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Emergent Tech

NZ firm tucks into $27m on the back of VR 'hologram' promise

Analysis You’ll dance with Beyonce in your living room, vows co-founder

Watson can't cure cancer ... or all the stuff that breaks IT projects

University spends $62m on AI trial, gets the usual trials that come with failure

Errors in Australia's Centrelink debt recovery system were inevitable

... as in all complex systems

What does a complex AI model look like? Here's some Friday eye candy from UK biz Graphcore

Pics Vivid images of machine learning graph processing

Oracle's IoT play: Teach business apps and things to talk together

There's lots of things out there and Big Red wants to dig 'em out of silos and cloud 'em up

THE SCHMIDT HITS THE BAN: Keep your gloves off AI, military top brass

RSA USA Plus: Alphabet boss tells us not to worry about the Singularity

Analyse this: IBM moves Watson machine learning to mainframes

Real time results from old time data

Sigfox leads with its chin on security for internet-connected things

Comment 'Imagineer's declaration' betrays industry-wide apathy

Just finished your first TensorFlow app? Might be time for a rewrite...

Google's machine learning library hits 1.0

Watch how Google's starving DeepMind AI turns hostile, attacks other bots to survive

Videos Really, guys? Really?

You know IoT security is bad when libertarians call for strict regulation

RSA USA 'When the internet crashes into the real world and people get killed' you'll be sorry

Microsoft offers drone lovers a simulator

Get to keep hardware home, gain machine learning anyway

What have you learned about machine learning and AI?

Reg Events Show off your intelligence by answering the M3 call for papers

Roses are red, violets are blue, fake-news-detecting AI is fake news, too

Analysis Humanity's bulls*** is too much for software

Roses are red, you're feeling blue, 'cos no one wants to watch VR telly with you

A solution! You can now invite your equally sad mates

University DDoS'd by its own seafood-curious malware-infected vending machines

2017's security headlines are starting to read like MadLibs

Totally not-crazy billionaire Elon Musk: All of us – yes, even you – must become cyborgs

SpaceX kingpin says slow-moving human brains will be obsolete shortly

Ford fills up ex-Google, Uber engineers' tank: $1bn pours into Argo AI

Sizable bet on an autonomous car by 2021

Nokia wheels out a complete MVNO package. Makes a change from WinPho

Taking 'mobile operators are our customers' a bit too far?

That's cute. AI and IoT need 'ethics regulation', mumbles Lib Dem baron

Government kindly but firmly puts him back in his box

Teach undergrads ethics to ensure future AI is safe – compsci boffins

Read sci-fi, kids! Save the world from killer robots!

Police drones, robo surgeons and chatbot civil servants. What could go wrong?

Reform outlines chilling vision of future in wonky research

Don't let cloud slurp all your data. Chew it on the edge, says HPE

Imagine playing office football with a compute rack on castors

Humanity needs you... to build an AI bot that can finger rotten headlines

Identifying fake news is too hard at the moment, say developers, but we can spot lies in headings

AI vuln-hunter bots have seen things you people wouldn't believe

Usenix Enigma 2017 New classes of bugs found by machine-learning-powered tools

Mozilla axes IoT project, cuts staff, backs off from commercial stuff

Despite the layoffs, Mozilla insists it will be increasing its headcount

Oculus gift: VR biz to cough up half a billion dollars for ripping off software copyright

ZeniMax prevails in court fight over broken agreement

Waymo robo autos way mo' primo at avoiding-o wreck-os (yeah, yeah, we ran out of rhymes)

Humans in self-driving cars hit panic button far less in 2016

Felted! AI poker bot Libratus cleans out pros in grueling tournament, smugly trousers $1.8m

Analysis RIP online Texas hold'em? Don't bet on it just yet

Free smart fridges! App stores in fountains! Plus more from Canonical man

This is an entirely sensible view of the near future. Cough

Fill out our AI survey before the machines take over completely

What are you doing with machine learning? And how are you doing it?

Tesla sues ex-manager 'for stealing 100GBs of Autopilot secrets'

If true, we hope he got the file on avoiding truck trailers

Bloke launches twinkly range of BBC Micro:bit accessory boards

Pics zbit:connect, as built by one-time Nexsan man

AI eggheads: Our cancer-spotting code rivals dermatologists

Next step: Get it working on mobile phones

I've got a brand new combine harvester and I'll give you the API key

Yes, you can stick IoT sensors on tractors - and John Deere's been doing it for 20 years

Verizon waves its IoT credentials, boasts of adopting US-centric one

And they're potentially eyeing up the NHS as a wearables customer

'It will go wrong. There's no question of time... on safety or security side'

Cheerful chap writes off all mission-critical IoT software without realising it

Nuclear power station sensors are literally shouting their readings at each other

Brit audio networking bods Chirp go all green and glowy

Yes, just what they need: Curious Dr MISFA injects a healthy dose of curiosity into robots

Algorithm aims to make 'droids more autonomous

Machine-learning boffins 'summon demons' in AI to find exploitable bugs

There's a low awareness of vulnerabilities in neural networks, say researchers

Biz claims it's reverse-engineered encrypted drone commands

The internet of sh*t hits the rotor

ZuckerChan cash dump seals first biz gobble: A research paper slurper

Meta will be first to suck Mark Zuck's bucks