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DevOps freezes up as techies race to fix dead data storage gear

TITSUP: Total Inability To Support Users' Pushes

Pull request accepted: You want to buy GitHub, Microsoft? Go for it – EU

Eurocrats reckon that anti-competitiveness from Redmond would be a massive foot-shooting exercise

Atlassian: Look at our ginormous Jira revenues!

But about that loss...

Deeper dive with GitHub Actions: One config file to rule them all and in the darkness bind them

Analysis Code-hosting biz tries out a more automated delivery process

Twilio tweaks twicky twalkative bot toows to dewight devewopers: It's Autopilot for chat apps

Cloud comms upstart touts more authentic engagement through artificial intelligence

The mysterious life of Luc Esape, bug fixer extraordinaire. His big secret? He's not human

Analysis Hiding under an assumed name to avoid discrimination, Repairnator is unmasked

GitHub grabs a piece of the Actions: 'A project that will do for software development what we did for the pull request'

Social code biz makes bid to turn workflows into code

Fed up with cloud giants ripping off its database, MongoDB forks new 'open-source license'

Analysis Paperwork demands code from internet goliaths

Serverless? There’s more than one way to run a function

Events And more than one place…

Juniper shows its intent with Dev, er, no, sorry, make that... EngNet

Preaching network-as-software, bidding farewell to the CLI

Put on your clogs, take a close look at what DevOps fave Puppet flung out this week

New bits from Amsterdam

Serverless? Great. Now what about testing, security, observability? Bag a ticket to find out...

Event Choosing your platform is just the first step

Block me, Amadeus: Falco to perform in CNCF sandbox

Sysdig's container runtime security project gets solid foundation

'The gulf between apps and infrastructure is blurring' says boss of DevOps darling Puppet

Code automation biz waves its big data yardstick

Puppet Insights arrives to shine uncomfortably bright light on DevOps

Want to know if all that cash you spent on consultants is paying off?

JFrog picks up $165m in funding to realise its liquid software vision

Keeping code and cash flowing through the firm's pipelines

Want to get Serverless into production? Spend a few days with us

Events Serverless changes everything... 'cept for the things that stay the same

Cloudflare ties Workers to distributed data storage

Client and server, meet 'originless' apps

Windows Admin Center gets an update, just in time for Server 2019

Who wouldn't like a Honolulu holiday? Legacy Windows admins, that's who

Head for sunny Nice to catch up with the fast-moving world of software development

Promo DevOps World | Jenkins World makes its European debut

Your deep dive into AWS Lambda, FaaS and more – at our Serverless conference in November

Event Red alert! Early bird offer finishes in 36 hours

GitLab gets it, grabs $100m to become $1bn firm

Take last year's funding. Multiply it by 5. DevOps ain't cheap

Kick-Kaas: NetApp gobbles cloudy Kubernetes upstart StackPointCloud

CEO to stay on as NetApp Kubernetes takes to the skies

NPM not tied in knots over Yarn rival project

Parallel projects just happen when the future is obvious

Microsoft adds Windows module support to PowerShell Core while Amazon unleashes it on Lambda

Open-source command line botherer says hi! to 1,900+ Windows modules, cmdlets

How have the BBC, Rovio and more put serverless to work?

Events Join us in November to find out

Visual Studio Team Services squeezes into new Azure DevOps togs

Azure here, there and everywhere. Except last week when VSTS was nowhere

Soft eng salaries soar by 25 per cent – and, oh yes, devops is best paid for non-boss techies

Stack Overflow's worldwide dev survey spills pay figures

HTBASE struts into diner, thumps Juke box: Eyyy, let's migrate some containerised apps

Play container records on any private or public cloud turntable

DevOps darling Atlassian gets into the monitoring business with OpsGenie gobble

$295m will buy you a lot of IT incident management

Google sets Kubernetes free with $9m in its pocket for expenses

K8s becomes captain of its own fate, in Google Cloud cabin

Event warning... Serverless Computing London early bird offer about to expire

Events Bin your tin and save some brass

OpenWhisk, Kubeless, AWS Lambda – don't be confused, let us teach

Conference Serverless is coming... here’s how to do it, The Register style

Your Twitter app stopped working? Here's why

Social media shifts APIs, starts charging for some features

Here's a fab idea: Get crypto libs to warn devs when they screw up

Security is a process that requires hitting people over the head with their errors

Microsoft's Azure Kubernetes Service mucked my cluster!

Redmond blames user error, invites further feedback to improve its service

MessageBird, Twilio tout low-code tools for DIY comms app plumbing

Building blocks for messaging, phone services offered to talent-starved organizations

Istio sets sail as Red Hat renovates OpenShift container ship

The baffling world of container management keeps inching toward usability

Only a day late and a dollar short, Google: Now its cloud cozies up to Microsoft's GitHub

Devs can have Dockerfiles in GH trigger Google Cloud Build

Facebook's React Native web tech not loved by native mobile devs

Updated Walmart had trouble getting its iOS and Android devs to embrace the web

Hooray: Google App Engine finally ready for Python 3 (and PHP 7.2)

'OG of serverless' gets modern makeover

Pop that in the container, would you? HPE performs 3PAR array brain transplant

Adds Nimble InfoSight sw, more containerisation middleware support

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