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Fake NIPS slip site scandalizes AI world

Machine-learning conference organizers warn someone is trying to get boffins into bed

Smart bulbs turn dumb: Lights out for Philips as Hue API goes dark

Which bright spark should we blame after this illuminating revelation of current affairs?

Kill the blockchain! It'll make you fitter in the long run, honest

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Trashy ideas return to whence they came

You should find out what's going on in that neural network. Y'know they're cheating now?

Interpretability in machine learning is a minefield

Experts build AI joke machine that's about as funny as an Adam Sandler movie (that bad)

Neural network comedy – literally, no laughing matter

Artificial intelligence... or advanced imitation? How DeepMind used YouTube vids to train game-beating Atari bot

Video I think I'm a clone now

Capture your late-night handbrake turns with this 'autonomous' car-chasing camera drone

Nvidia-powered quadcopter 'sees' and follows road vehicles

'Autopilot' Tesla crashed into our parked patrol car, say SoCal cops

Call the, er, us?

New UK drone laws are on the way – but actual Drones Bill still in limbo

400ft height limit will not apply to first-person-view fliers, says aviation regulator

If you have cash to burn, racks to fill, problems to brute-force, Nvidia has an HGX-2 for you

GTC Taiwan Imagine one giant virtual GPU at 2PFLOPS

Beardy Branson: Wacky hyperloop tube maglev cheaper than railways

In other news, he's sodding off to space soon

How much is the drone biz worth to the UK? How's £42bn by 2030 sound? – PWC

Come back, Gartner, your mystic mages are all forgiven

FPGAs for AI? GPUs and CPUs are the future, shrugs drone biz Insitu

Interview Unmanned surveill-o-plane firm goes under the hood with El Reg

Overhyping AI doctors, language translation goes open source, and new jobs on the cards

Roundup And more!

IBM's Watson Health wing left looking poorly after 'massive' layoffs

Up to 70% of staff shown the door this week, insiders claim

Remember that $5,000 you spent on Tesla's Autopilot and then sued when it didn't deliver? We have good news...

You get $20

International Maritime Organisation turns salty gaze on regulating robotic shipping

Who needs navigational aids on a self-driving tanker anyway?

Tufts boffins track device location without GPS or towers

Because everybody wants better tracking, right?

Uber robo-ride's deadly crash: Self-driving car had emergency braking switched off by design

It's to avoid 'erratic vehicle behavior', says taxi app maker

As Tesla hits speed bump after speed bump, Elon Musk loses his mind in anti-media rant

He hates unions, journalists, regulators, accountability and, apparently, the color yellow

You know that silly fear about Alexa recording everything and leaking it online? It just happened

Updated US pair's private chat sent to coworker by AI bug

UK's Royal Navy accepts missile-blasting missile as Gulf clouds gather

Sea Ceptor good – more warships abroad, less so...

Hold on. Here's an idea. Let's force AI bots to identify themselves as automatons, says Cali

Bill gets second reading but faces wrath of robot-loving EFF

Uber jams Arizona robo-car project into reverse gear after deadly smash

Layoffs coming as taxi-app shuts up shop

Intel's latest promise: Our first AI ASIC chips will arrive in 2019

AI Dev Con For now you'll just have to make do with its Xeons

Machine learning for dummies: You needn't go back to uni to use it

AI is no longer just an academic exercise – and courses need to wise up to that

Can you handle the tooth? AI helps dentists design fake gnashers

It's the first time GANs might actually be used in production

Folks are shocked – shocked – that CIA-backed Amazon is selling face-recog tech to US snoops, cops

Analysis ACLU warns of biases in AWS cloud tech

Braking news: Tesla preps firmware fling to 'fix' Model 3's inability to stop in time

Auto auto slammed for garbage stopping distance

Within Arm's reach: Chip brains that'll make your 'smart' TV a bit smarter

Get ready for a future where everything from phones to CCTV recognizes faces, things

Military brainboxes ponder 'UK needs you' list of AI boffins

Rise of the Machines We're falling behind, shout Shrivenham sorts

Your parents love you, Cortana. That's why we bought you an upgrade

Microsoft slurps conversational-AI startup Semantic Machines

How Google's Smart Compose for Gmail works – and did it fake its robo-caller demo?

Roundup Plus: Classifying frogs can be hopping mad

Eye in the sea skies: Insitu flies Scaneagle 3 UAV in first public demo

Pics Neat bit of kit, and all the UK needs now is the cash to (re)buy it

Boffins bash out bonkers boost for batteries

Patent sought for honeycomb design that could massively lengthy battery life

Great Scott! Bitcoin to consume half a per cent of the world's electricity by end of year

Marty McFly dangles extension lead as miners get busy

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