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Andy Rubin teases next week's launch of Essential phone

Is it a Tango? Is it a 360-camera? Or is it a let-down?

El Reg straps on the Huawei Watch 2

Real World Test Sports ready, LTE ready, but still a solution looking for a problem?

Life is... pushing all the right buttons on the wrong remote control

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Or I could press 'Play' via the evil internet

Windows 10 love to see PC market grow again. Future iPhone to be clear. Elvis to re-appear

Analyst firm IDC just made one of these three improbable predictions for the year 2019

Don't rely on fitness trackers to track number of calories burned

Study shows energy readings off over 90%

Auntie sh!tcans BBC Store after 18 months

Customers offered Amazon vouchers or a full refund

EU pegs quota for 'homegrown' content on Netflix at 30 per cent

Streaming service argues it'll result in lower quality work

Nokia's retro revival 3310 goes on sale and disappears immediately

People must really love Snake

Intel pitches a Thunderbolt 3-for-all

Chipzilla says USB standard will be open to the world

Huawei missed memo that PC's dead – so here are three new notebooks

Hands On Touchscreens? Who needs 'em?

It's just 'Pro' now, guys: Microsoft gives Surface a subtle resurfacing

Boutique fondleslab gains SIM slot... but not until later this year

DJI: Register your drones or no more cool flying vids for you

Firm will kill live in-flight streaming unless you hand over your details

China's phone quartet is shouldering its way into Western markets

Huawei breathing creepily down Apple's neck

Pioneer Kodi plug-in unplugs

Too risky, too spammy, too smutty, say devs

Huawei Honor 8 Pro: Makes iPhone 7 Plus look a bit crap

Review And it's under £500...

Wondering why the office is so productive? Yep, Twitter's knackered

Meanwhile, Vine may have leaked your email, phone number – oops

Ur dumped lol: Folk may be able to leave mobile contracts via text

It's not me, it's you. Ofcom proposes new switching regime

Huawei spied, US federal jury finds

Tappy the robot is a Happy robot

Wonky whitelist update blamed for AT&T's nationwide 911 blackout

FCC report finds lessons, mentions no fines as yet

40,000-plus AT&T staff threaten to strike Friday

CWA says members in 36 states prepping for stoppage

We're heading back… to the future! Net neutrality rules on chopping block

FCC parties like it's 1996

ZX Spectrum reboot firm slapped with £52k court costs repayment order

'We had no option' claims former director

Dell BIOS update borks PCs

Motherboard say what?

We're calling it now: FCC votes 2-1 to rip up net neutrality on Thurs

Analysis Biggest issue may be Partisan Pai and his Trump-like behavior

Why being late isn't fatal for Samsung Pay

It's all to play for

Samsung Galaxy S8+: Seriously. What were they thinking?

Review Mr Slurpy lives next door

HTC's 2017 flagship U11 woos audiophiles and bundles Alexa

Hands On But is it enough?

DeX Station: Samsung's Windows-killer is ready for prime time

Review A solid, thoughtful job

Samsung was just Tizen – homegrown Linux again pitched at n00bs

Behold the deliberately-not-mighty Samsung Z4 and the Android ascendancy

Sweaty fitness bands fall behind as Apple Watch outpaces sales

Fashion! Turn to the left... Fashion! Fashion!

Microsoft's Windows 10 ARM-twist comes closer with first demonstration

Brian, take a look at this ...

Google buys developers of VR goof-around Job Simulator

For when the robots have taken yours

Could US appeals court save us all from 10 years of net neutrality yelling?

California judges agree to rehear critical data privacy case – with huge implications

On today's a-gender: Axing net neutrality will harm America's women, say women senators

Dems demand U-turn on FCC decision to kill rules

Amazon announces new Echo just as Microsoft's first Cortana-powered clone breaks cover

It's a fat iPad with no battery

Opposable thumbs make tablets more useful says Microsoft Research

You're already gripping your fondleslab, so why not give the thumb something useful to do?

What's your worst nightmare? A Comcast, Charter cellphone network? Oh, it's coming

Gruesome twosome sign pact to share backends, tech

It's been two and a half years of decline – tablets aren't coming back

Fondleslab sales plummet goes from 'bad' to 'IBM'

Qualcomm to demand US iPhone import ban

Snapdragon designer furious over Apple halting royalty payments, wants revenge

Gamers red hot with fury over Intel Core i7-7700 temperature spikes

High-end CPUs prone to randomly running near thermal limit

WhatsApp is more like WhatsDown: Messenger collapsed for millions

Updated TITSUP: Total Inability To Support Usual Prattle

Jeez, we'll do something about Facebook murder vids, moans Zuckerberg

OK, OK, we'll hire 3,000 people to police our site, sighs CEO

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