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Here's a gentle guide to building JavaScript AI in web browsers. Totally not a scary thing

Google unwraps toy image rec neural net

US Senate stamps the gas pedal on law to flood America's streets with self-driving cars

Foes flustered by 'dangerous' light-touch regulation

DeepMind now has an ethics unit – which may have helped when it ate 1.6m NHS patient details

Better late than never, I guess

What is the probability of being drunk at work and also being tested? Let's find out! Correctly

Hello, wrong number Show you're not n00b with these slick analytical skillz

Microsoft shows off Windows 10 Second Li, er, Mixed Reality

El Reg takes another spin on Redmond's VR headset support in Fall Creators release

Thomas the Tank Engine lobotomised by fat (remote) controller

Australian mine train capable of hauling 236 carriages and 29,500 tonnes goes 100km without anyone aboard

Smart burglar alarms: Look who just tossed their hat into the ring ... It's, er, Ring

Launch comes a week after Nest does the same

Six weeks later, drone biz DJI deploys control app 'flight mode'

Perhaps this will calm the American military?

Tarmac for America's self-driving car future is being laid right now

Senate draft law finds careful balance, opens doors to mass production

Harvard, MIT boffins ink up with health-monitoring 'smart' tats

Cutting-edge tattoo checks your blood sugar, still disappoints your mother

30 strong fingers but still no happy ending for robotic back rub

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Let a multi-limbed Meccano monster touch me? I'm crushed

MoD brainbox repo opens up IP treasure chest for world+dog

Easy Access to some small-but-snazzy UK military ideas

You better explain yourself, mister: DARPA's mission to make an accountable AI

You did WHAT? WHY!

IBM launches unified data analytics system, promises machine learning for all

Big Blue analytics boss wants to automate, automate, then automate some more

'Self learning' Intel chips glimpsed, Nvidia emits blueprints, AMD and Tesla rumors, and more

AI roundup A quick guide to this week's reveals

EasyJet: We'll have electric airliners within the next decade

Blue-sky thinking... no, you shut up...

Samsung flashes flash stash for flash motors

In-cabin gear gets NAND assist for driver help and infotainment

Need to get up to speed on machine learning, AI?

Just 25 conference tickets left for MCubed

Splunk goes native with machine learning, aims to speed up monitoring

Analytics biz eyes up fraud and IoT markets

Baidu puts open source deep learning into smartphones

Computer vision, deep learning, and the camera in your phone

Alexa and her kind let the disabled or illiterate make the web work

But they need a marketplace and the cloud to make it happen

Welcome to the future: Bluetooth jackets you can only wash 10 times. Gee, thanks, Google

Phone-controlling Levi's soft-wear for, presumably, non-sweaty nerds

Microsoft: We've made a coding language for a quantum computer that may or may not exist

Ignite Windows giant touts magic to distract from its legacy tech battle

Sigfox doesn't do IP and is therefore secure, says UK IoT network operator

Bold claim by WND-UK grand fromage

AI in Medicine? It's back to the future, Dr Watson

Analysis Why IBM's cancer projects sounds like Expert Systems Mk.2

Wanna get started with practical AI? Check out this chap's Rubik's Cube solving neural-net code

Written in Python, it's not perfect – but it's pretty cool

Driverless cars will make more traffic, say transport boffins

Share my car? I'd rather walk, punters tell Australian survey

Has science gone too far, part 97: Boffins craft code to find protesters on social networks, rate them on their violence

Image-recognition system posited as reporting tool

Chatbots: A load of hype or fancy lifehack for the lazy IT person?

Some of these buggers are adept at handling the mundane

Baidu-backed fund has a BEEELLION quid for 100 self-driving projects

China's Google also updated its open-source autonomous vehicle software

From the Dept of the Bleedin' Obvious... yes, drones hurt when they hit you in the head

Research suggests maybe the heavy ones should spend less time over people

BlackBerry's QNX to run autonomous car software

Parts-maker Delphi wants BlackBerry-mobiles on the road in 2019

Top video game dev nerve-center Unity can now be used to train AI

Hot graphics and complex worlds provide a good testbed for algorithms

You've been baffled by its smart thermostat. Now strap in for Nest's IoT doorbell, alarm gear

First fondle Our vulture gets his claws into new hardware

Say Hello to my little friend: Nest blasts IoT world with doorbell, home security gear

Hope it doesn't freeze out folks like its thermostat

Ethereum just checked that part of a Zcash transaction was legit

Someone sent somebody else some money – that's all we know, and that's a good thing

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