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Emergent Tech

LG's beer-making bot singlehandedly sucks all fun, boffinry from home brewing

Water + capsule + 2 weeks = 5 litres of beer

NASA names the date for the first commercial crew demo flight

But will there be any 'nauts left on the ISS after AI bot CIMON has finished with them?

US Homeland Security installs AI cameras at the White House, Google tries to make translation less sexist

Roundup Plus: European AI researchers to create a new lab

Forget ripping off brains for AI. Butterflies and worms could lead us to self-repairing intelligent robots, says prof

'It’s clear that intelligent behavior doesn’t always require a brain'

Microsoft says it's time to get serious about facial recognition rules: 'Laws and regulations are indispensable'

Really, you all, stop it! Hey, Amazon, what's going on back there? Enough! Cut that out!

Get real! Microsoft CTO of AI quits Redmond for real estate biz

Joseph Sirosh has left the building

MCubed '19: Call for papers is open now

Events Don’t want to speak at our Reg event? Grab a blind bird ticket

Keen for much-hyped quantum computing to finally land? Don't expect it for a decade

Uncle Sam says it has no clue when the complex tech will arrive in a useful form

DeepMind quits playing games with AI, ups the protein stakes with machine-learning code

Meet AlphaFold, an artificially intelligent system to predict crucial biochemical structures

Waymo's revolutionary driverless robo-taxi service launches in America... with drivers

You ain't seen nothing like it. Except every day of your life

Tumblr resorts to AI in attempt to scrub itself clean from filth

But sorting out the good boobs from bad boobs isn't easy

Shall we have AI judging UK court cases? Top beak ponders the future

'I have my doubts' says Lord Chief Justice

SEAL up your data just like Microsoft: Redmond open-sources 'simple' homomorphic encryption blueprints

How to work on encrypted data without having to decrypt it first

As sales slide, virtual reality fans look to a bright, untethered future

Startling news: Users find sticking a smartphone over their eyes a bit rubbish

Like the Architect in the Matrix... but not: Nvidia trains neural network to generate cityscapes

GPU biz also open sources PhysX and teases beefy graphics card

Tesla autopilot saves driver after he fell asleep at wheel on the freeway

Cops trick Autopilot into letting them make arrest, save lives

ICO to probe facial recog amid concerns UK cops can't shake their love for unregulated creepy tech

Plus: Boffins find kit struggles in low light, crowds

Why, you're no better than an 8-bit hustler: IBM punts paper on time-saving DNN-training trick

Data centre, edge computing: yep – business applications

Musk's popstar girlfriend Grimes croons about next-gen AI, plus more machine-learning news

Roundup Oxford uni gets a wad of cash to study AI and law, Qualcomm invests in startups, etc

Blockchain study finds 0.00% success rate and vendors don't call back when asked for evidence

Where is your distributed ledger technology now?

See this, Google? Microsoft happy to take a half-billion in sweet, sweet US military money to 'increase lethality'

Well at least someone's interested in buying Hololens

Alleged crypto-crook CEO cuffed by FBI after $4m investment in his bank bafflingly vanishes

Endorsement could come back to bite Evander Holyfield

Forget DeepFakes. This robo-Rembrandt with AI for brains is not bad at knocking off paintings

Fret not, artists, sellers and buyers ... it's far from perfect at this stage

HPE slurps BlueData to jump on containerised analytics and machine learning bandwagon

Big data reaps big bucks

Montezuma's Revenge can finally be laid to rest as Uber AI researchers crack the classic game

But is it really all that useful?

Edgelord of the Things: HPE waggles its one line to bring them all and on the edge bind them

HPE Discover 2018 Edgeline boxen bang operational tech and IT heads together

AI snaps business titan jaywalking

#F_AI_L On the side of a bus

You say, 'AI'. I say, 'Machine learning'. They say, 'Cybersecurity'... What does it all mean?

Sponsored For one thing: an automated hacker-repelling security geek it is not

Shocker: UK smart meter rollout is crap, late and £500m over budget

National Audit Office now says estimated saving for you and I is, er, just £18 a year

Real talk: You're gonna have to get real about real-time analytics if you wanna make IoT work

Backgrounder A gentle intro to design considerations for a large-scale internet-connected web of sensors

Microsoft's edgy Open Enclave SDK goes cross platform

Arm TrustZone now a thing for Azure IoT Edge devs

Can you trust an AI data trust not to slurp your data?

Comment Data ownership is so yesterday. Give us all you've got... ethically

Bloke fined £460 after his drone screwed up police chopper search for missing woman

First UK conviction for reckless UAV flying

Trump in Spaaaaaaace: Washington DC battles over who gets to decide the rules of trillion-dollar new industry

Analysis Sudden changes to FCC document raise eyebrows

Google: Our DeepMind health slurp is completely kosher

Analysis Now go away, we’re saving the world

Creepy or super creepy? That is the question Mozilla's throwing at IoT Christmas pressies

'Tis the season to be tracked by your connected water bottle

Alexa, cough up those always-on Echo audio recordings, says double-murder trial judge

Amazon gizmo may be key witness in slaying

Google swallows up DeepMind Health and abolishes 'independent board'

All your Health Data are belong to us

Oi, Elon: You Musk sort out your Autopilot! Tesla loyalists tell of code crashes, near-misses

Updated Carmaker's unpredictable 'super cruise control' tech blamed for ton of close calls

Another 3D printer? Oh, stop it, you're killing us. Perhaps literally: Fears over ultrafine dust

Analysis Bio-boffins bet beastly bad bits bash bronchi

Eye eye! AI could stop blindness, Facebook's after math, and how to get started in the ML biz

Roundup The week's other news in machine learning

Bloke jailed for trying to blow up UK crypto-cash biz after it failed to reset his account password

Would-be bomber thrown in the cooler for six and a half years

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