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Virtualization Earlier

Thin client market gets even thinner, down seven per cent in a year

Blame the government, not Windows 10. And keep an eye on China

Oracle plays virtual catch-up with new VM release

Big Red makes it to virtual 2013 with storage live migration, FCoE and OVF support

Docker goes native with Windows, Mac beta

Want a laptop full of containers? Here you go

Disaggregated hyperconvergence thinks storage outside the box

And there you were thinking hyper-convergence was about convergence

Lenovo gets friendly with hyper-converged vendors, and not just one or two...

Serves the HCIA software vendors right

vAdmins vJoice! vSphere finally gets a modern web client

vSphere 6.0 Update 2.0 lands, complete with a VAIO (not that VAIO)

VMware vRealizes that vRealize has XSS bugs on Linux

Virtzilla's also released first maintenance release for vRealize Automation

Lenovo pulls back duvet – oh em gee, it's Maxta

Duo pair up to conquer Jade kingdom's hyper-converged appliance market

Domo arigato, Mr ROBO: HPE hyperconverged box lunges at mid-size biz

Mata au hi made

VMware VSAN to gain Nimble-style analytics and cloud-native APIs

Reveals plan to build real-time cloudy analytics – just like Nimble's had for ages

Cisco plans routers that are servers, or vice-versa, with KVM aboard

UCS E-series and ISR 4000 update due, NFV for SOHO kit on the roadmap

HPE targets Nutanix, squeezes into hyperconvergence suit

I know it's crowded. Breathe deeply, folks

Worried by VMware's executive exodus? Dell should be

Misfortune or carelessness? Both are at work down Virtzilla way

Cisco's gone soft: Networking giant tries to wean IT bods off boxes

Cisco Partner Summit Selling crates of gear is so 1999

VMware licence changes put users on upgrade treadmill

Yes, you get more, but you pay more for it whether you want it or not

VMware second-in-command quits for venture cap land

Carl Eschenbach exits amid flurry of senior exec deck chair rearranging

VMware's GPL violation case rolls into German court

Hamburg Court allows proceedings after considering kernel dev Christoph Hellwig's right to action

NSX Daddy Martin Casado leaves VMware to become a VC

Andreessen Horowitz lures mightily influential network virtualisation figure

QLogic: Ready to get excited about an Ethernet adapter?

ASICs provide network latency-killing RDMA and NVME fabric support with NVV too

Oracle acquires Ravello, will bake it into Big Red Cloud

Cloud hypervisor tech should make vaporous voyages to Uncle Larry's bit barns easier

IBM tailors Swift for cloud, gets into bed with VMware, Github

'Cause the haters gonna hate, hate, hate

Cisco to call 'last orders' on NetScaler 1000V

End-of-life is the fifty-first way to leave your lover

Citrix prepares app publishing bridge to get carriers onto NFV

100Gbps of network-grooming power advanced as enough for thrusting LTE operators

Xen forgets recent patches in new maintenance release

Is this any way to run a supposedly cloud-grade hypervisor?

VMware re-issues patch after vCenter fix fails to 'completely' fix bug

First patch didn't patch so isn't a patch on the new patch

Big data lakes? Too many ponds, that’s the problem

Everyone says they'll go big, then puts together a bunch of small silos

You can leave your hat on, warbles Rackspace to OpenStack users

Red Hats enterprise linux OpenStack comes to former AWS-chaser's cloud

VMware hikes vSphere prices, shrinks licence options

Thousand-dollar increase for vCenter instances, but you get new goodies for the price

EVO:FAIL as VMware quietly shelves its EVO:RAIL recipe

VSAN's the man from now on, but there may be another plan

VMware adds dedupe tool to VSAN penknife: You don't need no steenkin' array

Takes on rivals Simplivity and Nutanix

Intel's Wind River preps server to deliver VMs into home routers

OpenStack and KVM offered as network function virtualisation platform

VMware finally gets all its end-user computing ideas together as one

'Workspace One' to compete with Citrix's Workspace Suite, with help from new PCoIP alternative 'Blast'

Nokia kicks off pre-MWC race with tech show-and-tell

Al-Lu, Al-Lu... Notice anything new about us?

VMware kicks off new vSphere beta test

New code's already run at VMworld Europe, so this looks to be the icing on the cake

Swiss rolls into HPE: Micro-Veeam clone Trilead gobbled

From the land of cuckoo clocks and horology

Rkt container runtime leaves the launchpad

CoreOS blasts off for planet production in the microservices nebula

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