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Google offers to leave robocallers hanging on the telephone

♫ If you don't answer, I'll just ring it off the wall ♫

US taxman wants AI to do the security checks it seemingly can't do itself

That would be all of the security checks, then

Vodafone emits new wearable ... kid-trackers

Creepy? Nah. Selling peace of mind to hyper anxious parents

AI bots suck at marking written essays, not too shabby at old Atari games, and more...

Roundup The week in AI

At last – a use for AI! Predicting an England World Cup victory

Let's hope there aren't any blushes amid the bits and bytes next week

Decision time for AI: Sometimes accuracy is not your friend

When intuition lets you down, you're stuck between ROC and a hard place

Boffins build neural networks fashioned out of DNA molecules

And you thought AI couldn't get any more mind-boggling

US Declaration of Independence labeled hate speech by Facebook bots

UPDATE 'Sometimes we get things wrong' says The Social Network™, which fixed it in time for Independence Day

London's top cop isn't expecting facial recog tech to result in 'lots of arrests'

Anyway, it's only a trial – and it's what the public would want!

Just look at the state of AI today. Literally, look. There's a report on it – plus more ML news

Roundup Including DeepMind code, and Donald Duck's robo-cousin

CIMON says: Say hello to your new AI pal-bot, space station 'nauts

Giant grinning cartoon-like Tamagotchi thing built by Airbus, IBM blasts up into orbit

Oracle, for one, says we'll welcome our new robot overlords: '90%' of you will obey an AI bot

You will obey! You will obey! You will obey! You will obey! is not being advised by Google. Repeat. It is not being advised by Google

DeepMind's 'Demis Hassabis is an individual' – Ministry of Fun

Marriage of AI, Google chips will save diabetics from a lot of pricks

Blood-scanning radar could be built into a smartwatch

Potato, potato. Toma6to, I'm going to kill you... How a typo can turn an AI translator against us

You say either and I say either. You say ne1th1er and I crash

Not OK Google: Massive outage turns smart home kit utterly dumb

Updated Desperate punters forced to twiddle their knobs manually for hours worldwide

Tesla tips ice on Apple, Google, Microsoft accounts of '$1m leaker'

US court grants freezing order on Marty Tripp's email and cloud hideyholes

Microsoft's next trick? Kicking things out of the cloud to Azure IoT Edge

Open-source service sticks containers in internet of stuffs

Top banker batters Bitcoin for sucky scalability, security

Australia’s Reserve Bank sees no need for national cryptocurrencies, for now

US gov quizzes AI experts about when the machines will take over

Should we be worried? Erm, yes and no...

So woke: Microsoft's face-recog can now ID more people who aren't pasty white blokes

This would work great for ICE. We're just saying...

Get a grip, literally: Clumsy robots can't nab humans' jobs just yet

Amazon challenge winners roll out neural net for droids that need to grab stationary stuff

Nvidia adds nine nifty AI supercomputing containers to the cloud

Now you can splash out on tons of GPUs if you really need to

What does it take for an OpenAI bot to best Dota 2 heroes? 128,000 CPU cores, 256 Nvidia GPUs

And a lot of smart machine-learning coding, of course

So you're doing an IoT project. Cute. Let's start with the basics: Security

And for heaven's sake, don't fall in love with the data

Something to fire up PyTorch fans, Facebook emits code for analyzing human poses, and more

Roundup Including: Microsoft hoovers up Bonsai startup

Cops: Autonomous Uber driver may have been streaming The Voice before death crash

Reports say she was watching reality TV at time of fatal impact

Amid 'idiotic blockchain phase,' EY and Microsoft tout smart contracts

Blockchain might actually prove helpful for a change

Skynet for the win? AI hunts down secret testing of nuclear bombs

Telltale elements offer clues to rogue nations' nuke building, detonation on the sly

Canadian utility makes blockchain upstarts bid for their ravenous rigs' electricity supply

Quebecois poutine the squeeze on cryptocurrency miners

Accountants HATE them: Microsoft's Xbox harnesses blockchain to pay games publishers

But it used to use Excel and print-outs, just like us normies

HPE: You want full-blown enterprise software on our Edge boxes? You got it

Microsoft, SAP among app houses to 'validate' Edgeline

You've seen the hype. Now you're curious. Why not have a crack at AI using this online lab...

...from Microsoft, which also just bought upstart

AI-on-demand as Google Cloud TPUs are rentable for a few bucks a hour

Service is now available across three continents for machine-learning code eggheads

An AI a day keeps the doctor away... Neural net software gets better at clocking cancer tumors

Unclear if Baidu's tech really is better than a human medic

Virtual reality meets commercial reality as headset sales plunge

But growth is imminent as businesses buy and build VRs, and consumer kit improves

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