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Artificial Intelligence Earlier

Gone in 60.121 seconds: Your guide to the pricey new gear Nvidia teased at its annual GPU fest

GTC Yours if you can afford it... and wait long for the fabs to make the chips

Uber's disturbing fatal self-driving car crash, a new common sense challenge for AI, and Facebook's evil algorithms

Roundup Are we doomed?

DeepMind boffins brain-damage AI to find out what makes it tick

All that effort and they still aren't sure how it works

AI software that can reproduce like a living thing? Yup, boffins have only gone and done it

Talk about telling your code to go screw itself

Facebook opens up Big Basin Volta plans to share the server wealth

AI hardware plans up for grabs

HPE burns offering to Apollo 6500, unleashes cranked deep learning server on world+dog

Faster GPUs, more FLOPS

Machines making music, translating Chinese, self-driving trucks, and more

Roundup Developments for our future overlords

FYI: AI tools can unmask anonymous coders from their binary executables

To ensure privacy, stay offline, don't maintain public repos that trace back to you

Researchers create AI attacker to defeat AI malware defender

It's like Spy Vs Spy, but with neural network boffins

Fun fact of the day: Voice recognition tech is naturally sexist

Machine learning and AI could make the problem worse

Identifying planets with machine learning, dirty AI searches, and OpenAI scholarships

Roundup Oh, and an amusing story about an AI medical chatbot

EU lawmakers seek coordinated hand-wringing over AI ethics

Rules created in isolation will drive AI makers to operate in areas without restraint

Yes, Alexa is all very well... but we want YOU to talk machine learning and AI

MCubed call for papers open now

Hey Alexa, Siri and Cortana: Cisco says you’re bad at business

VID Borg thinks own Spark voice assistant knows how to behave in the office, but we've seen it and … meh

Google assisting the Pentagon in developing AI for its drones

TensorFlow APIs are being used for object detection

US Army warns of the potential dangers of swarming toy drones on US soldiers

A swarm is an fleet of 40 drones or more, apparently

Senate mulls offensive AI, new training tools and now Chinese faceswaps Trump

Roundup It's the wacky week in AI

Boffins baffled as AI training leaks secrets to canny thieves

Oh great. Neural nets memorize data and nobody knows why

AI racks up insane high scores after finding bug in ancient video game

Video How the f*ck did you get that score on Q*bert? It turns out not all AIs are created equal

Super Cali's futuristic robo-cars in focus. Even though a watchdog says tech is quite atrocious

If we have to remote control it, we hope you'll never notice

Huawei's Not Hot Dog is possibly the Worst Tech Promo Ever

#F_AI_L Not an avoidable road accident waiting to happen

Wanna build an AI robot? Don't have an actual robot yet? Try this Holodeck for droids

OpenAI emits more simulation environments for toolkit Gym

Voice assistants are always listening. So why won't they call police if they hear a crime?

We've given away our privacy for the wrong rewards

Elon Musk blasts off from OpenAI to focus on cars, how to make smart code fair, and more

Roundup E: Syntax error at line 42 in journobot/

When clever code kills, who pays and who does the time? A Brit expert explains to El Reg

Analysis Liability for artificial intelligence won't be easy

Who wanted a future in which AI can copy your voice and say things you never uttered? Who?!

Don't worry, this technology isn't very convincing... er, yet

Boffins: If AI eggheads could go ahead and try to stop their code being evil, that'd be great

All right! Now let's get regula– uh, debating, study concludes

Ayyy-EYE! Google code 'predicts heart disease' by eyeballing retinas

Eye see what you did, there, machine-learning boffins

KFC: Enemy of waistlines, AI, arteries and logistics software

Self-driving cars mistake the Colonel for a Stop sign, which is cruel given a software SNAFU's emptied UK eateries

Reinforcement learning woes, robot doggos, Amazon's homegrown AI chips, and more

Roundup Why machines aren't really superhuman at all

If you don't like what IBM is pitching, blame Watson: It's generating sales 'solutions' now

Exclusive 'Cognitive solutioning' kicks in when you ask Big Blue to solve tricky problems

Look out, Wiki-geeks. Now Google trains AI to write Wikipedia articles

Er, well, ish. Text summarization is still pretty tricky for non-humans, though

Roses are red, are you single, we wonder? 'Cos this moth-brain AI can read your phone number

Y'think we're stretching this Valentine's date thing too far?

Creep learning: How to tamper with neural nets to turn them against us

Don't touch that AI – model fiddling can skew algorithm output, study shows

Facial recognition software easily IDs white men, but error rates soar for black women

Updated Even with a decent dataset to learn from, software gets worse the darker your skin

Talk down to Siri like it's a mere servant – your safety demands it

Voice assistants get samples of our voice that can be remixed and faked

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