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US watchdog reckons blockchain bods Longfin were wrongfin, maybe this is their swansongfin

SEC cops crash crypto coin creeps' alleged crime caper

AI can't help without your data, says Gartner, so share, share, share!

Uber, have my calendar. And would you at least think about paying for it?

Microsoft's five-billion-buck IoT R&D plan is just business as usual

It’s not new money and not a huge slab of Redmond's research budget

OpenAI challenges you to beat 1990s classic Sonic the Hedgehog using machine learning

Sega golden oldie repackaged as a research testbed

Holy helmets, Batman! Bane-like mask lets you 'talk' to computers without making a sound

Pic MIT eggheads craft creepy covert speech-to-text interface

Shhh! Don’t tell KillBots the UN’s about to debate which ones to ban

Next Monday is a fine moment for bad bots to come back through time and change history

Is there alien life out there? Let's turn to AI, problem solver du jour

Is there nothing neural networks can't do? Wait, don't answer that

AWS baits cloud hooks with DeepLens machine learning camera

Shipping in June for diehard devs with a lust for IoT kit We're not regulating driverless vehicles until others do

No point in Blighty going its own way before tech hits 'market readiness' – minister

How machine-learning code turns a mirror on its sexist, racist masters

Word-analyzing AI study reveals 'historical social changes'

Mozilla rejects your reality and substitutes its own … browser for VR and AR goggles

Enter another dimension, not only of sight and sound but of mind …

Floyd Mayweather-endorsed cryptocoin startup knocked out by fraud allegations

Centra Tech raised more than $30m from investors

Doomed Chinese space lab Tiangong-1 crashes into watery Pacific grave

Crouching tiger, flaming dragon

Watchdog growls at Tesla for spilling death crash details: 'Autopilot on, hands off wheel'

Automaker coughs, coughs info on Apple techie's fatal prang

Here is your low down on TensorFlow updates, France's AI strategy, and a new DeepMind lab

Roundup The wacky world of AI this week

Magic Leap ships headsets at last, but you'll need a safe

Security theater or something more interesting?

Autonomous vehicle claims are just a load of hot air… and here's why

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Allow me to show my moon to the balloon

Machine learning library TensorFlow can count to potato... I mean, 1.7

Former Google Brain project is Eager to eat your GPU

Storm brewing? Weather buff uses deep learning to predict patterns

♫ I don't care what the weatherman says when the neural network says it's hailing

Uber self-driving car death riddle: Was LIDAR blind spot to blame?

Biz scaled back number of sensors from five to just one

Try our new driverless car software says Nvidia, as it suspends driverless car trials

Post crash test hits share price

Tesla crash investigation causes dip in 'leccycar firm's share price

Smash 'n' burn incident in US singes Elon Musk-led company's financials

Gone in 60.121 seconds: Your guide to the pricey new gear Nvidia teased at its annual GPU fest

GTC Yours if you can afford it... and wait long for the fabs to make the chips

Fatal driverless crash: Radar-maker says Uber disabled safety systems

App biz refuses to comment – but it DID write the software Here's £8.8m to plough into hydrogen-powered car tech

Less Hindenburg, more fuel cells

Vodafone's drone tracker system intrigues but stays short on detail

+Comment Network strategy head reveals more in interview

Students: Duh, of course we're blowing our loan bucks on crypto coins

Still a better investment than art school or avocado toast

Slap visibility beacons on bikes so they can chat to auto autos, says trade body

Novel idea might reduce risk of accidents

Uber's disturbing fatal self-driving car crash, a new common sense challenge for AI, and Facebook's evil algorithms

Roundup Are we doomed?

Corking story: Idiotic smart wine bottle idea falls over, passes out

Kuvee drowns its sorrows, blames Napa fires for demise

DeepMind boffins brain-damage AI to find out what makes it tick

All that effort and they still aren't sure how it works

Go park yourself: Brit firm flashes self-parking car tech

Plus: who gets priority at unmarked junctions. We know you care about this

AI software that can reproduce like a living thing? Yup, boffins have only gone and done it

Talk about telling your code to go screw itself

Fog off! No more misty eyes for self-driving cars, declare MIT boffins

Auto autos prevented from being blinded by the elements – using the power of statistics

Magic Leap bounds into SF's Games Developer Conference and... disappears

GDC Our intrepid reporter tries to track down mystery tech

Facebook opens up Big Basin Volta plans to share the server wealth

AI hardware plans up for grabs

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