or stunt? It's looking like the latter... Xiaomi so sorry for £1 smartphone 'promo'

When an offer looks too good to be true, it always is

YouTube supremo says vid-streaming-slash-piracy giant can't afford EU's copyright overhaul

Editorial oversight contemplated by article 13 creates too much financial risk

'Frontline workers' of the world, unite! And grab yourselves a Surface Go White Van Man edition

4G version of Microsoft's budget fondleslab road-ready

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