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Microsoft sees Red ...Hat for OpenShift-on-Azure public cloud offering

Red Hat Summit Embrace, extend, errr, what was the other one again?

Microsoft wants serious, non-gaming developers to make more money

Build Planned dev deal tweak lets programmers keep 95 per cent of revenue

Now that Kubernetes has won, DigitalOcean takes a late dip in K8s

Swims hard in the direction of Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon, etc

DevOps: Social, cooperative... It's gotta be really diverse, right?

Are you having a giraffe?

Is automation going to put you out of a job? Probably not, but…

Research You've got to use your time much more wisely if you want to stay employed

The Agile and the Continuous: Database Drift ... Neat film title but something to avoid

Devs: Talk to your friendly neighbourhood DBA

Apple unleashes FoundationDB as an open source project

Secretive company talks up the need for open community

Build a serverless framework at home: Go on, bit of open sourcey hijinx won't hurt

Rifling through riff: Another option that's not Amazon's Lambda

Docker enterprise kit gets cozy with Kubernetes

Enterprise Edition 2.0 focuses on K8s without the ops hires

Productivity knocks: I've got 99 Slacks, but my work's not done

What to do when a productivity app is anything but

A developer always pays their technical debts – oh, every penny... but never a groat more

But how to measure that? Your team is waiting

A code injection to stop code injection could solve serverless security

PureSec tries to make serverless less defenseless

VMs: Imperfect answers to imperfect problems, but they're all we have

Comment Are you a virtualization hater?

The best outsourcers fire themselves

And you can’t spend EBITA in the grave...

Boffins laugh in the face of Twitter's API limits. Now they can slurp info to their hearts' content

Why pay for the firehose when you can make your own?

What a Docker shocker: Founder, CTO Solomon Hykes takes a hike

Container tech darling suits up for enterprise sales

Take the dashboard too literally and your brains might end up all over it

Ooo, pretty colours. But what if the data or interpretation sucks?

How do you make those darn code monkeys do what you want? Just give 'em a little nudge

SHOCK NEWS: Positive reinforcement gets results

Just when you thought it was safe to go ahead with microservices... along comes serverless

The Dark Souls* of code-wrangling

Cluster-f*ck! Etcd DBs spaff passwords, cloud keys to world by default

Devs told to take responsibility by setting up authentication

OpenMSA: A devops framework for the network admin

Interview Ubiqube's CTO Hervé Guesdon talks to El Reg

Hate to add to the wanky jargon – but your digital transformation is actually a bolt-on

Earth-shattering change to biz? You'll be the judge of that

Cloudflare pushes Workers out the door – without layoffs

Runs JavaScript on the edge, rather than make users schlep all the way to your server

Container orchestration top trumps: Let's just pretend you don't use Kubernetes already

Open source or Hotel California, there's something for everyone

Netflix could pwn 2020s IT security – they need only reach out and take

Workload isolation is niche, but they're rather good at it

Great, we're going to get DevOps-ed. So, 15 years of planning processes – for the bin?

Architecting for change

Ethics? Yeah, that's great, but do they scale?

Software developers Kant duck their responsibilities any more

Slack bots have the keys to your processes. What could go wrong? Well...

They're bots, not freakin' Skynet

GitHub Marketplace dev toolmakers get a clue

Social code site will let vendors peek at online store analytics

Software shortcuts: Pay down your tech debt. It's time to fix a price

Rushing to ship won't get you to the other side

Contain yourself – literally. You can't avoid Docker, K8s for long

Comment Death reports of containerization biz somewhat exaggerated

IBM Java CTO: Devs shouldn't have to learn Docker, K8s, 30 other things to deploy an app

Index Big Blue's Duimovich chats cloud and more to El Reg

We sent a vulture to IBM's new developer conference to find an answer to the burning question: Why Big Blue?

Index 'We're Java experts'

A print button? Mmkay. Let's explore WHY you need me to add that

Come, Morlocks, and step into the world of the design Eloi

Should AI get to choose a topping in a two pizza team?

How DevOps could be about to collide with machine learning

You can resurrect any deleted GitHub account name. And this is why we have trust issues

Analysis Lax policies, coder laziness don't mix well

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