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Artificial Intelligence Earlier

Splunk goes native with machine learning, aims to speed up monitoring

Analytics biz eyes up fraud and IoT markets

Baidu puts open source deep learning into smartphones

Computer vision, deep learning, and the camera in your phone

AI in Medicine? It's back to the future, Dr Watson

Analysis Why IBM's cancer projects sounds like Expert Systems Mk.2

Wanna get started with practical AI? Check out this chap's Rubik's Cube solving neural-net code

Written in Python, it's not perfect – but it's pretty cool

Has science gone too far, part 97: Boffins craft code to find protesters on social networks, rate them on their violence

Image-recognition system posited as reporting tool

Chatbots: A load of hype or fancy lifehack for the lazy IT person?

Some of these buggers are adept at handling the mundane

Top video game dev nerve-center Unity can now be used to train AI

Hot graphics and complex worlds provide a good testbed for algorithms

AI slurps, learns millions of passwords to work out which ones you may use next

Get creative – bringbackfirefly! will no longer cut it, nerds

Why being 'boring' is a university AI spinout's route to success

DeepMind doesn't stoop, you still conquer

Microsoft's AI is so good it steered Renault into bottom of the F1 league

Does someone need to take the handbrake off this thing?

Former IT man and Python king's guide to neural networks

Interview Tariq Rashid on programming AI

Regulate, says Musk – OK, but who writes the New Robot Rules?

Cause, accountability, responsibility

Cloudera bags AI biz, eyes up IBM customers... and continues to report operating losses

Someone's noticed Big Blue’s deal with Hortonworks

Dear rioters: Hiding your face with scarves, hats can't fool this AI system

Accuracy is not great – but it's a start for computer-aided crackdowns by cops

Futuristic driverless car technology to be trialled on... oh, a Ford Mondeo

Updated Driven consortium floors it on the glamour front

Hey, cloud big three! AI-wielding Huawei says it's coming for you

Announces public cloud alliance for China and beyond

That virtually impossible classic compsci P vs NP problem is virtually impossible, say boffins

$1m prize is still up for grabs if you want to prove them wrong

Wanna spend a day getting deeply hands-on with machine learning?

Events Two workshops added to MCubed agenda

Prejudiced humans = prejudiced algorithms, and it's not an easy fix

Building bad practices in ML can turn out awkward

If Machine Learning is the question, open source is the answer. Right?

Why Google's gift of TensorFlow is not what it seems

Boffin rediscovers 1960s attempt to write fiction with computers

IBM 650 could cobble together fiction long before Watson marketing kicked into gear

Boffins bust AI with corrupted training data

Dave, I can't put my finger on it, but I sense something strange – like me becoming malware

Pssst... wanna participate in a Google DeepMind AI pilot? Be careful

Lessons from the NHS's 1.6 million data-records shovel

Cognitive Services, Clippy? AI's silent infiltration of Microsoft's Office stack

Facial and voice recognition – just beware translations

Elon Musk among 116 AI types calling on UN to nobble robo-weapons before they go all Skynet

Open letter to UN warns of 'weapons hacked to behave in undesirable ways'

Qualcomm slurps Uni of Amsterdam AI spinoff Scyfer

More software smarts for 'AI you can take with you'

Smyte might brighten fraud plight: How machine-learning can be used to thwart crooks

Analysis Security works better when you write your own rules

Not another Linux desktop! Robots cross the Uncanny Valley

Machine Learning meets human response

How are you feeling today? Don't tell us, save for it this handy emotion-detection code

Now computers can sense anger from more than furious button mashing

Are Asimov's laws enough to stop AI stomping humanity?

Data, and who has it, is the real concern

Dismayed by woeful AI chatbots, boffins hired real people – and went back to square one

Analysis Amazon Turk serfs have their own problems

OpenAI bot bursts into the ring, humiliates top Dota 2 pro gamer in 'scary' one-on-one bout

Updated BAH GAWD!

Real talk: Machine learning is not there yet. Some assembly required

So you wanna get into AI? Get ready for a lot of handholding and coddling

On the interactive web conference, nobody will hear you are a dog

Cisco's WebEx to gain sound-screening powers so you clam up at noisy moments

StarCraft. Intel's 100 robo-rides. Nvidia's license to print money. Your Friday AI roundup

Like a boozy fry-up. Or maybe not. Maybe we have too much booze on the brain

A sarcasm detector bot? That sounds absolutely brilliant. Definitely

We're really, really, really big fans of this one. Oh yes

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