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DevOps Earlier

Admins rejoice. Microsoft brings Azure Automation to the UK

Makes its Brentrance in the South and West regions

Docker adds continuous integration to DataKit

Your code tested as soon as you send it to GitHub

D-Wave goes public with open-source quantum-classical hybrid software

Search the universe with qbsolv

Docker swings door shut on privilege escalation bug

Container escape vuln patched

Trello, hello, hello: Todo list biz gobbled by Atlassian for $425m

Freemium biz model to be retained

Hacker publishes GitHub secret key hunter

TruffleHog snuffles through your dirty commit drawers,.

Splunk: Why we dumped Perforce for Atlassian's Bitbucket of Gits

Analysis Pull the other one

CloudByte chews on Elastistor, sinks teeth into OpenEBS

Analysis Startup's internal strategy tensions lead to exec, CEO and board changes

Google's Grumpy code makes Python Go

With a transcompiling tool, YouTube aims to overcome Python's limitations

Routine jobs vanishing and it's all technology's fault? Hold it there, sport

We're being encouraged to do different work and not everyone can keep up, study shows

ClusterHQ? More like Clusterfscked: Cluster bombs, says it came to market too early

Container data layer biz signs off with unavoidable expletive

Windows 10 nags, Dirty Cow, Microsoft's Linux man love: The Reg's big ones for 2016

Under your skin, in your head - what got you reading

Technology as a catalyst for cultural change

Time for a more inspirational approach?

Check your privilege: CoreOS's container tech rkt gets priv-escalation defense on Intel chips

Code canned when it oversteps the mark

Docker opens up crucial container plumbing code cunningly disguised as 'boring infrastructure'

Get stuck into a containerization runtime this Xmas. Go on unboxes clustered SQL CrateDB, decamps to California

Euro upstart's distributed database eyes up NoSQL rivals

CoreOS debuts 'self-driving' Kubernetes

Tectonic software shifts to free for up to 10 nodes

Sights of the Realm: Mobile app DB hooks up with IBM Watson for image, text, face recog

And the code's on GitHub

Big Blue's Bluemix bellows 'We do DevOps too!' until blue in face

IBM adds deployment and testing toolchain templates

cat Infinit.tgz | docker import - Infinit:acquired

Paris biz gobbled, 'batteries' for distributed storage to be included with Docker containers

Don't cut yourself on that Edge: Nexenta containerises DevOps

Please contain your excitement

AWS CTO: 'I truly hated the relationship with software tool vendors'

AWS re:Invent Vogels channels his inner Ballmer with pitch to code monkeys

No, Andy, AWS and Oracle aren't in a database death match

AWS re:Invent Put the tape measure away, boys

Cheap virtual box hosters – Amazon's Lightsail is out to destroy you (yes, you, Digital Ocean)

AWS re:Invent Look out for bill shock, though, devs

Need to tailor Swift for servers? Software upstart claims to have 'perfect' assistant

Backend apps become a bit more manageable, in theory

Continuous Lifecycle London: 60 hours to get your proposals in

Show us the reality, not the vision

Continuous Lifecycle 2017: Ten days to tell us how DevOps really works

Tell us your DevOps, Agile, CD and Container stories

Puppet pulls in (almost) former Cisco exec to head EMEA

Perches itself between Jack the Ripper territory and the City

Put down the org chart, snowflake: Why largile's for management crybabies

If 'the process' is still 'the process', you're doing it wrong

Microsoft's development platform today: What you need to know

Connect 2016 Connect shows direction for .NET, cloud and mobile efforts

Dirty code? If it works, leave it says Thoughtworks CTO

Only change what you really need to

GitHub Enterprise catches up with GitHub proper

Code reviews, product management, and forced two-factor authentication

Just what everyone needs right now – an HPE chat bot wrapped in a Docker container, right?

IT titan talks up ChatOps, because email sucks

Synopsys buys Cigital in secure DevOps push

Purchase will add "complementary products"

Microsoft prises open Azure containers, pours in a little Kubernetes

Azure Container Engine is now open source

Handling tech baggage: How American Airlines, US Airways merged IT

To bring the two airlines together, trust came before technology

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