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Internet of Things

Arm PSA IoT API? BRB... Toolbox of tech to secure net-connected kit opens up some more

Programming interfaces, threat models, and more pop up online

GCHQ asks tech firms to pretty please make IoT devices secure

Hive, HP Inc sign up to refreshed code of practice

Enterprise IoT security sucks so much, it's made Intel and Arm work together to tackle it

Chip rivals lock lips to make customers happy

Hey you know what the smart-home world really needs right now? Yup, Google screaming in

Analysis New Hub device continues to pull AI, Nest, YouTube closer together

California cracks down on Internet of Crap passwords with new law to stop the botnets

It's good news, but overall a wasted opportunity

Offline (if that's how you like it): Microsoft Azure IoT Edge

Fancy something a bit lighter? Fill your boots with Azure Sphere hardware

Open-source boffins want to do for the IoT edge what Kubernetes did for containers

Orchestration for the Internet of Things

Buried in the hype, one little detail: Amazon's Alexa-on-a-chip could steal smart home market

Analysis But then again, it doesn't actually exist, so...

NUUO, do not want! CCTV webcams can be hacked to spy on you

Owners told to lock down network access to panned surveillance kit

Don't put the 'd' and second 'i' in IoT: How to secure devices in your biz – belt and braces

Comment No concessions, no compromises – it's the only way

IoT shouters Chirp get themselves added to Microsoft Azure IoT

Now your devices can join you in bellowing at Redmond's products

Meet the LPWAN clan: The Internet of Things' low power contenders

Analysis Licensed to chill or unlicensed to thrill...

Medical device vuln allows hackers to falsify patients' vitals

McAfee: Patient monitoring systems open to hack attacks

Is Apple going ease off its HomeKit chokehold? Sure looks like it...

Analysis Decision to join Google-y Internet-of-Things-ish Thread Group intrigues

The wheel turns slowly, but it turns: Feds emit IoT security tip sheet

Alexa! Are you part of a botnet?

Arm reckons its 'any device, any data, any cloud' IoT tech has legs

SaaSy Pelion will try to make sense of terabytes of data from anywhere to anywhere

NXP becomes N-nixed-P, Apple snubs Qualcomm modems for Intel chips

Shareholders, here's thirty billion dollars so you feel better on double whammy Wednesday

Some Things just aren't meant to be (on Internet of Things networks). But we can work around that

Analysis Plus: Did you know 'shadow IoT' was a thing? It is

If you're serious about securing IoT gadgets, may as well start here

We're not here to fsck spiders – prove you care by getting busy with RADIUS and EAP

Windows 10 IoT Core Services unleashed to public preview

Gizmos gain control over Windows 10 updates - at a price

IoT search engine ZoomEye 'dumbs down' Dahua DVR hijackings by spewing passwords

And noone wants to fix it

Vodafone emits new wearable ... kid-trackers

Creepy? Nah. Selling peace of mind to hyper anxious parents

Not OK Google: Massive outage turns smart home kit utterly dumb

Updated Desperate punters forced to twiddle their knobs manually for hours worldwide

Microsoft's next trick? Kicking things out of the cloud to Azure IoT Edge

Open-source service sticks containers in internet of stuffs

So you're doing an IoT project. Cute. Let's start with the basics: Security

And for heaven's sake, don't fall in love with the data

HPE: You want full-blown enterprise software on our Edge boxes? You got it

Microsoft, SAP among app houses to 'validate' Edgeline

Unbreakable smart lock devastated to discover screwdrivers exist

Video Tapplock: Once, twice, three times a screwup

... Aaaand that's a fifth Brit Army Watchkeeper drone to crash in Wales

Troubled surveillance craft has taken a shine to terra firma

Brit drone biz Sensat notches up 29km remote-control flight

Beyond visual line-of-sight exercise paves way for Amazon-style deliveries

Bad news, mobile operators: Unlicensed IoT tech rocketing ahead of NB-IoT and LTE-M – report

Plus global mobe mobs name Sigfox top IoT tech lag

IoT CloudPets in the doghouse after damning security audit: Now Amazon bans sales

Self-appointed privacy paladin Mozilla points out fatal flaws

Help, I'm being held prisoner in a security camera testing factory. So please read this...

Review Reg vulture gets its claws on Reolink's Argus 2

Smart bulbs turn dumb: Lights out for Philips as Hue API goes dark

Which bright spark should we blame after this illuminating revelation of current affairs?

You know that silly fear about Alexa recording everything and leaking it online? It just happened

Updated US pair's private chat sent to coworker by AI bug

Three-hour outage renders Nest-equipped smart homes very dumb

Poor users left manually fiddling with thermostats, fumbling locks

Southend Airport tests drone detection system

Is line-of-sight gear good enough for this kind of work?

Top IoT M2M module shipper for 2017 was China's Simcom. Who's surprised?

Possibly Gemalto and Telit, judging by this

Is your gadget using secondhand memory? Predictable senility allows boffins to spot recycled NAND chips

Not what you'd expect in industrial kit

Princeton research team hunting down IoT security blunders

Taming Things leaky, sneaky, or creepy

Time to ditch the front door key? Nest's new wireless smart lock is surprisingly convenient

Updated But it's still hard to shake some concerns

What a time to be alive: LG and Italian furniture-maker build smart sofa

It knows you’ve sat down and then turns on the telly and adjusts the lights

What's in a spectrum allocation? Aero bods talk drone radio links

Plus: El Reg's handy guide to all those pesky UAV abbrevs

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