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Please, please, c'mon, just... please, pretty please, just, like, please use our AI – Microsoft

Cortana, Office, Bing, Azure get machine-learning boost

Microsoft plans Hyper-V-and-other-clouds-to-Azure migration tool

VMware-to-Azure was just the beginning

Google boffins tease custom AI math-chip TPU2 stats: 45 TFLOPS, 16GB HBM, benchmarks

Missing key info, take with a pinch of salt, YMMV

FBI tells Jo(e) Sixpack to become an expert in IoT security

It's also accidentally written the syllabus for a 'Home IoT Network Engineer' course

Checkmate: DeepMind's AlphaZero AI clobbered rival chess app on non-level playing, er, board

Analysis Good effort but the games were seemingly rigged

Australian central bank says 'speculative mania' and crime fuel Bitcoin

Why use a slow expensive risky currency when you can do real-time bank-to-bank transfers?

Auto auto fleets to dodge British potholes in future

Happy with this Utopian vision of the driverless future? Tell the Highways Agency

SEC sends ICO for restaurant app Munchee back to the kitchen

Rules that offering was a cryptocurrency speculation, not real attempt to fund app

America's drone owner database is baaaack! Just in time for Xmas

President Trump green-lights gizmo regulations that overrule federal judge

Volvo puts Swedish families to work on driverless data-slurp trials

Playing catchup with Britain, or taking a slightly different tack?

The eagle has been grounded: Dutch anti-drone squadron retired

Handling proves to be too talon order

US authorities issue strongly worded warnings about crypto-investments

SEC says it's monitoring transactions like a hawk

Boffins show off speedy quantum CNOT gate - in silicon

This gives us building blocks for coupla-qubits quantum computers

Fruit of an acquisition: Apple AI software goes open

Turi Create lands on GitHub

'DJI Mavic' drone seen menacing London City airliner after takeoff

UK Airprox Board say it was 'endangering other aircraft'

Japanese quadcopter makes overworked employees clock out

Drone to tell drones not to drone on with their droning

AI researcher pulls best Blue Steel in Yves Saint Laurent fragrance ad

There's a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking – yep, it's AI

Elon Musk finally admits Tesla is building its own custom AI chips

And gives us the news that god-like machines will take over within a decade

Behold, ye unworthy, the brave new NB-IoT logo

Logowatch And give thanks unto the GSMA

Games-mart Steam halts Bitcoin payments

Hyper-volatility means transaction fees can hit $20 – if they go through before the price of Bitcoin changes

Something weird to deck the Xmas tree with: 3D-printed Wi-Fi baubles

Boffins from the University of Washington embed connectivity in (mostly) plastic trinkets

OpenAI uses cunning code to speed up GPU machine learning

Sparse is more

Car rental firms told: Tell your customers about in-car data slurps

Privacy International: Companies need to be explicit, not rely on fine print

Google learns to smile, because AI's bad at it

Biased models mean bad decisions for women and some races. Google boffins think they've improved things a bit

Netflix mulls using AI to craft personalized movie trailers for viewers

Boffins experiment with machine-learning-edited promos to lure ppl to its flicks

As the singularity approaches, neural network pens black metal album

RotM Reeeyeeeeeese... of tha maaassssshyyyyyyunaahhhhh

Drone collisions with airliners may not be fatal, US study suggests

Updated And UK Department for Transport faces questions over scary rival study

AI hype surge numbers, robo-radiologists, Apple voxels, and lots more

Roundup Plus: We'll see you at, er, NIPS next week!

Loose-change payment network Microraiden launches on Ethereum

Might speed up the blockchain, but aren't they about cutting out the middle man?

Badass alert: 1 in 5 Brits don't give a damn about webpage crypto-miners

More sensible users would like regulation or permission first

Total recog: British AI makes universal speech breakthrough

Interview SpeechMatics bests world+dog at adding new language. How did it do it?

AI taught to beat Sudoku puzzles. Now how about a time machine to 2005?

Y'know, back when this would have been useful. Naw, just kidding. This is neat

Crown Prosecution Service is coming for crooks' cryptocurrency

Brit prosecutors have a confiscation order and say 'more to follow'

What do Tensor Flow, Caffe and Torch have in common? Open CVEs

Sooner or later, dependency hell creates a problem for everyone

Mozilla releases voice dataset and transcription engine

Baidu's Deep Speech with TensorFlow under the covers

Watchkeeper drones cost taxpayers £1bn

And were used on combat ops for just two days

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